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Tom Waits RESURRECTED :icontrevorgrove:TrevorGrove 240 101 When the Last Rose of Summer is Gone :iconabigaillarson:AbigailLarson 2,873 128 Tom Waits From Mortal Clay 12 :icontrevorgrove:TrevorGrove 905 247 Fish and Bird :iconlora-zombie:lora-zombie 1,999 103 Lonely Valentine :iconabigaillarson:AbigailLarson 1,878 59 Rock'n'Rollas :iconap6y3:Ap6y3 928 168 Tom Waits-christmas card :icontrevorgrove:TrevorGrove 611 104 p i a n o trip :iconhuseyinozkan:huseyinozkan 417 80 Dark Night in Old Town :iconintao:intao 335 39 Strong Look :iconzatransis:Zatransis 235 14 Piano Manster, face detail. :icondoctorrat:DoctorRat 461 74 TOM WAITS :iconlora-zombie:lora-zombie 927 100 The briar and the rose :icongingerhairedgirl:GingerHairedGirl 454 107 BURBON :iconlora-zombie:lora-zombie 2,182 226 Waltzing Ariadne- Wasted and.. :iconstambo42:stambo42 915 51
The House Where Nobody Lives
I live in the house where nobody lives
The kids dare each other to come close enough
to peep through the windows, maybe see the ghost
of the faded old man who haunts the place
I am that ghost
in the house where nobody lives
Broken-backed from the weight of the world
Leather-skinned from long ago sunny days
Dreaming of all that I've lost and wondering when
I'll be allowed to see them all again
I am the ghost
in the house where nobody lives
Dragging my chains and moaning in the night
Sleeping in my cold bed in the day
Dreaming my dreams of better days when i lived
Out in the world, when it was beautiful
I am the ghost
of the house where nobody lives
You kids stay away from those cracked panes
Pain is contagious, you could catch your death
Don't look into the darkness, it will find you soon enough
When you've grown longer bones and broken a few
Hear the ghost
of the house where nobody lives
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The Coffin trick :iconkorintic:korintic 264 48 Tom Waits From Mortal Clay 25 :icontrevorgrove:TrevorGrove 178 43
I felt her fingers upon me,
stirring and braiding
down my back;
all her proclivities platted out.
Self-effacing and labial;
many a time now she's bent down
and bit at my ear,
those lips of hers aching to be blown aside.
And whilst she tangled me another brunet river
well into the eventide,
still I was awoken far too quickly;
unwithstood till she wills herself dreamt.
:iconbackuppanic:BackupPanic 20 42
TOM WAITS- Strange Tree :icontrevorgrove:TrevorGrove 547 180 BLACK :iconhuseyinozkan:huseyinozkan 100 9
Big Top
Ladies and gentlemen, astromen, and courtesans,
Your undivided attention for a second please.
Tonight you're gonna see things that'll turn you on your earrings,
If you've got a weak stomach aim it at your knees.
Please turn off your pagers pass along and sign the waivers,
Someone will be by shortly to collect your names.
Before we raise the curtain please be sure that you are certain
That your children can be hushed we don't have time for games.
First, direct your eyes up to the woman in the skies.
Mothers, should you shield your daughters from her siren song
They'll turn forever cursed to wander vainly o'er the earth,
Longing for a lover, legs half as strong.
Next, Felix will juggle just as sure as he will struggle
To escape a straight jacket from the bughouse, see.
Then Adelaide and Adeline drink marmalade and pickle brine
While singing Kiss Me Under The Banana Tree.
Now I need a volunteer not vexed to lose an ear,
Man enough to a put a shoulder to the wheel.
But if Mena should miss,
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Time Waits
Wild geese
chevron silhouettes
the grapefruit moon
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Cry Wolf
You're a wolf with the voice of a coyote
You got me by the collar when you started
Howling up my spine.
You prickle me like a desert cactus
You fill my head with grand literature,
With day-old cigarettes.
Your skeleton is too small for you,
Should take off your skin and stay awhile.
Let me steal your vocal cords.
I'll hide them in the bottom of a bottle,
In an alleyway in old Germany.
Where I stuck to you like peanut butter
In an old dog's mouth.
:iconkarlynoelleabreu:KarlyNoelleAbreu 12 4
SONSOFADAM :iconhuseyinozkan:huseyinozkan 44 13 tom waits :iconfate-of-a-poemwriter:Fate-of-a-poemwriter 84 10