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Luckiest Fan Ever
This story includes foot fetish and tickle content.
If that's fine with you please enjoy^^
It's written in first person view, so feel free to imagine yourselves xD
Also please leave a comment.
I worked really hard on this story and like to know what you think.
The Luckiest Fan Ever
In this world we live, there are different types of fans for musicians.
The biggest, is the group that just likes a certain singer, band and so on and visits their concert when it's quite near.
The second biggest group, is the crazy fans who go to more than one concert and even if it's a little further away from where they live.
And the smallest group, is the insane and obsessed fans who travel around the globe to see their stars perform on stage.
Well, I've always considered myself to be in the second group. Normally....
Cause lately, I've been obsessed with a Japanese Rock
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Crazy Torment (M and Machine/F feet tickling)
It was late. I know it was when I could barely feel anything in my body. I could not help but drop my bags and walk through my front door in such ease. I was very tired. Twelve hour to work and no break. I was standing the entire day and my feet are in such pain! I felt like crashing on the floor right now. I could care less about what was to happen- I need rest. I just took my shoes off and went up the stairs ignoring anything that I would really need. I just crashed right onto my bed and fell asleep- dazed off into lala land.
Sadly enough, I woke up to stare at a small little boy who started to poke my cheeks. This kid was not mine. When I tried to scream or yell at the boy, I found myself slamming back into my bed. I raise an eyebrow and felt something in my mouth as well... What the hell!? I can’t move! My blanket was rolled around my body tightly as tape secure the blanket to me. Not only that, tape was wrapped around my blanket self to the bed- ensuring no movement whatsoev
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RWBY: Ruby making it up to Weiss
Please note that there have only been 3 episodes of RWBY aired so far.
Thus there isn't too much known about the girls and their personalities yet.
While I usually try to catch the personalities please excuse if it doesn't work this time.
But now please enjoy the story and don't forget to comment if you liked it^^
Ruby making it up to Weiss
After Ruby and Weiss had a bad start together, with Ruby tripping over the trolley with her luggage containing Dust, a powerful kind of energy the white-haired teen uses for her weapon known as Myrtenaster, Weiss was more than just angry at the girl with the black hair and red streaks in it.
Even more so, as the younger teen accidently caused a small explosion, following a sneeze from breathing in a small amount of Dust powder.
Feeling bad for getting Weiss that angry, Ruby promised to make things up to the girl with the light blue eyes.
Not sure how to do it th
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