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Back in time (Steve x Reader) Chapter 1
Back in time - Chapter 1
Something was wrong. Something was terribly wrong. You felt blood dripping from a cut in your lip and your whole body felt sore. What had just happened?
You pushed yourself from the floor looking around you. Your room in Stark Tower was completely destroyed, a cloud of ashes rained down on you. You had only been here a week – since Fury had asked you to join the Avengers in the hunt for the remaining HYDRA agents – and now everything was gone.
You tried to stand up, but your legs were stuck under a part of the ceiling that had come down. You looked up, seeing a large hole, leading up to the blue sky – it was already morning. Through the smoke it was hard to see anything, but you were almost certain you could see helicopters flying away.
You coughed up blood, trying to wriggle yourself from underneath the heavy concrete.
‘Damn it!’ you cried out, still not able to move.
You wondered what had happened to the other parts of th
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Back in time (Steve x Reader) Final chapter
No you told yourself. No… It had to be here somewhere. You still had it when you went on board of Howard’s plane. Or did you? You felt the panic grow inside your body and you didn’t know what to do. You could only hope you hadn’t lost it during the attack on the HYDRA base. You would never find it again if you had.
You started walking, wiping the tears from your face. You had to stay calm. Even if you had had the key, you still wouldn’t have known if it would have worked. You didn’t know much about time travel, but what you did know however, was that anything was possible. Maybe you should ask Howard if he could cryo-freeze you. Like doctor Zola would do with Bucky…
You quickly shook that thought from your mind. It was too dangerous. What if you lost your memory, like Bucky? Then you still wouldn’t return to Steve. Not really anyway. You quickened your pace and made your way towards Howard’s lab. There must be somethin
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Bridge Over Troubled Water :iconwerol:werol 4,600 545 Androids Saga - Part 3 :iconastoralexander:astoralexander 638 27 Steampunk Clock Spiral :icondiarment:Diarment 400 60 Kisa: the Time Machine :iconreizie:Reizie 368 86 The Dreameater :iconerictcrow:EricTcrow 308 72 The Paper Angels Have the Phone Box :iconhatpire:Hatpire 2,023 246 LoK: KORRA CANCELLED (sort of) :iconneodusk:Neodusk 898 123 Steampunk Clock XXII :icondiarment:Diarment 610 88 Steampunk TARDIS :iconwonderwig:Wonderwig 600 56 Time Machine :iconstreincorp:streincorp 1,135 97 Safe Inside Myself II :iconanacorreal:Anacorreal 583 89 Steampunk Spiral Time clock :icondiarment:Diarment 472 53 Time Capsule London :iconpajunen:Pajunen 933 161 The Time Machine :iconhameed:Hameed 287 77 Time machine :iconsparco2:sparco2 485 67 Steampunk Spiral Time :icondiarment:Diarment 239 18 Back to the Future :iconodysseyart:odysseyart 1,478 305 All Of Time and Space :iconmollieblue:MollieBlue 416 40 Steampunk watch - timemachine :iconsteamworker:steamworker 419 19 Time Machine small :iconmax4ever:max4ever 1,013 49
Back in time (Steve x Reader) Chapter 2
Back in time - Chapter 2
‘No!’ you screamed, your throat sore from crying. ‘No…’
You slammed your hands against the cell again, but you didn’t know why anymore. It was no use. They were gone. The machine hadn’t worked and you were trapped. They were all dead and you were soon going to be.
You hit the glass of the door one last time, in an attempt to forget about the pain that was glowing inside of your chest. You hadn’t known the Avengers a long time, but they had felt like long lost friends. It had felt like home.
Just as your hand hit the glass, the cell disappeared and you plunged forward, falling onto a cold, hard floor. For a few seconds you just stared at your hands on that floor, feeling the coldness spread through your fingers. When you looked up, you realized you were in some kind of file room. Cabinets were standing in rows behind each other and on a table a map of the world was laid out.
You slowly pushed yourself from t
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Back in time (Steve x Reader) Chapter 5
Back in time - Chapter 5
You were standing on top of the edge of a large groove in one of the mountains surrounding a pass. Train tracks could clearly be seen down below, but it was a long, long way down. You closed your coat further around you and rubbed your freezing hands together in an attempt to warm them.
‘Careful, agent [Last Name],’ someone spoke to you from behind. ‘You might fall over.’
You turned around, seeing Bucky standing behind you. You smiled awkwardly, thinking about the fall he would be making very, very soon. If there was only something you could do about that. Knowing that you couldn’t without changing everything was a bitter pill to take.
‘Wouldn’t that be convenient to them,’ you replied, nodding at the Howling Commandos who were working hard to get everything in order before the train with doctor Arnim Zola on board would arrive.
Bucky looked behind him and sighed, shaking his head. ‘Just because they
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Back in time (Steve x Reader) Chapter 3
Back in time - Chapter 3
Bucky and Steve led you outside the warehouse, making sure no other HYDRA agents followed them. You pressed your hand against the wound in your shoulder tightly, but you could still feel your warm blood seep through your fingers. With your other hand you wiped the sweat from your brow, while you tried to keep up with them.
Heavily panting, you could see the distance between you and the two of them becoming bigger. Now that you had proven yourself to at least not be HYDRA, they apparently didn’t feel the need to pay close attention to you anymore. You didn’t really mind, except for the fact that Bucky still had the files. After everything that had happened today you had a hard time following their pace.
You startled, when gunshots echoed in your ears. You tripped over your own feet and fell to the floor. You took out one of the guns you had gotten from Steve and turned around to shoot at the approaching HYDRA agents. You were able to shoot d
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