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| Eye-Catching Display | Uta x Reader
Once again, it was that time of the year. Colorful assortments of lights decorated the outside of homes and businesses. Children chased each other, screaming and launching snowballs through the air. The streets were overcrowded with shoppers looking for the perfect last-minute gifts at the best prices possible. Cheerful holiday-themed music played throughout almost every store.
Shivering slightly, you pulled your scarf closer to your face and slipped your gloves back on before gathering several store bags filled with newly purchased items and stepping out onto the snow-covered sidewalk. Normally, you weren't a huge fan of celebrating the holidays. You always thought the idea of gift-giving and being festive was highly overrated.
But this year was different. This year, you would be celebrating Christmas for the very first time with the one person in your life who meant the most to you.
After making one final stop to pick up a 'gift' you had ordered several days earlier from a local caf&
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Kinky pervert (Tokyo Ghoul - Uta x Reader)
"I can't thank you enough, Uta! If it weren't for you, I'd still have to carry at least 10 boxes."
You flashed the male ghoul beside you a bright smile as you put the carton you were carrying down on the floor next to many other moving boxes.
"Don't mention it, (f/n). We're old friends, after all, aren't we?"
Even though his words kept a kind tone, Uta's expression remained completely blank to which you couldn't but crack a small smile.
Uta hadn't changed at all since you'd seen him the last time – and that was nearly 6 years ago. He was still the nice and friendly, even if sadistic, guy with the expressionless face. Back then you'd been good friends with him, Itori and Yomo and you guys had used to constantly hang out together.
It really was a coincidence that you'd run after all those years again into your tattooed friend and your small smile turned into a wide grin as various memories about 'the good old days' with your childhood friends flashed through your mind.
"So, which c
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~|| For Those I Love ||~ Kaneki Ken x Reader
- Born in blood -
Desperate whimpers and gasps filled the otherwise quiet, dark room. Remnants of various edibles littered the floor, along with several piles of regurgitation.
Attempting to choke down a burger his friend was kind enough to buy him, the boy began to cough violently before spitting the food out as if it were poison.
- I am truly terrified by the man in the mirror -
"No. No... This can't be happening... This isn't real." Despite telling himself that, all his self-reassurance vanished as he stared in the bathroom mirror.
His reflection confirmed his greatest fear : He had become something other than human.
- I can't take this pain, there's blood in the drain.
Now the urge is getting stronger and I'm going insane.
There's a monster in my head, it couldn't be any clearer. -

Sharp pains shot through the teen's abdomen. When exactly was the last time he ate something? A few days? A few weeks?
It all seemed like one big blur to him as he trudged down th
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Tokyo Ghoul- Rize by kazeplay Tokyo Ghoul- Rize :iconkazeplay:kazeplay 1,464 86
Feverish dream (Tokyo Ghoul:re - Juuzou x Reader)
A blissful smile spread over your face as you came to stop in front the CCG headquarters. Even though you had the day off, you'd made up your mind to stop by and pay one of your co-workers, Juuzou to be exact, a visit. Earlier that day, you'd baked a strawberry cheesecake and knowing that the stitched male has a sweet tooth, you'd decided on brightening up his day with some home-made baked goods. And so you'd packed the raven-haired investigator a 'desert lunch-box' and made your way to your workplace.
“Good afternoon, everybody!”
You greeted your colleges in a cheerful tone as soon as you entered the office department you and Juuzou work at and gave them a small wave with your free hand while making your way over to the ruby-eyed man's desk. You took a quick glance at the neatly wrapped box you were carrying and couldn't but break into a wide grin as you started to imagine Juuzou's reaction to your small present. Totally absorbed in your daydreams, you didn't watch where y
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Sneaky pervert (Tokyo Ghoul - Uta x Reader)
A bored yawn escaped Uta's throat as he lazily zapped through the television programme. Soap operas, crime thrillers, cartoons, documentaries – there were plenty TV-shows, yet nothing caught his interest. Turning the television off, the tattooed ghoul got  up from the couch before stretching himself and starting to walk from the living room into the kitchen.
Just as Uta was about to reach it, there started a loud banging against his apartment door.
*knock knock knock knock knock*
"Uta? It's me, (f/n). Get moving and open the door, it's frigging cold outside!"
Upon hearing your voice, the male ghoul turned around and started to stroll unhurriedly over to the door to his apartment, not bothered at all by your earlier demand. Reaching out for the knob, Uta twisted it and opened the front door, only to reveal your shivering form to which the ghoul raised his eyebrows ever so slightly in surprise.
You were soaking wet, your hair was sticking to your body and dripping. The
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Tokyo Ghoul- Rize (2) by kazeplay Tokyo Ghoul- Rize (2) :iconkazeplay:kazeplay 525 20
Dainty Leavens || Ayato x Ghoul!Reader
“Hey [First],” Kurona called, as she joined you, walking on your right in the dark hallways of the Aogiri Tree base.
“Where are you going?” Nashiro added, as she took up the left side. The two twins were your friends, and you would often be supporting them in battle, unless you were ordered to support another person. 
“I got called by…Ayato-san,” You said very quietly, your voice almost inaudible as you uttered his name. Almost everyone knew how the blue haired, hot-blooded ghoul acted. He was one that hated mistakes, and had been furious when you once forgot to return his calls. It wasn’t really your fault, you had been busy escaping the CCG. But you got punished nonetheless. 
“Oh. Good luck [First].” Kurona patted your shoulder, Nashiro doing the same. “See you later!” The white-haired girl added, as the two twins disappeared, turning around the corner, as you continued down the hallway, e
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Tokyo Ghoul- Liar (2) by kazeplay Tokyo Ghoul- Liar (2) :iconkazeplay:kazeplay 297 14 Tokyo Ghoul- Liar (1) by kazeplay Tokyo Ghoul- Liar (1) :iconkazeplay:kazeplay 195 11
Cheeky pervert (Tokyo Ghoul - Uta x Reader)
Having a good yawn, you plopped your head down on the working table at the HySy ArtMask Studio and you continued to watch Uta creating a new mask with tired eyes. Truth be told, you were sleepy. Very sleepy. But even though your body cried out for you to finally get some sleep, you just wouldn't get up, walk home and go to bed. Instead, you remained seated on a chair at the mask shop, despite being barely able to stay awake.
A few days ago, you'd finally got a copy of a movie you badly wanted to watch and after pestering Uta for half an eternity, telling him over and over again how boring it would be to watch the DVD all alone, the tattooed ghoul had rather reluctantly agreed to have a movie night with you.
However, as the day of your movie night with Uta had arrived, all your plans had been foiled as soon as you'd entered the mask studio, in attempt to come for the male ghoul. Apparently, Uta had got an very important order earlier that day and wouldn't be able to leave his shop by al
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Uta [TokyoGhoul] II by XxAbigailxX Uta [TokyoGhoul] II :iconxxabigailxx:XxAbigailxX 241 33 Tokyo Ghoul - Break Free, Kaneki by lucidsky Tokyo Ghoul - Break Free, Kaneki :iconlucidsky:lucidsky 1,227 74
Kaneki x Reader

'Where is she? I have to find her! I have to find her!' Multiple thoughts raced through Kaneki's mind, forcing his legs to run through the pain. After his fight with Amon, thinking of you was the only thing that kept him from turning into his kakuja form. The only one who kept him sane.
'Damnit! Damnit! Damnit! Why can't I run fast enough!? Why can't I pick up her scent? Where is she? Where is she!?'
Panic was shaking his entire body, making him lose his sense of direction and decision making. He knew he needed to calm down so that he could carefully track you, but he was losing patience. Kaneki needed to know if you were safe.
While running down a particular path, he could smell something familiar. His heart quivered at each inhalation, dashing further and quicker.
It was you.
It was your scent.
But something was off.
He was pleased yet something inside of him restrained his happiness. Another part of his mind was telling him he should be
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Tokyo Ghoul chapter 44 - Touka by Kortrex Tokyo Ghoul chapter 44 - Touka :iconkortrex:Kortrex 523 67 Tokyo Ghoul Ken Kaneki Wallpaper by Arehina Tokyo Ghoul Ken Kaneki Wallpaper :iconarehina:Arehina 674 20 Uta by Prince-Lelouch Uta :iconprince-lelouch:Prince-Lelouch 243 27 Tokyo Ghoul chapter 08 - Kagune by Kortrex Tokyo Ghoul chapter 08 - Kagune :iconkortrex:Kortrex 536 74 Tokyo Ghoul - Juuzou Suzuya by vaxzone Tokyo Ghoul - Juuzou Suzuya :iconvaxzone:vaxzone 382 14
Cheer up (Tokyo Ghoul:re - Juuzou Suzuya x Reader)
Walking over to your office desk, you uttered a small sigh before dumping the files you had been carrying into a box with the label "closed cases" on it. Your last investigation hadn't been necessarily a difficult one, but the report you'd had to write took you forever to finish – and everyone knows that writing reports is a real pain in the arse. Just as you were about to turn around, ready to grab your bag and go home, your gaze fell upon the framed picture at the corner of your desk. A sad smile spread out on your face as you took the photo in your hands, regarding it intently.
The picture showed a brightly grinning 14 years old version of yourself, standing beside Amon, who had himself a wide smile on his face while ruffling up your hair with one of his big hands.
You remembered the day you had taken the picture clearly...
"Mr. Amon! Mr. Amon!"
You ran excitedly up to the black-haired ghoul investigator, holding up a camera in one of your hands and waving it hastily around
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Tokyo Ghoul: Be my Valentine? by Alicere Tokyo Ghoul: Be my Valentine? :iconalicere:Alicere 600 98 Kirishima Touka :re by miura-n315 Kirishima Touka :re :iconmiura-n315:miura-n315 643 83
curfew | ayato kirishima x reader
It had been three months since your arrival in Tokyo. The lively city was a place you've really grown fond of but had become more dangerous over the past few weeks. Many people had gone missing and your usually passive-aggressive ghoul boyfriend had given you a curfew. You simply laughed at this.
"Are you seriously giving me curfew?" You raised an eyebrow at him and bit your lip determined to hide your smile. Even though it was March it was still as cold as ever. You could still see the vapor pouring out of mouth and your fingertips were numbing by the second. It always annoyed you how Ayato chose dark alleys in the middle of the night to speak with you claiming that it was "safer" and here he was telling you that he was giving you a curfew. The logic.
"Yeah, so what?" He grumbled, shifting his weight as he stuffed his hands in his pockets. The icy air had turned his cheeks and nose a rosy red and his usually cold glare was brimming with concern for your well being. It
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Kaneki Ghoul by Magancito Kaneki Ghoul :iconmagancito:Magancito 720 32 Kaneki ken by Magancito Kaneki ken :iconmagancito:Magancito 1,057 28 Haise Sasaki by Elekitelik Haise Sasaki :iconelekitelik:Elekitelik 751 85 Ching-Li Hsiao [Tokyo Ghoul] by miura-n315 Ching-Li Hsiao [Tokyo Ghoul] :iconmiura-n315:miura-n315 552 33 Tokyo Ghoul - Uta by GeshaPetrovich Tokyo Ghoul - Uta :icongeshapetrovich:GeshaPetrovich 169 3 TG_Kaneki Ken by AnimeFanNo1 TG_Kaneki Ken :iconanimefanno1:AnimeFanNo1 268 30 Kaneki by Ruri-dere Kaneki :iconruri-dere:Ruri-dere 939 40 TG:Kaneki by Misaki-Sai TG:Kaneki :iconmisaki-sai:Misaki-Sai 178 7 Touka by miura-n315 Touka :iconmiura-n315:miura-n315 488 15 Tokyo Ghoul - Uta x Itori by GeshaPetrovich Tokyo Ghoul - Uta x Itori :icongeshapetrovich:GeshaPetrovich 120 7 Tokyo Ghoul _ Uta by GeshaPetrovich Tokyo Ghoul _ Uta :icongeshapetrovich:GeshaPetrovich 145 3 Kirishima Touka Tokyo Ghoul by cursedapple Kirishima Touka Tokyo Ghoul :iconcursedapple:cursedapple 328 13 Tokyo Ghoul - Human and Ghoul by Kortrex Tokyo Ghoul - Human and Ghoul :iconkortrex:Kortrex 346 18 You are alone - Kaneki ken by Tovarish-N You are alone - Kaneki ken :icontovarish-n:Tovarish-N 196 10
aware | ayato kirishima x reader
That's how many cockroaches Ayato had counted that passed by him as he swung his legs back and forth over the arm of the dingy, leather couch. Ever since he had meet her, his brain had gone haywire and scrambled. He couldn't even make a single rational decision, well not that he made any in he first place, but even so it had gotten to the point where the Aogiri members were raising some suspicious eyebrows at him. His mood swings were almost unbearable. He would go from completely ignoring Naki's usual 'Poke Fun at Ayato' sessions to aggressively kicking over a trashcan when Tatara asked him to restock on coffee.
And as much as he hated to admit it, it was all because you. The fact that you took control over all his emotions infuriated him to no end. Why a human out of all things constantly torture his mind. It was just ridicu--
"Oh sorry, I didn't see you there--Ayato?" 
He knew that voice. He just had no idea why. All the anger he had wa
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Kaneki by kahmurio Kaneki :iconkahmurio:kahmurio 700 23 Sound - Kaneki Ken by 34Kai Sound - Kaneki Ken :icon34kai:34Kai 507 14 Touka :re by miura-n315 Touka :re :iconmiura-n315:miura-n315 433 60
Call to Arms||Military!Ayato x Military!Reader||AU
It felt like the heavens were falling, and hell was ascending. 
The once filled streets that sung with bitter happiness are empty, and rather, now sing the song of blood. Perhaps the war paintings you had once stared upon for hours were true. Of course, at this point in history, blood spilling in the streets was normal, an annual occurrence. 
The Aogiri Empire was a kingdom run by ghouls, ghouls who chose to take a stand for their place in the cruel world. They refused to hide behind the masks; the masks that so many of their kind had chosen to wear as they lived in the Holy Antithetical Kingdom, the kingdom that Aogiri was at war with. It was a death ground to those who were found and tried as ghouls, at the hands of the Doves, the merciless servants of the Kingdom. 
The calling of arms came when the war officially began, in the months before. 
Ghouls flocked to the Aogiri Empire, being welcomed back to the ranks of their kind, most joining the military. Those who
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Flying horror by fenixfatalist Flying horror :iconfenixfatalist:fenixfatalist 133 7 Smear by Caerulai Smear :iconcaerulai:Caerulai 172 16 Tokyo Ghoul kaneki by Elekitelik Tokyo Ghoul kaneki :iconelekitelik:Elekitelik 501 18 Haise Sasaki Process by Elekitelik Haise Sasaki Process :iconelekitelik:Elekitelik 270 20 Tokyo Ghoul: Rize by yashima Tokyo Ghoul: Rize :iconyashima:yashima 999 28