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Itachi x reader Till death do us part
Round and round and round it goes....
Where it stops nobody really knows...
Your heart keeps yanking you in circles
Between death-do-us-part, but then you part ways.
How is that even possible. You love him right? So why does it feel so wrong now that he's a criminal. A monster who murdered his entire family in cold blood, yet you still feel a dull ache in your heart when you lay in bed at night dreaming about him. You wake up and look out the window, tears streaming down your face and you whisper it one last time: the name of the man who broke his promise to stay by your side forever....
You decided to take a walk that morning to clear you mind of the dream you had. Itachi lay injured before you, and you had a choice to make. Do you save the man you love or do you let a criminal die? If it was two separate people you could choose both, but it wasn't. They were one and the same.  You weren't paying attention and soon found yourself lost in the outskirts of Ko
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Till death do us part opt A
Your eyes filled with tears at this pathetic sight. A grown man, who was also a criminal, bawling his eyes out in front of you. On top of that he just lied to your face. You muster all the courage you can and crawl toward him.
"You're a bad liar! If you don't care about me, then why are you sitting here like this, apologizing to be like a scolded child?" You ask. It was hard to sit there and watch him. He looked at you. His onyx eyes which once sparkled with such happiness were now dull and lifeless. Everything you loved about him had changed dramatically. Itachi tried his best to calm down, but he just cried more as he looked into your (e/c) eyes. You take him into your arms and stroke his long black hair.
"(Name), I don't want to hurt you any more, but for you to be happy I have to, you have to forget about me!" He mumbled into your shoulder.
 You've had enough this. Itachi was starting to tick you off. You pushed him back and slapped him hard across the face.
"Will you just shut the
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Death Games :iconkurayami-uthmar:Kurayami-Uthmar 128 12 ...Till Death Do Us Part :icondanielzrno:DanielZrno 104 40 LP: Love ya to death :iconcamifortuna:CamiFortuna 209 10
Till Death Do Us Part
Till Death Do Us Part
Till death do us part
As he says I do
Till death do us part
As says he loves you
He'll be there when your heart stops beating
He'll be there when you're bleeding
He'll be holding you when your heart begins to die
He'll be there for you—during your final goodbye
Till death do us part
He promises you
Till death do us part
His promise will soon follow through
He'll be there when your heart stops beating
He'll be there when you're bleeding
He'll be holding you when your heart begins to die
He'll be there for you—during your final goodbye
Till death do us part
He whispers
Till death do us part
As he breaks your fragile heart
He'll be there when your heart stops beating
He'll be there when you're bleeding
He'll be holding you when your heart begins to die
He'll be there for you—during your final goodbye
You were naive of the mistake you were about to make
This is a horrid nightmare from which you will never wake
I'll be there when your heart stops beating
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Love is a Diesies
I am a mad-man, nothing more,
Who is too foolish to turn away.
Who dares to knock on the forbidden door,
Who doesn't understand why he decays.
A mad-man who does not understand
The grief the diesies brings.
Who grabs his untrusting loved ones hand,
Who answers when the Grimm Reaper rings.
No medications can cure the illness
Of those infected by the diesies.
For love brings no relief besides numbness
As it fullfils its deadly deeds.
Drowning, suffocating, undeniable death
Is what comes to those who are ill.
Who curse their foolish desires to love
Who try to reclimb but fall to Life's Hill.
I pity thee who falls so easily
Under death's taunting spell.
So maybe I am a fool to love thee so openly,
But I do so anyways, even if it means my
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Fuse :iconmilk-assassin:milk-assassin 124 15 Till Death Do Us Part Two - Cinema Poster :iconlozeng3r:Lozeng3r 61 7 Till Death... :iconshecow:SheCow 248 21 Till Death Due Us Part :iconamandaluvsu2012:amandaluvsu2012 54 12 Till Death do us part. :iconsoraxp:soraxP 72 89 Love :iconvarjoaine:Varjoaine 102 17 Till Death Do Us Part Dead Couple Print :iconsam-phillips-nz:Sam-Phillips-NZ 33 3 Till death do us part - wall :icondeathpen:Deathpen 60 45
Till Death Do Us Part - Sam x Sick!Dying!Reader
In sickness and in health. Those were the words in their vows they had sworn for each other.
In sickness, she was always sick. There wasn't a day that went by that she was well or was able to stand on her own two feet. Before their wedding day that was when she was in health. But a few months after the happiest day of their lives they received devastating news when she had collapsed in the bathroom.
Those were the words that the doctor had spoken. The same words that lodged their hearts into the back of their throats. She wouldn't stop crying, he wouldn't stop clinging onto her. He could listen to her life slip away through every breath she dragged in through her lungs.
They used to walk with one and other in the snow during the winter. It was her favorite season. Now they couldn't do that.
His hand couldn't slip into hers and watch the snow fall. He could no longer watch through snowflake lashes the way her face lit up as she threw a snowball in his direction or heard
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SNK Till Death Do Us Part... :iconchevalier16:chevalier16 46 3 Till Death Do Us Part Two - The Medic :iconlozeng3r:Lozeng3r 39 2 Till Death Do us Part: The weeping widow :iconoctogear:OctoGear 61 8
GilbertxAlbino!Reader - Till Death Do Us Part Ch 6
Chapter 6
The World Is Horror
Once again, both of you had fallen asleep together. You hated the fact that you two had just recently met and you two were falling asleep in your bed. It wasn't...bad. Nothing wrong was going on as you two slept. He just held you and you both rested peacefully. Sighing, you open your eyes and felt wide awake coming to think it was morning. You looked up at your clock and felt your eyes get drowsy again. It was off. The air was cold, and it wouldn't turn on.
Taking the covers, you made sure you both were cover under the comforter and the sheets. You could hear the sound of the snow flaking against the window, so you guessed it was another part of the snow storm hitting on through. Rolling over, you faced Gilbert, who then moved his arm around you automatically to make it a comfortable transition. Watching him, you couldn't help but smile. The man looked like he could be your brother for god's sake, liked him. And you couldn't
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GilbertxAlbino!Reader - Till Death Do Us Part Ch13
Chapter 13
Wishing Upon This Relationship
You all had stopped at an Inn that was on the way back to Ludwig's home. It was obvious none of you were going to be able to drive through the night in such a state. The three of you shared a room with two beds, you would sleep with Gilbert of course. You had changed into your pajamas for the night, which was just long thin pants and a tank top. You had made it clear you didn't want the TV on unless you wanted it to be. Both boy's understood your frustration and fear at this point, so they didn't want to do anything to throw you off any more than you've been. Ludwig was sitting in his bed, reading a book as Gilbert had been letting you rest against him. You gently had your head against his shoulder and your body was pressed against his but you made sure that you wouldn't rub too much against his wounds. Speaking of wounds...
“Do you need me to change your bandages?”
“Eh...Yeah, I suppose so. The burns are
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Till Death :iconanalillithbar:analillithbar 30 12