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Kamisama Hajimemashita Lineart By Liblikun-d5n118s by kanogt Kamisama Hajimemashita Lineart By Liblikun-d5n118s :iconkanogt:kanogt 449 36 Kamisama Hajimemashita by nikea777 Kamisama Hajimemashita :iconnikea777:nikea777 428 21 Tomoe-dono -ACEO- by shazy Tomoe-dono -ACEO- :iconshazy:shazy 221 34 Dat Fluffy Tail by OneColoredLily Dat Fluffy Tail :icononecoloredlily:OneColoredLily 158 9 Headphones by OneColoredLily Headphones :icononecoloredlily:OneColoredLily 162 34 Akura-Ou ch89 v14 colored by kanogt Akura-Ou ch89 v14 colored :iconkanogt:kanogt 43 3 A Wild Fox by OneColoredLily A Wild Fox :icononecoloredlily:OneColoredLily 176 11 Embrace by OneColoredLily Embrace :icononecoloredlily:OneColoredLily 113 22 Writing A Prayer by OneColoredLily Writing A Prayer :icononecoloredlily:OneColoredLily 201 18 Fox Fire by OneColoredLily Fox Fire :icononecoloredlily:OneColoredLily 95 16 COMMISSION PRIZE: Tomoe by crysiblu COMMISSION PRIZE: Tomoe :iconcrysiblu:crysiblu 38 2 Uninterested by OneColoredLily Uninterested :icononecoloredlily:OneColoredLily 82 4 Bind by OneColoredLily Bind :icononecoloredlily:OneColoredLily 119 7 Kami-sama and Shinshi by OneColoredLily Kami-sama and Shinshi :icononecoloredlily:OneColoredLily 120 10 A Little Wish by OneColoredLily A Little Wish :icononecoloredlily:OneColoredLily 101 8 Tomoe by LorennTyr Tomoe :iconlorenntyr:LorennTyr 136 12 Tomoe and Nanami (1) by OneColoredLily Tomoe and Nanami (1) :icononecoloredlily:OneColoredLily 85 16 Tomoe (4) by OneColoredLily Tomoe (4) :icononecoloredlily:OneColoredLily 81 21 So? by OneColoredLily So? :icononecoloredlily:OneColoredLily 96 7 Tomoe~ by timii95 Tomoe~ :icontimii95:timii95 45 14 The Decision by OneColoredLily The Decision :icononecoloredlily:OneColoredLily 140 10 You Chose Me by OneColoredLily You Chose Me :icononecoloredlily:OneColoredLily 87 7 (Gift) Sweet Memories by Eseti (Gift) Sweet Memories :iconeseti:Eseti 129 26 Kamisama Hajimemashita: Tomoe in Disguised by JoiFuLStudios Kamisama Hajimemashita: Tomoe in Disguised :iconjoifulstudios:JoiFuLStudios 42 12 Uh . . . No by OneColoredLily Uh . . . No :icononecoloredlily:OneColoredLily 57 3
Kamisma kiss tomoe x nanami fluffy tail~
"Tomoe!" Nanami cried from her bed.
"Yes namani" He said sighing at the sight of his mistress once again sick in bed. Such weak creatures he thought to himself.
"Im siiick" She complained covering her face with her pillow and coughing into it.
"I can see that....perhaps if you didnt" 
"Sssstooop! im to sick to hear you be mean to me" She said with watery eyes and her face red hot.
Tomoe reached over and felt her head, she definitely had a fever. "Ill go make you some soup you stay here and get some rest" He ordered as he walked out of her room closing the door and into the kitchen. "That girl......Snake!"
"yes~"Mizuki said jumping from the ground and going to tomoe. "I want you to keep a close eye on nanami well i make her dinner. She is under the weather so" "LEAVE IT TO ME TOMOE-KUN~~" He said as he skipped and then standing guard at the door with a ditty smile. Tomoe sighed and started to prepare the food when he heard a thump from behind him. "I just told you to get some
:iconbutterflywings8:butterflywings8 18 14
TomoeXNanami Stamp by AnIm3MaNgA TomoeXNanami Stamp :iconanim3manga:AnIm3MaNgA 64 24 :TOMOE: The White Wild Fox Demon by alpha-Ikaros :TOMOE: The White Wild Fox Demon :iconalpha-ikaros:alpha-Ikaros 48 3 Tomoe xD by AnIm3MaNgA Tomoe xD :iconanim3manga:AnIm3MaNgA 66 38 Tomoe with smoking-pipe by magoleth Tomoe with smoking-pipe :iconmagoleth:magoleth 46 26 Tomoe by dropdeadgiirl Tomoe :icondropdeadgiirl:dropdeadgiirl 19 2 Kamisama Hajimemashita - Tomoe by Amanduur Kamisama Hajimemashita - Tomoe :iconamanduur:Amanduur 35 11 Tomoe- kamisama hajimemashita by Cane-the-artist Tomoe- kamisama hajimemashita :iconcane-the-artist:Cane-the-artist 25 3 I Am Already Yours WIP by woostersauce I Am Already Yours WIP :iconwoostersauce:woostersauce 21 13 C- Kamisama Hajimemashita - Tomoe (fanart) by Saitonart C- Kamisama Hajimemashita - Tomoe (fanart) :iconsaitonart:Saitonart 25 2 Tomoe x Nanami by FabiiKawaii Tomoe x Nanami :iconfabiikawaii:FabiiKawaii 47 15 Tomoe and Nanami by Risabug18 Tomoe and Nanami :iconrisabug18:Risabug18 28 0 Two kinds of Tomoe by darkdeath6136 Two kinds of Tomoe :icondarkdeath6136:darkdeath6136 24 4 festive Tomoe L/A by charswarrenxo festive Tomoe L/A :iconcharswarrenxo:charswarrenxo 27 7 KH: Tomoe and Akura-ou by magoleth KH: Tomoe and Akura-ou :iconmagoleth:magoleth 22 26 Tomoe by fancytuna7 Tomoe :iconfancytuna7:fancytuna7 21 11 So Stay by my Side... by calderamoon So Stay by my Side... :iconcalderamoon:calderamoon 15 11 Tomoe by ShooterSP Tomoe :iconshootersp:ShooterSP 12 5 Tomoe - Kamisama Hajimemashita by Duet Tomoe - Kamisama Hajimemashita :iconduet:Duet 15 1 Tomoe by Tamakichi Tomoe :icontamakichi:Tamakichi 21 0 Tomoe and Nanami by AnIm3MaNgA Tomoe and Nanami :iconanim3manga:AnIm3MaNgA 15 9 Tomoe - finished by Duet Tomoe - finished :iconduet:Duet 14 5 Tomoe by lKainl Tomoe :iconlkainl:lKainl 13 0 Valentine's Day : Tomoe and Nanami by Soihra Valentine's Day : Tomoe and Nanami :iconsoihra:Soihra 10 0 Fox Familiar by StepOnALego Fox Familiar :iconsteponalego:StepOnALego 13 6