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Kagerou Project meme :iconageha1sbf:ageha1sBf 368 59 Smile :iconnayukimarcia:NayukiMarcia 366 104 No. 0 Ayano :iconaokikuri:Aokikuri 314 9 I just can't take you :iconpoponyan:PopoNyan 72 4 Toumei Answer :iconpoponyan:PopoNyan 67 2 ayanooooooooo :icontoubari:toubari 251 23 I won't ever forget it, not even tomorrow :iconpoponyan:PopoNyan 57 4 Transparent :iconpekobell:Pekobell 321 90 HB Ayano! :iconkiwi-ink:Kiwi-Ink 293 24 kagerou meme :iconmxlk:mxlk 31 15 Ayano-chan~ :iconhinna-chan:Hinna-chan 90 15 Toumei Answer :iconwackyworkbenchzone:wackyworkbenchzone 31 1 Kagerou project: Toumei answer - memories :iconsilverwolf-himegami:Silverwolf-Himegami 25 0
Toumei Answer- English lyrics
Through all of the passing days
Nothing has ever changed
As I sit quietly at my desk like always
“So what do you really think?”
It just keeps asking,
An empty textbook without answers says something
If you ask for my grades
I guess that they’re okay
The corner reads that it’s another perfect score
Yet you grinned a little more
Sitting down next to me,
You smile with your poor grade so shyly
The world outside is something so bleak
‘Cause in the end I will solve everything
“If that’s really true, life would be boring”
You always seemed to smile cheerfully
I beg of you
Don’t touch this heart that wishes to only disappear
Even today, its destination is not truly clear
My alarm rings loudly, as if scolding me too:
“You are such an apathetic fool”
If I happened to stumble upon the miracle answer
I’ll just solve it ‘til it’s another boring matter
“If I were to die someone can just take my place
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such a pretty smile :iconmarsadria:marsadria 57 13 Free Ayano Icon :iconsorchaisrandom:SorchaIsRandom 41 15 ~draw this again~ :iconwackyworkbenchzone:wackyworkbenchzone 26 5 toumei answer :iconaxeraaa:axeraaa 28 12 Ayano Tateyama :iconkillerliger3000:KillerLiger3000 116 2 Tateyama Ayano :iconadeptofdreams:AdeptOfDreams 114 6 Ayano Tateyama :iconpurplef:PurpleF 30 10 I wish i could return that day :iconpoponyan:PopoNyan 40 2 Ayano :iconaiemflail:aiemflail 62 20 No toques mas este corazon que quier :iconarimaie:Arimaie 26 3 VOCALOID.Kagerou Project : Toumeiko :iconnishi-me24:Nishi-me24 38 2 ~ Improvement Meme 2014 ~ :iconwackyworkbenchzone:wackyworkbenchzone 27 9 KagePro Wall :icondigidestined4eva:digidestined4eva 67 36 Free Ayano Icon [Slower Version] :iconsorchaisrandom:SorchaIsRandom 33 3 Ayano :: Smile until the end :iconfermonsnosyeux:FermonsNosYeux 96 29 Toumei answer :iconarinasei:arinasei 82 7 KagePro Meme :iconmegane-no-buta:megane-no-buta 20 4 Ayano :iconany1995:Any1995 15 22
11/22: My Answer
 It wasn’t strange to see people at grave stones, standing there for hours in front of a small monument made for the person who had left their lives. Some stones had flowers or incense, while others were bare. However, one stone a boy stood in front of playing music from his phone held a bouquet of red carnations. His jersey matched the color of the flower, something that person would have liked very much.
 “Hey, long time no see,” he said, staring at the polished stone. “Um… there are eight flowers for you from the Mekakushidan members, you know…”
 His voice trailed as he tugged at his shirt, the wind brushing at his jersey. A lullaby of the wind sang through the trees nearby a distant heat hazed all around. The boy seemed to not notice either of these things as he continued to stared and converse with the grave stone.
 “I can’t believe it’s already been… two years; two years since you died. I know t
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