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8: Tinsel: JohnLock
Sherlock woke up and looked around. John was NOT lying next to him.
That made him a bit sad, because Sherlock loved to wake his beloved doctor with a kiss...
Whatever. He decided to stand up, stretched his body a bit and went to the bathroom.
The first thing he noticed was the golden tinsel in his hair. With a confused look in his eyes, Sherlock started to pull it out of his hair.
There was a lot of tinsel in his curls.
Ten minutes later, he confronted John, the tinsel in his hand.
"Why was that in my hair?" Sherlock asked.
"Oh, Mycroft put that there. You didn´t sleep for over 3 days and when your brother visited us, you - literally - "fell" asleep. You should be thankful that I was able to catch you before you kissed the floor."
"...." Sherlock gave John a kiss. After that, his phone was buzzing.
A message from Mycroft.
- Good morning Sherlock, I hope you did sleep well. Lestrade and Molly really like the picture.
Greetings, Mycroft. -
At the end of the text there was a picture
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*Fanfic Off the island.*
"You mean, like, now?" Courtney asked in awe at his question.
"Of course I mean now. Can you?" Duncan replied in a slightly irritated tone.
"Uh, yeah. But why?" She asked, dumbfounded at his sudden urge to have her over at his house.
"Because I need your help."
"With what?"
"If you come over, you'll find out. Duh."
"Ugh, fine." She agreed, giving up. She had gotten off of school only forty five minutes ago, and now he wanted to see her. Again. She slid off her bed where she was scribbling answers into her math textbook and set the phone into it's stand. 'Why do they assign homework over Christmas holidays anyway?' She thought irritatingly as she glanced at her unfinished homework. 'It'll have to wait.' She decided, snatching her white winter jacket off the floor where she had discarded it earlier. Trotting down the staircase, she heard her Mother and Sister arguing in the kitchen.
"Oh, c'mon Mom! Who do you think I am?!" She heard her sister, Ashley, yel
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