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Romano x Reader The Curl
Bang Bang Bang
"What the hell is that?"
Romano slowly got up from the couch he was having his siesta on and walked to the door. He was just about to open it when-
Bang Bang Bang
"Lovino! Let me in! I know you took it! Give me my tomato seeds back!"
The Italian stopped himself from opening the door and frowned. It was [Name]. Shit. He really didn't want to deal with this right now. He was missing his siesta because of you. Screw it. He would just tell you he didn't know what he was talking about. Hopefully you would buy it and go bug someone else.
Lovino sighed and turned the knob, opening the door. 'Lets get this over with.'
"What the hell are you going on about, idiota?"
He barely had time to react before you tackled him to the ground, straddling his hips with hands on either side of his head.
"Don't bullshit me, Lovino! I know you took them! I'm not stupid!"
"Don't get your panties all in a wad! I don't know anything about any damn tomato seeds!"
You suddenly became very aware that h
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Not Too Bad [ France x Reader ]
"Go away, Francis..." [Name] murmured as she buried her face deeper into the pile of blankets she was currently nestled in. Despite this, she still clung onto her cellular phone, as though it were her lifeline.
"Chérie..." [1] Francis began, before being cut off by the sullen female.
"Don't use French on me!" [Name] cursed the day she told the Frenchman about her love of the romantic language. And who could blame her? Everything sounded wonderful to her in French from les petits poissons [2] to ses délicieux croissants. [3]
"Just let me in." Francis whined. He was currently sitting on [Name]'s front porch, thoroughly frustrated at the whole situation. Arriving only a few minutes ago, Francis was confused; usually [Name] was there to greet him the moment his car pulled in her driveway. Was she not home? He gave her a quick call, only to discover that not only was she home, she refused to see him.
"No." She replied curtly.
"It can't be that bad." He chuckled, as he continue
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Sixteen is too young: Sladin X
When Robin is sixteen;
He won't know what is good for him
The thief will be swinging his hips and working his mouth straight out of a cell
And I, will all the patience of a tom cat, will watch them both, cursing their age and wondering if the taunts of pervert have some real merit.
When Red X is nineteen;
Robin will glare petulantly and ask why the elder boy is so cocky and flirtatious.
Red will simply grin and wiggle his hips, tucking away the diamonds neatly in his pants while Robin is dazed and confused
And I, as usual, will see the exchange and note how they are both growing up, one yielding to temptations, the other using his brain.
When Robin is eighteen;
He will have his first real kiss stolen by the boy who already stole his identity, his files and his attention
Red will no longer use flirting as a distraction for stealing, but use stealing as a distraction for flirting
And I, still watching the monitors, will frown deeply, wondering why this younger boy is stealing attention a
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Nagisa x Reader: Too Far
    Honestly, even for such a down-to-earth person as yourself, there was no other way to describe your first meeting with Nagisa except "love at first sight".
    Or, to be more accurate, "best friends at first sight" because, despite you having liked him for the longest time you weren't willing to take the first step in advancing your relationship, mainly because you had no idea how he felt about you. If you were only a good friend in his eyes and, by attempting to be something more, you jeopardize your friendship, you didn't know what you would do. Nagisa was the rock that anchored you to the ground when tidal waves of rough times threatened to sweep you away; he was the pillar that supported you when you couldn't take the strain. You were able to confide in him about all your problems, and, in return, he would never fail to brighten your day with a cheesy joke or a tight, warm hug. Nagisa would also tell you about his secrets and fears because (even if you
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Gentle Persuasion - [AU] Levi x Aquaphobe!Reader
“Come on, [First], get your ass in the water,” came the irate voice of Levi, your easily angered boyfriend.
The two of you had currently been in your backyard, addressing the same problem you had been addressing for the majority of the year, now. That problem being…
You were extremely aquaphobic.
Showers were fine, taps were fine – baths were not, pools were not, the beach was not. You didn’t know what it was that terrified you so much about water—no, actually, that was a lie. You were entirely aware of what caused you to live in constant fear. You had almost drowned on your trip to the beach last year; you remembered the suffocating feeling of water filling your lungs. The waves were rough, and they were too strong for you to overpower. The pure terror that wracked your nerves was something that was constantly renewed whenever you so much as looked at a sink full of water.
You shook your head furiously at Levi’s demand. “No, no, I
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Wall of Fandom by AishaxNekox Wall of Fandom :iconaishaxnekox:AishaxNekox 4,512 515 When I cannot sleep by Demachic When I cannot sleep :icondemachic:Demachic 3,844 314 Red hair by pratikr Red hair :iconpratikr:pratikr 1,003 113
I Love You Because
Sometimes I miss you.
Sometimes I really miss you.
Other times I am craving for you,
And occasionally my heart squeezes longingly so.
Should I dream of you,
I would want you to dream of me too,
To be connected in a way beyond your lovely hands touching my side,
And just maybe, that divine little weight upon my skin.
I used to look for just a girl with a pretty smile,
A beautiful mind and lips that speak sweet things...
And I am still looking for this girl every morning,
Every time I open my eyes in bed, and reaching out to touch, you.
:iconablondmoment:aBlondMoment 155 136
Mirror, Mirror Part2 by Hail-NekoYasha Mirror, Mirror Part2 :iconhail-nekoyasha:Hail-NekoYasha 4,160 593
Cat TF 2
“Ugh, my spine is killing me.” I said as I looked into my computer screen and saw my face stare back at me.  “What’s wrong with me? I’ve been feeling awful the past few days now, its only getting worse and worse.” I could feel a bone in my hand popping. I looked down and it looked fine to me. I still had the ring that my ex-boyfriend had given to me before we separated on, and it was always painful to look at, but I couldn’t take it off.  I looked down at my feet and realized that they were getting very tight and constrained, and it was starting to hurt really badly. “Oww…” I said softly as I scooted back to try to get them off before they burst.  The strain was so tight that it actually felt like my feet were getting bigger and more rounded.  The pain grew and grew until I couldn’t take it anymore and I tried racing to get the shoes off.  Suddenly my right hand started twitching an
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Such Precious Things
There's light in your eyes on the night you first said "I love you",
The same light in your smile after the first time I kissed you.
Sometimes my heart feels that light too when you touch me,
And it is one of the most beautiful feelings there could ever be.
Now I often see the light in your eyes whenever you look at me,
The smile in your eyes when you talk about me,
The tears in your eyes when you miss me,
The beauty in your eyes when you are with me.
I can think all day about you being with me,
All the time about the love you have for me,
All the things in the world I'd give to be your only one,
All the little reasons I love you.
:iconablondmoment:aBlondMoment 169 118
How to Save a Life by Demachic How to Save a Life :icondemachic:Demachic 3,981 499