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CELEBRATION of GAY PRIDE - An Older Gay Man's Perspective
Straight people keep asking, "Why do 'you' people need GAY PRIDE when there is no need for STRAIGHT PRIDE?" This is my answer:
Straight people do not need to be proud of being straight, because they do not need to overcome and survive vilification, hatred, bigotry, discrimination and suppression, for being straight. Sexual Minorities deserve great pride and respect for overcoming all of that, and more.I call this a "Celebration of Gay Pride" because it is a celebration of my journey to self-acceptance and pride-of-self.  I was 13, an Altar Boy wanting to be a Priest, when our priest told us boys, "Boys who are physically attracted to other boys are an abomination in the eyes of God, doomed to burn for an eternity in the everlasting fires of Gahanna." I could not understand it. I was simple, autistic, and I lived to be a good boy. I had not done anything to make these feelings for boys happen. God must
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The Real Wicca
the Real Wicca
We don't fly on broomsticks
We don't raise the dead
The bad things you think of wicca
Are really in your head.
We don't believe in hell
And satan and all that junk
We don't dress all goth
We don't all dress punk.
we DO believe in God
but also in a Goddess
they are both considered equal
and at least we are not godless.
please don't try to change our minds
because it will not work
we won't try to make YOU change
consider that a perk
This is the path we have chosen
You can choose your own
But don't pull us onto yours
We're standing like a stone.
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On Tolerance
You'll have to stick with me for a bit, but I'll begin with a jarring statement to most readers: it seems to me that the Catholic Church is really the most tolerant of anyone or anything.
This is because the Catholic Church has rightfully questioned everything and accepted what it must. It is derived from the fact that we see creation as good and, as such, there is nothing that exists separated from goodness—no matter how hopeless. We are tolerant precisely because we call things evil and because we call things good. These are like the actions of a wise gardener who prunes leaves and branches, allowing the good to grow properly and the bad to fall lifelessly.
Indeed, the history and hagiographies [lives of the saints] of the Church attest to this attitude. St. Martin of Tours, though he had the mighty pine tree cut he erected an altar in its place. He removed the worship of something false with the worship of something true—he did not remove worship.
St. Catherine of S
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Have I got a deal for you :-O
What a deal!
Hello everybody! Bob here, and have I got a deal for you! What if I told you there is a religion which gives you unshakeable confidence in your own righteousness? Now you might say, “That sounds too good to be true,” but I’m here to let you know that it IS true! This religion beats all the others hands down.
Just look at how great this religion is:
- Want to hate those who are labelled by a difference of tradition? It’s okay.
- Want to toss logic happily out of the window? It’s okay.
- Want to believe you’re so special that God pointed YOU to the truth but not others? It’s okay.
- Want to threaten adults and little children with the eternal and unquenchable fires of hell? It’s okay.
-  Want to believe that Socrates and Cicero shall perish while wicked, vicious people like me inherit eternal life? It’s okay.
This religion forces others into respecting your right to think in your own terms, but YOU don’t have to res
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How do you dream with your eyes wide open?
How do you speak with your mouth shut tight?
How do you feel when your heart is broken?
And how can you sleep when you're blinded by light?
How do you think when your mind is empty?
How do you cry when your eyes are dry?
How do you run when the world walks slowly?
And how do you fly when you can't get high?
How do you smile when inside you're aching?
How do you love when you're dying to fight?
How do you stand when your shoes are breaking?
And how do you live when the world isn't right?
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Cinquains - Transgender
I stand
here before you.
Naked. Vulnerable.
Born in the wrong body. What will
you see?

is a façade.
The fact remains that past
our sex we are all equally
that's in my mind -
my true identity.
As opposed to sex – what's between
my legs.

You see,
I don't love you –
at least, not because of
what's between your legs. I love you
for you.
Alive –
significant –
real. When you recognized –
and loved me – as a transgender

Here is
my hand. For those
who differ in body,
mind, heart, spirit – here I offer
a home.
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fluctuat nec mergitur.
dear santa,
all i want for christmas is a smile on my sister’s face so big it outshines the bruises.

Last night I fell asleep to the melody of tears. Sister never seems to be able to stop her sad lullaby song. Mommy and Daddy yelled a lot more than they normally did, but only to the faceless people on the other end of the phone. I miss the way the sun used to shine, so bright it hurt my eyes to see. Now there’s only darkness and clouds, rain and lightning.
Today Sister came home with blood in her pockets and blood in her hair. Mommy cried and Daddy said it was time to get drastic. No one would rip apart his girl again. Daddy yelled at the phantoms on the phone again, but they didn’t yell back, they laughed instead. Sister smiled and said it was fine and Mommy told me that Sister was the greatest superhero of them all.
I spent the whole weekend in a sea of crayons and markers and paper and color. I drew a picture of Sister, a picture for Sister. It was very happy,
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You have the right
to tell me what I ought to think
how I should believe
what I should accept
and what I must despise.
You have the right
to tell me who I ought to be.
I have the right to ignore you.
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