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PE: Profile Presentation: Tips and Tricks
Profile Presentation: Tips and Tricks
Your profile page can say quite a bit about what kind of person you are, and having a well-designed profile page will help ensure that your visitors leave with a good impression of you and your work. And if you do a remarkably fabulous job at designing your profile, people will not only be impressed, but they will also keep coming back to take another look. In this article, I will go over some useful tips and tricks for making your profile look professional but also personalized! :heart:
This article is mostly directed towards Premium Members, but non-Premium members can still use some of these concepts to personalize their page.
:note: In addition, for those who are new to profile decoration, I highly suggest reading my Decorating Your Profile tutorial first, as it goes over important basics of profile decoration. 

Basic Design Concepts

Before we get started,
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Hand Tutorial -Tips+Reference- :iconqinni:Qinni 40,995 1,617 Drawing Anime Hair :iconmoni158:moni158 14,527 173
Unique Character Design Tips
In my opinion, these are the most important factors in any character design: color, concept, shape, simplicity, cohesiveness, repeatability, personality and uniqueness.
Color: Any design with colors all over the place creates too many places for the eye to look. Keep your color design very simple and zen. Looking at the colors shouldn't be jarring or confusing. This isn't to say only use one color, not at all, but try to make sure the ones you use are harmonious. Avoid mixing and matching different saturations of the same color or picking colors that clash with one another.
My rule of thumb: Stick to no more than three base colors and some value variations.
Concept: Your design should have inspiration, even if the inspiration is just your intended character's personality or an interesting object that represents them. Your character could be a bookworm, and that would impact her posture, her clothing, her hairstyle...pretty much everything about her! You can design
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Help! I have a Mary Sue!
You know that you have a Mary Sue when she upsets the monochromatic color scheme of my Writer's Guides.
Mouse over blue text to see a note.
Internet communities often lash out at writers who create Mary Sues. Declaring the writing to be below their standards, they proceed to punish the creators. They mock the characters, verbally abuse the writers, and write hyperbolically about how much they wish the characters would die.
Bullying writers (who may be very young) is only going to make them afraid to write—and therefore improve—or share their work. Not only that, but it discourages other writers from speaking for fear of public mockery, and it may silence the voices that could someday become great.
If you've directly or indirectly suffered from the abuse of such individuals, let me first apologize on their behalf. I don't care if your story stinks so much that it can be smelled from fifty miles away; mocking you
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CustomBox+Journal Tips n Tricks-Updated 25-Sep-14
More updates comings soon!!
You may put all your queries here in this blog comments.
Tips & tricks
1. How to align your elements in custombox or journal?
Use the following code:
Content here
You can change the alignment to left, right, center & justify by simply replacing the words as shown below
Content here
2. How do you change the font-size in a custombox?
Use the following code:
Your text here
Your text here
Your text here
Your text here
Your text here
Your text here
Your text here
The result:
Font size = 1
Font size = 2
Font size = 3
Font size = 4
Font size = 5
Font size = 6
Font size = 7
3. How to change your font in a Custombox/Journal?
Use the following tag to change your font in your custombox.
Your text here
Your text here
Your text here
Safe fonts to use
Serif Fonts
Georgia      -----     The quick brown fox
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Keane Style Tips Tutorial :iconknufad-zzaj:knuFaD-zzaJ 1,214 31 Fun Tip Friday #11 :iconsmallcreationsbymel:SmallCreationsByMel 770 67 Face lighting. :iconmoni158:moni158 17,549 323
Tips for creating Pokemon OC's
When reading this, please realize that this is for fully human OC’s in modern times only.
No more than six Pokemon on a battle team. Why can’t people realize this? Seriously, have you ever seen anyone battle with more than six Pokemon? No? Then why are their OC’s battling with 15 freakin Pokemon a piece? It’s perfectly fine for a gym leader or professor to have a bunch of Pokemon that live with them, or for a trainer to have a ton of stored Pokemon as long as they aren’t constantly using more than six.
Starters as starters never go out of style. There are way too many fics where the OC has Pikachu or Eevee as a starter for no reason. Try to use starters as starter Pokemon (don’t give the trainer a bunch of starters or starters from foreign regions). When a new Pokemon is released before its generation (this happened with Munchlax), and is not a starter Pokemon, don’t use it as a starter until the rest are released.
Your starter
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