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Child of the Lake by Namie-kun Child of the Lake :iconnamie-kun:Namie-kun 3,505 251 Violet Ash by Zucreelo Violet Ash :iconzucreelo:Zucreelo 1,566 212 Baka Full of Cool by Namie-kun Baka Full of Cool :iconnamie-kun:Namie-kun 2,458 175 Touhou Project - Yukari Yakumo by ichitakaseto Touhou Project - Yukari Yakumo :iconichitakaseto:ichitakaseto 5,943 312 Black by Namie-kun Black :iconnamie-kun:Namie-kun 3,323 128 Pierce the Heavens by Namie-kun Pierce the Heavens :iconnamie-kun:Namie-kun 3,590 187 Scarlet Devils by Namie-kun Scarlet Devils :iconnamie-kun:Namie-kun 5,243 237 Delusion of Enlightenment by LuluSeason Delusion of Enlightenment :iconluluseason:LuluSeason 5,167 260 Eternal Moon Princess by Namie-kun Eternal Moon Princess :iconnamie-kun:Namie-kun 3,774 231 Hakugyokurou by Namie-kun Hakugyokurou :iconnamie-kun:Namie-kun 3,592 123 Awaiting Bloom by Namie-kun Awaiting Bloom :iconnamie-kun:Namie-kun 2,174 95 Calling Scarlet Thunder by Namie-kun Calling Scarlet Thunder :iconnamie-kun:Namie-kun 2,581 134 Miyako Yoshika by Xephyr26 Miyako Yoshika :iconxephyr26:Xephyr26 1,555 64 Magician + Maiden + Goddess by Namie-kun Magician + Maiden + Goddess :iconnamie-kun:Namie-kun 10,288 466 Imperishable Night by Namie-kun Imperishable Night :iconnamie-kun:Namie-kun 6,123 231 Chibi set - Touhou IN by Ninamo-chan Chibi set - Touhou IN :iconninamo-chan:Ninamo-chan 1,463 134 White by Namie-kun White :iconnamie-kun:Namie-kun 3,246 131
Touhou Crossover Fanart Competition!
UPDATE OF UPDATE! submission is closed! There might be activity for people that have contacted me so don't worry about that ^^;
For judging I will need to contact everyone and there will be some behind the scenes stuff... (seriously how are we supposed to judge everyone's amazing efforts, this is overdrive) I am not giving a date when the winners are announced. But I will follow the timeline mentioned before.
A question about edits- minor edits are allowed. For example changing of levels/channels or if you forgot to colour one bit. Big changes means that regardless of the time you entered I will move your entry to the late folder. I've capped all the submissions!
Thank you very much! Hosting this contest, I'm really happy i did it!

Update: There have been a lot of people asking for an extension with this contest... And I'll feel really horrible to decline when people are working hard! 
:iconnamie-kun:Namie-kun 337 328
Lets go on an adventure! by ShiroKujaku Lets go on an adventure! :iconshirokujaku:ShiroKujaku 2,290 149 Scarlet destiny by KOZOUSAN Scarlet destiny :iconkozousan:KOZOUSAN 3,527 92 Dream Gate by Namie-kun Dream Gate :iconnamie-kun:Namie-kun 6,651 290 Little Ice Fairy +video +layers file by Namie-kun Little Ice Fairy +video +layers file :iconnamie-kun:Namie-kun 6,137 406 Jeweled Pagoda by LuluSeason Jeweled Pagoda :iconluluseason:LuluSeason 2,939 118 Kappa Creek by Namie-kun Kappa Creek :iconnamie-kun:Namie-kun 4,024 229 I AM READY FOR EVERYTHING by Shinigamiwyvern I AM READY FOR EVERYTHING :iconshinigamiwyvern:Shinigamiwyvern 1,118 82 Hakurei Reimu from Touhou by edenfox Hakurei Reimu from Touhou :iconedenfox:edenfox 4,623 174 Cirno - Touhou by chinchongcha Cirno - Touhou :iconchinchongcha:chinchongcha 1,144 299 Math Class by Yennineii Math Class :iconyennineii:Yennineii 2,320 103 Hakurei Shrine by VenomousBlaze Hakurei Shrine :iconvenomousblaze:VenomousBlaze 283 61 Nazrin Pendulum by LuluSeason Nazrin Pendulum :iconluluseason:LuluSeason 3,233 176 Chinese New Year by Namie-kun Chinese New Year :iconnamie-kun:Namie-kun 2,751 180 Yukari Yakumo - Touhou Project by 0kasane0 Yukari Yakumo - Touhou Project :icon0kasane0:0kasane0 426 17 Set of 3 Free Touhou Lineart by Namie-kun Set of 3 Free Touhou Lineart :iconnamie-kun:Namie-kun 2,104 131 private Square by kirero1 private Square :iconkirero1:kirero1 410 8 Touhou Subterranean Animism by KANE-NEKO Touhou Subterranean Animism :iconkane-neko:KANE-NEKO 794 170 Remilia Mouse Cursor by Shinigamiwyvern Remilia Mouse Cursor :iconshinigamiwyvern:Shinigamiwyvern 624 88 Touhou Flandre Scarlet 7 by grellkaLoli Touhou Flandre Scarlet 7 :icongrellkaloli:grellkaLoli 928 154 Cirno Mouse Cursor by Shinigamiwyvern Cirno Mouse Cursor :iconshinigamiwyvern:Shinigamiwyvern 317 62 Touhou Hyakki Yakou by Xephyr26 Touhou Hyakki Yakou :iconxephyr26:Xephyr26 878 169 Aya by Escente Aya :iconescente:Escente 1,796 53 Reisen U. Inaba - Stripy (3/7) by helyxzero Reisen U. Inaba - Stripy (3/7) :iconhelyxzero:helyxzero 717 138 COMMISSION: Onozuka Komachi Touhou Project by Flowerxl COMMISSION: Onozuka Komachi Touhou Project :iconflowerxl:Flowerxl 1,163 33
Gaming Habits
    Kaguya had to admit to herself -as she broke off a piece of Pocky in her mouth- that Earth technology wasn't so bad. After all, when all it took was a generator, a television screen, and a game console to have as much fun as she was having, perhaps her banishment wasn't such a bad thing.  Though as she lost another life as her game character was squished under the heel of a monster, the princess huffed in mild annoyance, and reached for more Pocky. She wasn't very good at these games, and every time the princess had died, she'd reached for the small cabinet she'd had installed next to her futon, grabbing whatever treats she could out of the confines. She'd been dying a lot.
    And it showed. Not weeks before she had bought these oddities from Kourindou, the banished princess of the moon had been the ideal beauty. She had been thin and svelte, her skin and pale as the land she'd been born on, and hair as dark as the midnight sky above. Thousands of art form
:iconkrabopolis:Krabopolis 179 2
Komachi Onotsuka -Touhou Project by 0kasane0 Komachi Onotsuka -Touhou Project :icon0kasane0:0kasane0 328 19
A Nice And relaxing Shower TG
It was a very sunny day. Alex has been running around all day outside with his best friend Billy. Alex has always been extremely energetic. All he wanted to do everyday was live it like it was the last. This was sure a redeeming trait of his, but it was also a trait that made others feel uncomfortable. During class, he would always try to be the class clown. He was a funny guy, but most of the time his jokes caused the whole lesson being taught to stop from him jumping on his desk and yelling whatever came to his mind without a second thought for the other people around him.
Billy on the other hand was a more chilled guy. He did have to run around a lot though due to the fact that his best friend was a lose cannon. Billy liked to relax and study in his free time mostly. He was always getting top grades in his grade ranking first place in every subject that he took in each semester. He really enjoyed Alex’s company, but was at the same time annoyed by his strong personality. Even
:icontgvocals:TGvocals 259 26
Touhou x CLANNAD by pocketbee Touhou x CLANNAD :iconpocketbee:pocketbee 982 88 Boundaries by joodlez Boundaries :iconjoodlez:joodlez 1,654 41 Yukari Yakumo-Touhou Project by 0kasane0 Yukari Yakumo-Touhou Project :icon0kasane0:0kasane0 702 27