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Last sketch - Jack!America X Rose!Reader
~Last sketch~
*Jack!America X Rose!Reader*
"I did it!We did it!" the sandy blonde headed male happily proclaimed,throwing his cards onto the table as well as his fists.
"Yes,we did!" the quiet voice of his partener came,as he was squished into the embrace.
Receiving the two tickets which he bet for everything he had into his hands and the ten dollars,he proceded in going outside only to be met by the sight of the large ship harboring into the port.
"(Name)!Please honey,hurry up!" the elder female's voice came as a delicate arm reached outside,gently taken by a male's who helped her out of the chalett.
A creamy coloured material came into view,the dandy broding from down the waist in small waves,a big,feminine hat covering the female's porcelain face as she watched in ore the gigantic ship which she was to step on to get to New York.
Breathing deeply,the (e/c) eyed female accepted the supporting arm,getting onto the board of Titanic.
Hearing the words 'First class,please',
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Spider (BalthazarXReader)
The bunker was quiet. Sam was reading up on ancient curses and Dean was eating pie in his room listening to AC/DC. You were lounging on the couch lazily reading a book -50 shades of Grey- while thinking about a certain French angel. The silence was ruined by that certain angel calling you on your phone.
"Yello?" You answered still reading.
"Get to my apartment ASAP!" Balthazar demanded in his kitchen.
"I am not participating in a menage a trois so stop asking" You rolled your eyes.
"Not for that. I need your assistance so get over here now! It's an emergency!" Balthazar replied glancing towards his living room. 
"It'll take a few hours to get there" You pointed out thinking about driving.
"Just.....Hurry. And bring a flamethrower and several guns" Balthazar ordered slowly walking into his living room only to let out a high pitched shriek.
"Balthazar? Whats wrong?" You asked sitting up.
"HELL IS IN MY LIVING ROOM!" Balthazar yelled diving back into the kitchen. You hung up and left
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