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:hypnosis: by MenInASuitcase :hypnosis: :iconmeninasuitcase:MenInASuitcase 553 221
You had been treading water
long before our eyes met;
I watched you swallow oceans,
cough them up between patches
of thick black smoke...
A landlocked hurricane
coming up for air
between crashing waves
and turning locks;
always choking back the tides
that would drown her
because no one wanted to walk
her rocky shores.
Not for long, anyway.
I've wanted to tell you,
That the bags under your eyes
and the lines on your face
have always looked like something
I could call home;
That you've got a smile
like a car crash in slow motion--
catastrophic, awe-inspiring,
breathtaking and tragically beautiful...
but something about all that saltwater
makes my mouth run dry
every time those big blue eyes
reach out and swallow mine whole.
Maybe you're destined
to sink to your grave;
just a bit too much
for the steady soil
beneath your feet.
Maybe you're just too much...
but I would drown, myself,
before I'd let you be convinced
that you are not enough
:icona-la-douce-memoire:a-la-douce-memoire 82 44
Ef- this creepypasta meme XD by LimstellaLebrun Ef- this creepypasta meme XD :iconlimstellalebrun:LimstellaLebrun 595 508 Still Lost in my Dreams by Kaltenbrunner Still Lost in my Dreams :iconkaltenbrunner:Kaltenbrunner 363 32
abstract art.
in this mind
and in this dream,
i'm a fucking picasso
with words at my
right hand
and a beating,
breaking heart
for a canvas.
but in this world
and in this mirror,
i'm still the same
with tired eyes
and tripping tongue.
so i beg you,
i dare you,
make these words
more than just
drops of rain
that fall
and fall
and fall
down my face -
                            make them an ocean.
                            make them an ocean.
:icontheresambraun:theresambraun 23 10
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You feel your hands give in
Not able to help you reach what you love
You feel your legs wave
Making you incapable to run and get what you always wanted
You feel your tongue dry
Unable to say all the things you want to express
You feel your stomach twist
Remembering how stupid you’re for trying to look like everyone desired stereotype
You feel your ears go deaf
Hearing all the bullshit everyone throws at you
You feel your eyes go blind
Watching how the world goes to his own destruction
You feel your nose disgusted
Smelling how rotted the people around is
You feel your body bleeding
After all the wars that has been through
You feel your skin paler
Within all the darkness, there’s no warm sunlight in sight
You feel your heart ache
Pulling you away of everything and everyone, fearing the possibility of being hurt again
You feel your mind go blank
Too much madness to be able to keep up
You feel your lungs drown
Feeling how slowly your life is fading
You feel your dreams vanishin
:iconsilka-mlft:Silka-MLFT 6 0
Bloody Bandages by Akyura44 Bloody Bandages :iconakyura44:Akyura44 44 17 Spin me round again by Nagumei Spin me round again :iconnagumei:Nagumei 15 0 Overly Sensitive by dacoolcat Overly Sensitive :icondacoolcat:dacoolcat 83 13 Infinite boredom by Nikki-vdp Infinite boredom :iconnikki-vdp:Nikki-vdp 45 14
Ode to Contact
Your peppery
my celery
look fine
enough to
and if I
imagine you
hunched over ranch
(with strands of it
dangling off your incisors)
I’ll choke
on my coke
my story
while you
tired eyes
sigh (
so slowly
) touch my nose
and in the words
“you’re drunk”
perfect my
:iconghrey:Ghrey 6 10
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