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Quiet Jealousy - Uta x Reader {One-shot}
You threw up your legs carelessly on the table, nudging a cold cup of coffee aside; Uta’s workspace was cluttered. You lifted a foot to poke at the endless amount of tools hung before you, halting at the lilt of a familiar voice.
"(Name)-chan, please stop. I’d rather you screw around in someone else’s shop if you’re so bored.”
“Maybe I’ll go find a human to play with,” you drawled in return, inspecting your nails as Uta began to weave through the displayed masks, headed toward you.
"Humans are not to be toyed with," Uta scolded you quietly, pushing your shoes off his table with tentative fingers. He held up and scrutinized a pin and some tool with a flattened end, pointing it lazily in your direction. His red and black eyes bled mischief.
"You're not supposed to play with your food."
You chuckled lightly as he turned and leaned against the wood desk, pulling out his sketch pad from a drawer without looking. There stretched a comfortable s
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Kinky pervert (Tokyo Ghoul - Uta x Reader)
"I can't thank you enough, Uta! If it weren't for you, I'd still have to carry at least 10 boxes."
You flashed the male ghoul beside you a bright smile as you put the carton you were carrying down on the floor next to many other moving boxes.
"Don't mention it, (f/n). We're old friends, after all, aren't we?"
Even though his words kept a kind tone, Uta's expression remained completely blank to which you couldn't but crack a small smile.
Uta hadn't changed at all since you'd seen him the last time – and that was nearly 6 years ago. He was still the nice and friendly, even if sadistic, guy with the expressionless face. Back then you'd been good friends with him, Itori and Yomo and you guys had used to constantly hang out together.
It really was a coincidence that you'd run after all those years again into your tattooed friend and your small smile turned into a wide grin as various memories about 'the good old days' with your childhood friends flashed through your mind.
"So, which c
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Tokyo Ghoul Touka Kirishima Wallpaper :iconarehina:Arehina 968 56
| Eye-Catching Display | Uta x Reader
Once again, it was that time of the year. Colorful assortments of lights decorated the outside of homes and businesses. Children chased each other, screaming and launching snowballs through the air. The streets were overcrowded with shoppers looking for the perfect last-minute gifts at the best prices possible. Cheerful holiday-themed music played throughout almost every store.
Shivering slightly, you pulled your scarf closer to your face and slipped your gloves back on before gathering several store bags filled with newly purchased items and stepping out onto the snow-covered sidewalk. Normally, you weren't a huge fan of celebrating the holidays. You always thought the idea of gift-giving and being festive was highly overrated.
But this year was different. This year, you would be celebrating Christmas for the very first time with the one person in your life who meant the most to you.
After making one final stop to pick up a 'gift' you had ordered several days earlier from a local caf&
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Differences. (Uta x Reader One-Shot)
He should be everything you despise. His appearance, his character, his very being. He was everything that screamed 'abnormal' and yet you couldn't help but feel attracted to this strange guy. You didn't mind the fact that he was a ghoul. In fact, you interacted more with ghouls than with humans. Ever since your parents died and you were taken in by Yoshimura. You never thought a ghoul could be so caring. He taught you everything you knew and now you were working at that small cafe, Anteiku, in the back of an alley. All the non-human customers knew you were not to be touched. You met him at his shop, when Yoshimura asked you to deliver a strange package there.
Your (e/c) hues lit up as they spotted a mask shop. You were intrigued by such things. Yoshimura warned you he had a habit of scaring newcomers, but you didn't take him seriously. That is, until he actually did it, a scream escaping your lips as you put your right hand on your chest, feeling your heart pound like it was about to
:iconxkiaraangelx:xKiaraAngelx 644 88
Don't Be Shy, My Doll - Uta x Reader
A very petite looking girl walked down the streets of the 4th Ward. The streetlights reflected with in her (E/C) orbs beautifully and gave them an extra shimmer. Ah, the streetlights, she loved them. They gave a sense of security with their brightness compared to the surrounding darkness. Thankfully, the HySy ArtMask Studio what by one of those said comforting streetlights. Her heels tapped against the concrete as she walk along the sidewalk and into the shop. Masks filled the room and the walls left, right and all around. However, there was not a single sight of the owner. "Excuse me..." She shyly spoke. "Is anyone here?" Her voice could be easily heard in the silence of the shop. Though, there was no answer. Stepping deeper in the shop, there was still no Uta to be found. Puffing up her cheeks, she turned around slightly frustrated. As she was turning, she saw Uta right in front of her. "Boo." He spoke with an expressionless tone and face. However, that was enough to spook her and ma
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Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Ken - Unravel :iconshumijin:Shumijin 5,393 297
Secret (Juuzou Suzuya x Ghoul!Reader)
A cold wind blows through your hair as you passed the street. The sky above you turned black two hours ago so not many people crossed your sight and you were really happy with that. Since the morning you felt very sick. Your stomach ached and you felt like you have to throw up every moment. But still you went out with no one other than Juuzou Suzuya.
Why was it him? Why do you date a human who is an investigator? You couldn’t answer those questions by yourself. Every time when your friends ask you about human you don’t know what to say.
It’s difficult.
Sometimes you dream about begin a human. All you wish is eat some cake and feel the sweet taste, have an alive family and don’t have any secrets to conceal from your beloved ones. Every day you have to hide your real self in fear to get killed.
You are sure, if you say Juuzou about your beginning, he would kill you. He was an investigator after all. Why has your life to be so hard? Why couldn’t it be normal?
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Steven Universe: Tokyo Ghoul AU Part 3 :iconprpldragonart:prpldragonart 1,175 28
stay with me. // {kaneki ken}
{ kaneki ken x fem!ghoul!reader }
warning(s): torture, violence, blood.
Please listen to this while reading: [link]
    Crack. Snap. Scream.
    His screaming was agony.  It wretched your soul and tore at your heart.
    You tried again:
    “Stop… stop it,” your voice was meek and horse, but steadily, it grew stronger.  “Stop it, please!  HAVEN’T YOU DONE ENOUGH!!?
    The tears streamed past the musty blindfold, and the room hushed with an eerie quiet.  The only thing that could be heard was the steady flow of hot blood onto cold stone.  There was a noise, like the shuffling of fabric against skin, and thundering footsteps followed.  They were coming toward you.  He was coming toward you.
    Kaneki’s t
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I kill and eat :iconkawacy:kawacy 9,016 221 Tokyo Ghoul :iconscent-melted:scent-melted 2,565 82 Juuzou Suzuya :iconramuramu:ramuramu 5,215 535
Behind The Mask [Koutarou Amon x Ghoul!Reader]
For about two months had Amon been watching her. He saw her walk into the coffee shop every morning and walk out with a coffee a few minutes later. Sometimes he would follow her to see where she was going, even if it was the same place each time. A kindergarten. Amon wouldn't call it stalking. Nono. He was simply observing. And it wasn't like he stood hidden in the bushes the whole day, it was only during the mornings. Alright, sometimes he would stay till lunch to see her play with the children and help them clean up after they stuffed their faces with dirt. But what could he say? She was beautiful and kind.
Not that Amon knew her personally. But from what he had observed -not stalked- the way she treated the children and the people around her during her mornings, he could tell she was kind hearted. He could bet that even killing a fly would crush her heart.
She looked so pure and elegant. So kind and loving. Her (h/l) (h/c) hair always looked like it was newly washed and her (e/c) ey
:iconnixdex:nixdex 562 83
(Kaneki x Ghoul!Reader) Immortals
(A/N: GUESS WHO JUST FINISHED WATCHING BH6??? God, I am so emotional about this movie hng ALTERNATIVE TITLE: Infiltration SETTING: Kaneki is back in Anteiku after Aogiri Arc, investigators are looking out for large fluctuations in ghoul activity in 20th Ward, Amon is looking for Rabbit and Eye-Patch AKA Kaneki. Kaneki dyed his hair black and decided to stay safe under the protection of Anteiku and you, with his newly found strength unpredictable.) 
They say we are what we are
"The ghouls must be exterminated, and our top priority is the mass amount of dangerous ghouls gathering in the 20th Ward. Something big is going to happen, and we need to send out more personnel ASAP!" The head boss of the CCG yelled, receiving various grunts and yells of agreements from the assortment of investigators. 
But we don't have to be
You sat boredly between Amon and Juuzou, your legs kicked up beside Juuzou's on the desk, picking at the dirt beneath your nails. You sighed at the
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Tokyo Ghoul - Anime Wallpaper 1 :iconng9:ng9 225 14 Rize :iconkuvshinov-ilya:Kuvshinov-Ilya 7,245 143 Steven Universe/Tokyo ghoul au part 4 :iconprpldragonart:prpldragonart 1,083 33
Ayato Kirishima x Reader |Sweet as Vinegar|
A moment too soon was always too late for you. You'd arrive just a bit below the designated mark, and that was good enough for you. So you'd simply stand here for the time being, awaiting the company of another. It was an odd request that you received - if you could recall the note exactly, it specified - 'Come to the roof tonight.'
The roof, although played out to be a nice place where bentos could be shared romantically, wasn't that great. Whoever chose this spot for you both to meet up was earning your slight irritation at the moment. A nice skirt that you bought recently was now covered in filth, but it may have been your own fault for sitting down.
Not a peep came from anywhere. Simply just the wind's rustling, accompanied with your sighing. There were plenty of things to do, so why was it you were standing here? People were tricksters after all, they had no boundaries. Toying with emotions by placing a note wasn't an uncommon thing, but you couldn't find a reason for som
:iconattackonfanfiction:Attackonfanfiction 423 110
Tokyo Ghoul Uta Wallpaper :iconarehina:Arehina 722 23
Koishiteru [Tsukiyama Shuu x Human!Reader]
Wipe that smile off of your face, it's annoying. Don't smile when I do this.
I'm getting pissed off, and loosing my cool. A human isn't supposed to affect me like this. Your smiles isn't supposed to warm my heart. Your smiles isn't supposed to make me feel disgusted for doing this. Your smile isn't supposed to give me the feeling that I should cry.
Your voice, it echoes in my head, even if you're not speaking. I always hear it, and it pisses me off. You're only human! You're food, nothing more! Your voice is so beautiful, yet it annoys me to now end. Why? Because I love your voice, that's why.
How can such a petite human girl make a gourmet ghoul like me feel love? Not even Kaneki, the half-ghoul with the one of a kind sent, can make my heart beat so fast, so out of rhythm. It make me angry, it makes me go mad since I can't understand the situation.
How did it even start?
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Tokyo Ghoul Ken Kaneki Wallpaper :iconarehina:Arehina 655 20 ghoul :icondayrili:Dayrili 2,947 103 Tokyo Ghoul Fan art :iconasuka111:asuka111 7,448 221 Tokyo Ghoul Ken Kaneki's Eyepatch Leather Mask :iconepic-leather:Epic-Leather 345 52 Touka :iconkuvshinov-ilya:Kuvshinov-Ilya 7,227 147
Stitches || Suzuya Juuzou x Reader
The sound of keys madly being hit were resounding through the room as a loud yawn followed.
Suzuya, who had his arms tightly wrapped around your waist from behind as you sat on his lap, watched how your fingers typed furiously and let out another large, bored sound out of his throat before snuggling closer to the crook of your neck with his face; the cold tip of his nose touching your warm skin.
“[Name], I'm bored.” His voice slightly drifted to a monotone tone but you could clearly hear the whine and pout forming his slim lips.
“I'm trying to work, Juuzou”, you exclaimed with a big sigh escaping your lips as your eyes still remained glued on the computer screen in front of you.
“[Name]”, the white haired male whined loudly as he dragged out the last letters of your name and squeezed your body in his arms. “Pay attention to me.”
You closed your eyes and let out a tiny groan as you titled your head back. The fingers of yours slowed down th
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Mask :iconkuvshinov-ilya:Kuvshinov-Ilya 4,763 59 Kaneki Ken - Tokyo Ghoul :iconlaovaan:Laovaan 4,535 140 Kirishima Touka - Tokyo Ghoul :iconjxbp:JxbP 2,631 120 Kaneki Tokyo Ghoul :iconebifuu:ebifuu 1,612 54
Morning - Uta x Reader {One-shot}
He always woke before you would. 
Sometimes you wondered if Uta even slept the way his eyes regarded you with alertness shrouded behind a mien of coolness, a look you always saw past. His dark eyes would be the first thing you saw because of how much he 'enjoys seeing you so innocent.' 
But today, as you slowly surfaced into the realm of the living, your bleary gaze focused on a peacefully dozing Uta. 
You stared at him in shock; how many mornings had you spent with him, only to wake to his probing hands or gentle kisses? Aside from being surprised, you immediately set to burn the image of his mouth being slightly parted, his eyebrows perked up, small nasally inhales filling the silence exuding peace. 
Uta made a noise to puncture your moments of observance, his lips forming around incomprehensible sleep jargon. You barely suppressed a laugh when he kicked his legs out, jutting you in the shins. 
To avoid further conflict between flying limbs, you tangled your
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Kaneki step by step :iconkawacy:kawacy 3,580 94
Only Human || Kaneki x Fem!Reader [CE]
Spoiler ahead! If you don't mind spoilers or are up to date with the manga, go ahead.
Life filled with vanity
Colors have faded
Things you desire exist here
Flee from this colorless world
His dark eyes were fixed on the ceiling fan as he laid there with his arms crossed behind his head, his white bangs loosely framing his pale face.
Kaneki Ken was currently resting in a cheap motel with his companions and tried his best to get a wink of sleep while old memories started to haunt his mind.
Some good, some rather bad.
Everytime when he wasn't busy he would remember the day that he had met you. His sweet human girlfriend.
Back then when you had met he was still human and too foolish to understand how you were feeling towards him, went out with Rize instead and so his life had flipped dramatically.
How many times did he questioned himself: What if?
What if he had gone out with you instead?
He would be still able to enjoy a normal life, with his best friend Hideyoshi and an adorabl
:iconfeeniecchi:Feeniecchi 642 102
Painfully Sweet | Ayato X Reader | Tokyo Ghoul
Warning: Contains Some Inappropriate / Foul Language.
"One Cappuccino, please." You requested with a smile. The waitress quickly scribbled down your order before walking over to the next table.
Today, you were in an incredibly cheerful mood.
Not because it was a beautifully warm and sunny day. And not even because you passed your college entrance exams with flying colors.
Today, you were finally able to spend some time with your signicant other.
While a trip to the local coffee shop wasn't exactly your idea of a romantic date, you certainly weren't about to complain.
In recent weeks, having alone time with Ayato was a somewhat difficult task.
So you planned on making the most of the time you were together, no matter what.
After receiving your hot beverages, Ayato noticed your bubbly demeanor.
"Why the Hell are you so happy?" He asked, eyeing you suspiciously.
"We haven't been spending much time together recently, so I was happy when you invited me out for coffee." You replied b
:iconoppafaustusstyle:OppaFaustusStyle 424 42
Tokyo Ghoul :iconevil-usagi:Evil-usagi 2,049 62
Daddy!Uta x Child!Reader | little ghoul
You watched him working, curiousity shining in your eyes.
There was something so fascinating about the way your father worked. He would hunch over in his stool, stooping over his desk that was littered with carving tools and squares of leather and sketch sheets. There was a cup on the table, painted with "#1 Dad" and decorated with (f/c) (favourite animals). It was last years Father's Day gift, which you'd given him so he could hold his pencils in. But he had so many that they spilled out of their holder and across the table top.
"Why are you so pretty?"
Uta blinked owlishly at you, face impassive.
But his black sclera and red irises shimmered with something soft and loving.
"It's because you're so pretty. Only a worthy father could create something as wonderful as you," he hummed, voice gentle and calm like it always was. No matter how bold you were, annoying his customers or rooting through his things and finding that clown mask he kept hidden (which he made you swear
:iconsabakunoeyebrows:SabakuNoEyebrows 413 46
Suzuya x Fem!Reader - Awkward
“Ahh~ Thats the spot!” Amon heard a female voice as he passed by a door. Stopping in place, he turned his head towards the door and stepped closer to it to see if what he had heard a second ago was true.
“_______!” Now a male voice was heard. Amon looked at the grey door thinking that he had just heard Suzuya’s voice.
Taking another step closer to the door, he placed his ear to it to hear the voices better. “Suzuya~ I want more~” The female voice sounded playful to Amon’s ears.
“More so soon? You already had enough!” Suzuya said as then Amon could hear the female laugh through the door and then shuffling could be heard.
“Mhmm! Its so good! I want more~” He heard her laugh. Amon took a few steps back placing his hand on the door handle ready to see what he had been listening to. The knob turned soon opening the door, Amon moved his eyesight from his hand to see Suzuya holding you in his lap.
“What is going on?
:iconvillaintypegirl:VillainTypeGirl 424 28
Kaneki Centipede :iconmagancito:Magancito 2,055 56 Bite :iconkuvshinov-ilya:Kuvshinov-Ilya 3,673 115 Kaneki :iconullbors:Ullbors 466 37 Tokyo Ghoul :iconpetitster:petitster 2,122 61 ghoul in the tunnel :iconnanfe:NanFe 2,418 52 Tokyo Ghoul :iconbyakurin:Byakurin 1,402 28 Tokyo Ghoul Face And Eye Texture 12+ :iconutauruecross:UtauRueCross 762 331 Tokyo Ghoul Wallpaper Touka Kirishima :iconarehina:Arehina 520 21 Kaneki :iconrosuuri:Rosuuri 2,808 97