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Only time will tell (Tom Hiddleston x Reader)
You were walking slowly through the streets of your hometown. You hadn’t been here in a long time, but now that you finally had been able to get some days off during the holidays, your mother had insisted you spend it with them. You loved your family, but you were happy to walk around town for a few minutes. Your sister’s blabbing gave you a headache and your mother’s cooking still hadn’t improved.
You passed the cafeteria where you had spent a lot of your younger years with friends or dates. You smiled thinking back at those days. You closed your coat further around you while you regained your stroll around town. It had started snowing, but you didn’t care. It truly made it feel like it was Christmas.
You nearly slipped on the pavement when someone honked at you.
‘Sorry, miss? Could you help me find the nearest hotel?’
You nodded, looking at the man with the English accent that was hanging out of the car window smiling at you. You walked over
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Loki x Baby Reader: Silver Bells

:bulletblue: Loki x Baby Reader: Silver Bells :bulletblue:
It was Christmas Eve and the temperature had dropped well below zero, as the sun began to set in the pale periwinkle sky. Along the quiet streets and lanes, large icicles hung from every tree and homestead; with countless snow banks happily covering the ground in fluffy white sheets. To most, this would have been reason enough to stay indoors with a piping cup of cocoa and sit beside a blazing fire. But to the God of Mischief it was the perfect inspiration to go out.
For the longest time, the Trickster had watched the cream-shaded horizon from his window, gauging the time and distance he needed to travel, before his mind was made up. With warmed blue-green eyes, he looked down at the small figure sleeping in his arms. (F/n), his precious daughter who had just turned one, was a beautiful little girl. And as she gently breathed in a state of slumber, the child was even more enthralling to her father. With ea
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