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Donnie NOO! by GZ-studio Donnie NOO! :icongz-studio:GZ-studio 360 48 TMNT - The Common Thread by xSkyeCrystalx TMNT - The Common Thread :iconxskyecrystalx:xSkyeCrystalx 526 104 dont again by yinller dont again :iconyinller:yinller 741 124 Turtle Tots by CutieClovers Turtle Tots :iconcutieclovers:CutieClovers 373 110 We have Eachother by SpringSunshower We have Eachother :iconspringsunshower:SpringSunshower 457 109 Archer by Suzukiwee1357 Archer :iconsuzukiwee1357:Suzukiwee1357 305 45 .: Adorkable :. by xSkyeCrystalx .: Adorkable :. :iconxskyecrystalx:xSkyeCrystalx 732 67
Mating Season Donnie ending
It’s been seven days so far, about one more week to go. You and April shared a bedroom for extra protection and if you guys had to be out at night, you would call a taxi.
Tonight was a report card pickup, so you guys called a taxi to take you to and from the school. You guys didn’t worry since the school would be lit with tons of people so there would be no way the boys could get inside without being spotted.
You both walked inside and up to a table where the cards were being handed out. “April O’Neil.” April said. The teacher flipped through the stack of cards until she pulled one out and handed it to April. “(Y/N)” You said. She flipped through the cards until she got to the last one, and then she flipped through them again. “I don’t seem to have it.” She explained. “Oh, do you know where it could be?” You asked. “It must be in my room on my desk. I thought I grabbed them all, I’m sorry.
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SPAAAAAACE by Suzukiwee1357 SPAAAAAACE :iconsuzukiwee1357:Suzukiwee1357 368 88 Snow by Mizu-Inu Snow :iconmizu-inu:Mizu-Inu 281 19 Donnie Under Water by SpringSunshower Donnie Under Water :iconspringsunshower:SpringSunshower 305 102 Meet Bunny Turtles! by yuulzuo Meet Bunny Turtles! :iconyuulzuo:yuulzuo 279 83 Donnie+April: Sleep Tight by 0Indiantiger0 Donnie+April: Sleep Tight :icon0indiantiger0:0Indiantiger0 278 19 your face is very cute by yinller your face is very cute :iconyinller:yinller 464 69 Hooman Turdles#3 by Suzukiwee1357 Hooman Turdles#3 :iconsuzukiwee1357:Suzukiwee1357 340 68
Earthworm Zim Chp. 2
Zim regarded the two human females every now and then as they showed him around the studio. Having already introduced him and Gir to Sideshow Mel earlier, Zim took mental notes of every human he came in contact with.
First on the list was the Rocky girl. Zim noted that she had a calm expression on her face and a voice that sounded neither demanding or shrill. She seemed like a normal female human...something Zim had never thought he would ever meet, considering the human females he had met back at the Skool.
But her blonde friend...she seemed a little too perky...and tended to giggle continuously. Zim made a note that the Veronica girl was 'too happy and half-way insane'.
As much as he tried to consider it dull, Zim found himself actually listening as the girls spoke, explaining one thing from another and adding many 'fun' facts. He raised an eye ridge when Rocky mentioned they were going to have dinner with a few friends tonight in some place called New York...
"I know we just met," R
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HB to my Couple~ by libramu HB to my Couple~ :iconlibramu:libramu 286 19 TMNT Concept art by CapMoreno TMNT Concept art :iconcapmoreno:CapMoreno 115 32 TMNT CHIBIS by CutieClovers TMNT CHIBIS :iconcutieclovers:CutieClovers 313 85 Love Potion #9 by CutieClovers Love Potion #9 :iconcutieclovers:CutieClovers 222 123 What is it? by CutieClovers What is it? :iconcutieclovers:CutieClovers 325 94 TMNT - Hugging by xSkyeCrystalx TMNT - Hugging :iconxskyecrystalx:xSkyeCrystalx 343 165 Vision Quest - Grim Tales by JohnYume Vision Quest - Grim Tales :iconjohnyume:JohnYume 177 15 TMNT Donnie by CutieClovers TMNT Donnie :iconcutieclovers:CutieClovers 250 130 TMNT: 2k3 meets 2012: Donnie by xero87 TMNT: 2k3 meets 2012: Donnie :iconxero87:xero87 246 105 Tear in my heart - APRITELLO by yuulzuo Tear in my heart - APRITELLO :iconyuulzuo:yuulzuo 167 30 Purple Spring Turtle by CutieClovers Purple Spring Turtle :iconcutieclovers:CutieClovers 219 79 Shybaby (sketch) by AnoSheakai Shybaby (sketch) :iconanosheakai:AnoSheakai 208 18 IT TURDLES by Suzukiwee1357 IT TURDLES :iconsuzukiwee1357:Suzukiwee1357 257 36 Daddy's Little Girl by AnoSheakai Daddy's Little Girl :iconanosheakai:AnoSheakai 191 36 Turtle Brothers~ by yuulzuo Turtle Brothers~ :iconyuulzuo:yuulzuo 160 14
Mother reader! x turtle tots! part 2
(Again just a bit of swearing)
Finishing your drink you reached over and put it on the table to clean it for later, wrapping your arms around your purple turtle you stood up and gently put him against your shoulder.
Taking Donatello up to his room you tucked him in smiled down at him for awhile then walked out down to the other three.
Raphael sat on the couch leaning against the arm trying not to fall back to sleep but just had the trouble's, spotting you he sat up best he could checked on his sleeping brothers and reached for you as you got closer.
A tired smile graced your lips as you picked him up his arms instantly locked around your neck and he held on his chin on your shoulder his head against yours.
"Come on Raph, time to put you to bed" You started for the stairs he only....well he tried to protest but the night was late and his eyes closed.
"Mm n-no" He yawned rolled his head to face a different way.
Before you even made it up the stairs the red clade turtle once again fell as
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Congrats on your new job, Leo! by CheshireCharm Congrats on your new job, Leo! :iconcheshirecharm:CheshireCharm 185 70 TMNT 2012: Donatello by athena-i TMNT 2012: Donatello :iconathena-i:athena-i 218 35 The Nutcracker - TMNT by CutieClovers The Nutcracker - TMNT :iconcutieclovers:CutieClovers 206 142 Father for all seasons by Oniwanbashu Father for all seasons :icononiwanbashu:Oniwanbashu 148 37 TMNT Monsters by Dorynoid TMNT Monsters :icondorynoid:Dorynoid 46 11 Again! (|8|c) by SecretOfTheRings Again! (|8|c) :iconsecretoftherings:SecretOfTheRings 122 31 Stargazing by Suzukiwee1357 Stargazing :iconsuzukiwee1357:Suzukiwee1357 192 35 Really Happened? by yuulzuo Really Happened? :iconyuulzuo:yuulzuo 181 21 Donnie Bunny by MutantCatRose Donnie Bunny :iconmutantcatrose:MutantCatRose 202 17 Donnie by CutieClovers Donnie :iconcutieclovers:CutieClovers 172 61 TMNT Donnie by Arllo TMNT Donnie :iconarllo:Arllo 156 21 Follow Me by CutieClovers Follow Me :iconcutieclovers:CutieClovers 177 109 Donnie Tot by CutieClovers Donnie Tot :iconcutieclovers:CutieClovers 172 32 TMNT by R-Blackout TMNT :iconr-blackout:R-Blackout 128 27 Gone by Suzukiwee1357 Gone :iconsuzukiwee1357:Suzukiwee1357 158 47 Chillin in the Lair TMNT 2012 by MissKeith Chillin in the Lair TMNT 2012 :iconmisskeith:MissKeith 207 28