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Toontown V.P. :iconsquiddy-art:Squiddy-Art 128 42 Senior V.P. :iconsquiddy-art:Squiddy-Art 77 32 Angry VP!!! :iconsquiddy-art:Squiddy-Art 46 11 when you see someone doing something stupid :iconanimaltoon:Animaltoon 26 11 Rosy and Drake :iconhtfneoheidi:HTFNeoHeidi 21 12 when you up in the hood and dunno how to get out :iconanimaltoon:Animaltoon 18 7 my reaction to toontown stride updates :iconanimaltoon:Animaltoon 14 35 Flowercrown Theo :icongizigbo:Gizigbo 17 3 Nommy Shorb :iconlilunicorn101:lilunicorn101 19 5 Kong VS The CFO :iconanimaltoon:Animaltoon 13 3 when you accidentally offend someone :iconanimaltoon:Animaltoon 16 21 Pong and Theo - Winter Outfits :icongizigbo:Gizigbo 15 6 Rem-Rem :icongizigbo:Gizigbo 13 4 He Scream :iconlilunicorn101:lilunicorn101 14 5 Mindy the Mingler :icongizigbo:Gizigbo 13 3 Lucas the Legal Eagle -sketch- :iconhtfneoheidi:HTFNeoHeidi 12 3 TT OC - Happy Valentines Day :icon0--codepanic--0:0--CodePanic--0 11 6 TT OC - Foe :icon0--codepanic--0:0--CodePanic--0 10 7 Rosy and Drake -sketch- :iconhtfneoheidi:HTFNeoHeidi 10 12 TT OC - Dee and Her Big Cheese :icon0--codepanic--0:0--CodePanic--0 9 9 TT Cog OC - Robert Einstein Ref :icon0--codepanic--0:0--CodePanic--0 9 0 Art Trade: Batty and Louis :iconforce-o-nature:Force-O-Nature 8 2 TT New Generation Scene - And So It Begins :icon0--codepanic--0:0--CodePanic--0 7 2 Bernie the Bean Counter :iconcherryfizgirl:CherryFizGirl 7 1 japamas :iconroseredren:Roseredren 8 2 * Flirt with the nerd. :iconbonessel:bonessel 7 3 TT Cog Oc Jackson Bruce Swissly :icon0--codepanic--0:0--CodePanic--0 7 4 TT Cog OC - Don Leonardo Ref :icon0--codepanic--0:0--CodePanic--0 7 5 Sellbot VP :iconaccident-prone08:AcCiDeNt-PrOnE08 7 8 TT Cog OC - William Hamilton :icon0--codepanic--0:0--CodePanic--0 6 2 What. Why Would I Do This. It's 5 Am :iconkratikal:Kratikal 6 4 When you're alone, and you're cold inside... :iconanimaltoon:Animaltoon 5 1 Skank Your way to Sadness :icontheweirdlilkid:theweirdlilkid 5 1 Standing up :iconwulpenstein:Wulpenstein 5 21 i cant believe these nerds are 3 years old :iconroseredren:Roseredren 5 6 Flunky :iconaccident-prone08:AcCiDeNt-PrOnE08 4 2 TT OC - Big Fella :icon0--codepanic--0:0--CodePanic--0 4 8
Toontown - New Generation Prologue
Prologue: Blue Eyes
Sweat unnoticeably dripped all the way from her brow, curved down the side of her nose, and landed in the tight crack in her lips. She licked the substance up and admiring the taste for once. Her once vibrant pink color had dulled greatly to a sickening shade, demonstrating how low her laff was. Her breaths came out short and quick. She weakly held up a cream pie in her right hand, ready to give it her last shot. It was now or never, for if she did not make it, she was going to be in quite the situation. On the other end, a Mingler, who was also looking just as drained, was glaring at her, her blue eyes narrowing into thin slits. She clutched her side, uncontrollably giggling and snickering from all the hits that she took. Her light was blinking red, yet she was still stubborn in going down.
"This is it," the loner toon thought to herself. "Its one more shot, and either I go or she goes..."
The intruding toon then stood up straight again, getting ready
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Penny Pincher :iconaccident-prone08:AcCiDeNt-PrOnE08 4 5 Mac and chomper :iconwulpenstein:Wulpenstein 3 0
Toontown - New Generation Chapter 9
Chapter 9: Cruelty and Punishment
"You are not my 'girlfriend'. There is no way in cognation I would ever even consider the idea." Jackson crossed his arms, as Mousey frowned. She rolled her eyes in response.
"Oh please, Jackson. I was only messing with you."
"I told you a thousand times, my name is A08-I4790. Not this simplified, silly version you toons give each other. Now," his green eyes narrowed into thin slits, as he walked around the desk to now stand before her, looking down at the extremely short female before him. "Tell me how you were even able to get in in the first place. There are goons and guards positioned near every entrance and exist on the premises."
"Easy," Mousey smirked, repositioning herself to be sitting on the desk with her legs crossed, leaning most of her weight on her arm that gripped the edge of the desk. She pulled out the used jar of Inviso-Ink and placed it on the desk with a loud "plop", patting the lid in a sublime manner. "You'd be surprised with all
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Operation:Toontown(Captain Ethan Oswald reference) :iconthesilverartist:TheSilverArtist 3 24
Toontown - New Generation Chapter 1
Chapter 1: I Miss You
By the time Don had returned to the "crime scene", there was a wreckage of Sellbot parts everywhere. The Vice President had called his Skelecogs to come clean up the mess and haul the parts back to the factory, where they could be manufactured and reused. Speaking of the Vice President, he was far too busy rambling to his Second-In-Command to even notice Don's presence.
"Can you believe the nerve?! Ugh, I swear, those toons just get worst and worst by the generation!" the Vice President fussed, as Mr. Hollywood A01-A0000 was trying his best to calm his leader down.
"I know, sir. But on the bright side, those three toons stood no chance, and we were able to send them to...wherever it is they go after their health runs to zero." said Mr. Hollywood A01-A0000, as he strides alongside his boss, looking up at him with a rather sinister smile.
"You are right...." the VP muttered, sighing. "However, that still does not make up for the chaos they've caused!" the VP hissed,
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Toontown - New Generation Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Moving On

(Two months later...)

"Ah, A20-Z2556!" whistled a Two-Face, approaching Don's work area. Don had winced at such an agitating tone. Don sighed and rubbed his temples, as the Two-Face swaggered into his office, then placing both hands on the edge of the desk as he leaned forward, one side of his face grinning mischievously. Don growled lowly in response.
"What is it, C506-D2935?" he said through gritted teeth, awfully dreadful at the loud mouth's presence. "Do you not have your own Supervisor to perturb?" 
"Oh hush, you know you are glad to see me!" "Besides, you technically are a Mr. Hollywood who also supervises, am I correct?" the frowning side of C506-D2935's face spoke up in a rather sour tone. The Two-Face then stood up straight, crossing his arms over his chest as he glared at Don, who was quirking an eyebrow at Two-Face C506-D2935. Don then shook his head and looked back down at his paperwork, scribbling things down in neat cursive
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Toontown - New Generation Chapter 3
Chapter 3: What Are Sisters For?

(A month later...)

She vigorously wiped at the tears that continued to fall from her cheeks, as she sat there on the bench under the blinding street light. Her mind was blank, yet her heart was heavy with sorrow and betrayal. How could he do this to her? What had she done to deserve this? Her date just abandoning her for another girl...
She already had not seen Don in months, and even though he had distracted her thoughts for only a second, she still found the craving for her cog companion to just come back to her...and make things right again.
"Laffy.." her half-lidded eyes widened as she had looked up from the damp stains on her bright red dress, as she had looked up. That sounded...
"...Laffy..." came the voice again, as this time the voice was near, accompanied by a warm grasp to her shoulder. Her grip on her sash grew tight, as her sore throat stung. One more single tear managed to escape from her eye as she slowly turned her
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Toontown - New Generation Chapter 8
Chapter 8: After the Meeting
After hours had passed, the meeting between all four field of cogs and their leaders had ended, all of the cogs being dismissed back to their areas. Instead of the leaders, who would be holding a meeting amongst themselves on what was their next step in their plan of getting rid of the toons.
As Don propelled himself above the clouds of the VP's office, unfortunately for him, Two-Face C506-D2935 had caught up with him, his usually smiling face frowning as his scowling face was practically sneering.
"What is wrong with you? I thought we had a deal." "You bailed on Mingler A16-A7769 last night. She threatened to blackmail me. I'm doomed!----"
"Watch your tone with me," Don glared at Two-Face C506-D2935 in a menacing manner, his eyes narrowing into thin slits. "Besides, should I not have a say in who I talk to? It is none of you or Mingler A16-A7769's concern. As far as she is concerned, I am done with her." said Don, before
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Toontown - New Generation Chapter 4
Chapter 4: As a Reminder Part 1
Two-Face C506-D2935 stood next to the extremely fidgety Don Leonardo, as the cog constantly kept pulling out his pocket mirror and checking himself in the small reflecting object. He would often smooth back his hair and check his teeth, and to be quite frank, C506-D2935 was becoming quite annoyed.
"Would you relax? You look fine." "Right! She'll love you! Uh..not like she does not love you already." Two-Face C506-D2935 chuckled.
Don nodded took in a deep breath, and then exhaled. C506-D2935 shook his head, reaching into the inside pocket of his suit and pulling out a cigar, handing it to Don, his scowling side flipping to a taunting smirk.
"Need a smoke?"
"No thank you, I am fine." said Don, as he folded his hands in front of him and looked at the long line of cogs waiting to get in before looking down the sidewalk, waiting for his quote on quote "date". For this past month, up until this point, Don had been spending a lot of
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Chief Financial Officer :icon8bit-insomniac:8Bit-Insomniac 3 6