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Death Battle: Roman Torchwick vs. Gambit
Lyn: That’s it! We’ve analyzed the combatants’ weapons, skills, and tactics! Let’s get this fight underway!
Xander: It’s time for a DEATH BATTLE!
Lyn: Andmaybeanorgasmforme!
Xander: WHAT THE FU--!
A darkened, apparently abandoned warehouse… Shipping containers filled the place to the brim.
A single, dim light from a Will o’ the Wisp lighter gave gentle light to a small area within.
Its source was a man lighting his cigar. He donned a bowler hat with a feather, as well as a white waistcoat with black pants and dress shoes. In one gloved hand he held a can, the other preoccupied with his cigar. His hair was red, covering one eye.
Behind him stood another man. This man donned a trench coat, which was open to reveal a black bodysuit and grey boots. His eyes were his most defining feature, burning red irises contrasted against black where his whites should have been. He had on some kind of mask which was open in the face and crown o
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RWBY - Dive to the Heart (Yang) :iconxaldrix:Xaldrix 551 6 RWBY - Dive to the Heart (Blake) :iconxaldrix:Xaldrix 546 8 RWBY DOO! :iconicequeenrocks:IceQueenRocks 227 25 Melodic Cudgel and Parasol :iconkatzel:Katzel 157 21 Roman is the worst :iconatsusakaneytza:AtsusaKaneytza 502 78 Let's change it up :iconhopelessromantic721:hopelessromantic721 204 52 Tukson Revenge 5-1 The Final Revengenation :iconlongsean22:LongSean22 188 156 Rwby Fantasy (Poster Design) :iconmboymanuel:mboymanuel 379 52 Nice to see you again Red... :iconhopelessromantic721:hopelessromantic721 199 50 Torchwick and Co. x UDD: Capacities :iconhjpenndragon:hjpenndragon 244 15 Tuksons Revenge 5-6 Revenger :iconlongsean22:LongSean22 167 254
RWBY - Do You Want to Dance this Sunday?
(Jaune) Weiss? [knocks on door]
Care to join me for a slow dance
At this Sunday’s Beacon ball?
I sing this from the bottom of my heart
Even brought my guitar
To play out in the hall
Please give me just this one chance. I won’t disappoint.
Won’t you be my Snow Angel, Weiss?
Care to join me for a slow dance?
It doesn’t have to be a slow dance.
[(Weiss) Go away, Jaune!]
(Jaune) Okay, bye.
(Sun) Blake?
Don’t you want to dance this Sunday
With me or Ruby, Yang, and Weiss?
(Weiss) We even modified the ball for you
(Yang) The snacks and music, too
(Weiss) So that you can unwind. [(Yang) Hang in there, Blake!]
(Ruby)You’ve got us really worried, all fatigued and stressed,
Just watching you ebb away
(Blake) Yes, I want to dance this Sunday.
There, I’ve said it, I’ve confessed
But Torchwick’s out there, and the White Fang, too.
They’re plotting their next move.
No time to rest
So many lives at stake here, corrupted fiends at hand
So muc
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Prelude: Roman Torchwick vs. Gambit
Xander: The Thief, a criminal of class, of dignity, of style, and, in fiction above all, of combat skill.
Lyn: And these two are among the best examples… Fair warning: There may be moisture in this fight… And I don’t mean from the fighters.
Xander: I’d tell you to swap to Layne, but that’d accomplish nothing…
Lyn: Roman Torchwick, criminal kingpin of RWBY…
Xander: And Gambit, the mutant master thief.
Lyn: I’m Lyn and he’s Xander. And it’s our jobs to analyze their weapons, skills, and tactics to determine the winner… of a Death Battle!
Name: Roman Torchwick
Age: Unknown (Assumed Early 20s)
Height: 6’5”
Weight: Unknown
Occupation: Thief, Wanted Criminal

*Cue Music*
Xander: Roman Torchwick is a master thief and the ultimate enemy of RWBY’s main character, Ruby Rose.
Lyn: Nothing is known about Torchwick’s pas
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Beyond the Vale Chpt. 1

"Beyond The Vale"
Zachary B. Tueller
Part 1
"Subtle discussion "
Est.: The Following takes place  2 hours after Ruby's encounter with Roman Torchwick in Ep 1., Vale Underbelly 
The night grew late, and a chill arose over an old, worn down warehouse in the outskirts of Vale's Industrial district. The area was abandoned as seen by the average person but was in fact a safehouse. Two White Fang guards stood at attention in the shadows of the depot warehouse support beams, and both of the Faunus cradled high powered rifles to their fog grey armor, their night vision making them more effective at guarding the perimeter at this hour.
Heads up!
He gestures to one of the guards to look up the road. A sleek black limousine comes streaking up to the compound at incredible speed, slamming on its breaks as it skids to a halt just shy of the stripped open warehouse doors. The two Whit
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