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SAW-Amanda's 'game' by chessykat SAW-Amanda's 'game' :iconchessykat:chessykat 151 50 Egoleech by Escama Egoleech :iconescama:Escama 24 9 fucker in the fuckery by Faxerton30 fucker in the fuckery :iconfaxerton30:Faxerton30 26 45 Torture Porn Gore Whore by XXAnemia Torture Porn Gore Whore :iconxxanemia:XXAnemia 78 6 Saw: God of Steel by hewhowalksdeath Saw: God of Steel :iconhewhowalksdeath:hewhowalksdeath 34 19 Lupin III vs The Jigsaw Killer by PsychoPop Lupin III vs The Jigsaw Killer :iconpsychopop:PsychoPop 23 13 Who touched my butt by XXAnemia Who touched my butt :iconxxanemia:XXAnemia 63 18 Robo-pumpkins revenge by EggHeadCheesyBird Robo-pumpkins revenge :iconeggheadcheesybird:EggHeadCheesyBird 5 11
AMX-269's Top 7 Worst Ed Edd n Eddy Episodes
Hey there, every-peoples. AMX-269 here. I know I've been doing a lot of written works lately, but this idea suddenly popped into my head, and I knew I had to get it down on paper. Now, the last few lists I've done have been mostly about negative subjects: my least favorite video games, obligatory love interests, etc. So this time, I decided to shake things up a little bit, and make a list about something I love, that shouldn't have any flaws...and yet, no fandom is devoid of duds.
If you know me, you'll know that one of my favorite cartoons of all time is "Ed Edd n Eddy." There's just something about this show that strikes me the right way; it's also one of the few shows that was able to make me laugh out loud as a kid. Plus, the three main characters themselves are fascinating, and it was always fun writing them when I was a fanfiction writer. In the beginning, there wasn't really anything wrong with this show, at least to me. In fact, there isn't any episode in the first season that
:iconamx-269:AMX-269 4 11
It's a Trap!
A very dark and dingy room, stood in filth, filled with all sorts of insidious instruments of torture. A blue alien dog woke up, strapped upright spread-eagle with chains around a metal rectangular rack. He was looking at his surroundings and trying to process what had happened. For nearly a minute, he tried to struggle while he tried to shout, someone had already taken that stepped to gag the alien dog and silence his cries for help.
There was a moment where he tried to think back on who would kidnap him. There last year on his birthday where he was kidnapped and tickle tortured by a weirdo mouse. It could not be true that he was being nabbed again by the same mouse. His senses told him that it sure was that same mouse. Who else would go to all this trouble to kidnap him and put him in this elaborate trap?
Just then a TV set in the middle of the room went on, making static, startling the pup.
“What the hell?” He was not surprised one bit to see the white mouse, Jake, who b
:icon1-m-3-a-3-u-7-s:1-M-3-A-3-U-7-S 3 6
The Cat That Lost It's Tongue-Part One
Summers in Skyrim were much the same as the Winters, Ra'Zhag pondered, dragging the tips of his claws against a frozen boulder. Elsweyr would be sweltering this time of year, the sands burning like a bed of coals beneath your feet, but in the land of snows, you would sooner freeze than be graced with the warmth of the sun. He looked down at his boots, crafted with a sabre cat pelt ringing the edge and a plate of metal at the tip, and thought of the sands sifting through his paws. Warm and teeming with life. He remembered chasing lizards through the dunes when he was a cub. Here, the earth was hard and cold, iced over with the ever churning snows.
There were no lizards here, not a single grain of sand. There were times he ached for home, this time especially, when it should have been a miserably hot day, but instead was so cold it made moving painful.
He let his hand droop from the rock's surface and turned to the warmth of the camp he and his caravan had set up just outside of Winterho
:icontherobberbaron:TheRobberBaron 3 1
Torture Comic Page 2 by FrubaAnimaCaraNaruto Torture Comic Page 2 :iconfrubaanimacaranaruto:FrubaAnimaCaraNaruto 2 0 Sawstel  by MurderStag Sawstel :iconmurderstag:MurderStag 2 10 Torture boyfriends  by MurderStag Torture boyfriends :iconmurderstag:MurderStag 2 2 Rmar (Music Video) - Still Frame by AlwaysWrongFilm Rmar (Music Video) - Still Frame :iconalwayswrongfilm:AlwaysWrongFilm 1 0 The Dead Bootleg by 100proofrook The Dead Bootleg :icon100proofrook:100proofrook 1 0 MY TORTURE PORN by ALEXENTRIC MY TORTURE PORN :iconalexentric:ALEXENTRIC 0 2
BTC - Saw Review
Burning Through Celluloid
"Most people are so ungrateful to be alive, but not you, not anymore..."
-Tobin Bell "Saw" 2004

(Alec is sitting on a chair in a dark room with a single light and several televisions in front of him. He is asleep until he finally stirs and he starts to open his eyes) "yawn*" (he tries to cover his mouth but he finds he is unable to, his eyes manage to readjust to the lack of light as he looks at his left arm which has been strapped down to the arm of the chair. Confused, he tries to move his feet but he finds they have been trapped to the legs of the chair. He is starting to grow concerned until he turns and is shocked to find a gun on a pedestal aimed at his head with his hand sewn to the gun, unable to remove his hand from the gun. He panics and tries to move away but cannot) "WHAT THE F*CK IS GOING ON?!?! SOMEBODY ANSWER ME!?!?!?!?!?!?!" (just as he starts to struggle, one of the televisions turn on and show static before the image of a
:iconvolts48:Volts48 5 8
Bloody Me by Gracefuldarkenedrose Bloody Me :icongracefuldarkenedrose:Gracefuldarkenedrose 2 2 Squirreeeeeelllllll by waterfish5678901 Squirreeeeeelllllll :iconwaterfish5678901:waterfish5678901 0 4
Recomened some disturbing films pls
Anyone wanna recommend some really messed up  torture porn movies or Disturbing movies (besides Hostel, Saw, Human Centipede, Final Destination, Martyrs, Cannibal Holocaust, Salo, Grotesque, Audition, August Underground and A Serbian Film)?
:iconmurderstag:MurderStag 1 9
I opened my eyes and took in my surroundings. They were stark. There was a bed in the corner, on which I was lying. From this corner, I could observe the rest of the room without much effort. There was a small toilet, hardly more than six inches off of the floor, a sink with a metal mirror above it, a fluorescent bulb, high above my head and a door. That was it.
With a sigh, I swung my legs off of the bed and slapped my feet onto the cold floor. The lights had snapped on a couple minutes ago, jarring me out of the unpleasant dream I always had. When they had first locked me up, I had hardly slept, huddled in the cold corner of my cot, trying my best to ward off the chill that pervaded the whole facility. Now, I had adapted. The cold no longer mattered to me, nor did the harsh light. When I awoke, I was wholly awake. There was no longer a lengthy transition between waking and sleeping. It was as though I were a machine, off or on. It made it easier to answer their questions when they wo
:iconwabitgirl:wabitgirl 1 5
Art trades by XXAnemia Art trades :iconxxanemia:XXAnemia 3 0 Pax by MuderStag Pax :iconmuderstag:MuderStag 2 4
The Beat
Plain brown hair pulled taught into a braid that stretched the length of her spine, pale blue eyes narrowed and focussed, olive skin glowing in the candlelight. Her breathing was no longer reflected a normal steady pace, an effortless exercise, but something that now had steadied to fit within the beating of the drums, and she could feel the flow of her blood, running hot within her veins, reacting to its rhythm.
However the rhythm of the drums was ever changing, growing and evolving. It prevented one from allowing themselves to become complacent. She was, of course used to such practices, and had learned to find the true beat the relentless drums, however to someone new to the music? Their mind would be slowly trying to find the rhythm, only for it to change jarringly, suddenly, a discordant disharmony of sound.
She smiled her typical small smile, though no one could see – the large man who beat the relentless rhythm was blindfolded, allowing himself no distraction from his crea
:iconmissbry:missbry 0 0
meaty feet by looperfeeet meaty feet :iconlooperfeeet:looperfeeet 22 2
Winter's Tale Ch 11
"I don't understand why this isn't working."
Kalibose squinted his eyes at the spellbook in front of him until the runes danced before his eyes.  It still didn't reveal why the circle they were casting could not be made mobile, or why it was limited to such a small space.  He pinched the bridge of his nose against an encroaching headache.  It had been two weeks since the trip to Eldre'thelas, and they had made absolutely no progress on protection spells.  He scowled crossly at Merrick, who was idly setting bits of brush on fire beside him.  No thanks at all to him.
Whatever had happened in the upper rooms with the Archmage, Kalibose was pretty sure he would never hear the whole story.  But what he did know was that Merrick was changed somehow.  He was more distant.  He had lost some of his passion for magic:  he had several times declined doing spellwork late at night, and then had disappeared for hours at a time with no explanation.
:iconzarabethedraws:zarabethedraws 1 8
More mutants from The Locker by Selinelle More mutants from The Locker :iconselinelle:Selinelle 4 21 Rmar (Music Video) - Still Frame by AlwaysWrongFilm Rmar (Music Video) - Still Frame :iconalwayswrongfilm:AlwaysWrongFilm 0 0 Baby Race Thunder by Penners Baby Race Thunder :iconpenners:Penners 0 0 Out of It by Penners Out of It :iconpenners:Penners 0 0 Jack Lint - What have I done? #1 by AlexTheActor Jack Lint - What have I done? #1 :iconalextheactor:AlexTheActor 1 0 Holly and Finn Bright by Penners Holly and Finn Bright :iconpenners:Penners 0 0 SOMEBODY POOPED by Penners SOMEBODY POOPED :iconpenners:Penners 1 5 Snuff by Sightburner Snuff :iconsightburner:Sightburner 16 2 Colour Block Confusion by Penners Colour Block Confusion :iconpenners:Penners 1 0 Baby Race 2000 by Penners Baby Race 2000 :iconpenners:Penners 0 0 MeSleep by Penners MeSleep :iconpenners:Penners 1 2 Lucy by XXAnemia Lucy :iconxxanemia:XXAnemia 41 10 Holly and Finn by Penners Holly and Finn :iconpenners:Penners 1 0 Finish Line Baby Race 2000 by Penners Finish Line Baby Race 2000 :iconpenners:Penners 1 0 Daphodil Game Over Screen 2 by futuramaiscool2938 Daphodil Game Over Screen 2 :iconfuturamaiscool2938:futuramaiscool2938 4 3 Smoke by AngoloReo-convesso Smoke :iconangoloreo-convesso:AngoloReo-convesso 1 0 Finn and Isla by Penners Finn and Isla :iconpenners:Penners 2 0 Finn in Baby Race 2000 by Penners Finn in Baby Race 2000 :iconpenners:Penners 0 0 Finn by Penners Finn :iconpenners:Penners 1 0 Mortuary by heretic75 Mortuary :iconheretic75:heretic75 2 6 Therese and Finn and Family by Penners Therese and Finn and Family :iconpenners:Penners 2 0 Nurse Lineart by XXAnemia Nurse Lineart :iconxxanemia:XXAnemia 39 7 Mwah ha ha by Penners Mwah ha ha :iconpenners:Penners 1 2