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Out of Underwear
This happened when I was 12
It was a school day and my alarm went off waking me up when I didn't want to. So I got out of bed and opened my wardrobe and looked in my underwear draw and noticed that I had no underwear left "Oh crap" I said to myself. I rushed down stairs "Mum I'm out of underwear what do I do?" I asked "Why don't you borrow one of Emma's (little sis)" she replied "They will be to tight" I responded "How about one of Max's?" she suggested "What!? Your joking right, I'm not going to school wearing boys underwear" I responded with a surprised face "Well it's either that or nothing and I'm sure nothing would be worse" she said. "Fine what can I borrow?" I asked with a disappointed look on my face "Well I'm sure he has some spare tighty whities" she answered "........Fine" I angrily responded knowing I hate tighty whities. So I rushed back up stairs and opened my brother's underwear draw just as he walked in "What are you doing?" He asked with a puzzled look on his face "I g
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Wear Something Grown Up
Warning this is not a true story this is just a parody.
One school day Amy and Tom were in class together, once class ended the two of them went to exit the classroom but the clumsy Amy fell over which caused her skirt to lift up exposing her little mermaid panties. Tom was standing behind her and noticed her underwear was exposed Amy got up quickly "You saw didn't you?" Amy questioned with an angry look on her face
"What oh no no I didn't see your little mermaid panties....woops" Tom replied realising what he said covering his mouth.
"That's it your dead!" Amy said pounding on Tom till he was nearly beaten to death then Amy was about to walk out of the classroom.
"Man I wish Amy would wear something more grown up" Tom said to himself then all of the sudden he saw panties floating around above him.
"Wait aren't those.....uh oh" Tom said as he sat up to look at Amy, she was holding her skirt down because her panties randomly flew off
"Toooooooooooooooooooom! I'm going to kill you!" Amy
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Briefs for My Boys
Boxer shorts suck. I love tighty whities! =)
I can’t understand how people can wear boxer shorts. I tried the whole boxer thing in the summer between 8th and 9th grade. I gave it a chance, I really did. But with boxer shorts, it was all too apparent that I was wearing them.
The most common complaint about briefs are that they’re like putting grapes in a trash compactor (if you catch my drift). This is an absurd argument, one that hold be true only if: (A) One wore briefs that were about 6 inches too small or (B) one possesses "equipment" the size of a lead pipe (if the reader of this entry happens to be a male, don’t even try to claim that you are equipped with such a farfetched instrument. You and I both know you’re not). Actually, nothing can be felt. That’s the great fashion farce of our time. Truth is, you put on briefs and then you forget that they’re even there.
Boxer shorts produce far worse side-effects on the wearer. They are those stingy, loud, a
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Sleepover Sibling Rivalry :icontsupy:Tsupy 219 72
The Wedgie Wars
Joey was a rather nerdy kid. Luckily for him though, bullying was not too prevalent in his high school, Greenville High. Otherwise, life would have been terrible for him. But one day, things changed, and life certainly was terrible...
Joey woke up on a Monday morning that was like any other. He had no idea of the events that had occurred this past weekend. He was unaware of what would be in store for him over the next few hours. He got out of bed, and started to get dressed for school. After stripping naked, he put on a pair of tighty-whities, the tag clearly labeled with his name, the waistband bearing a nice big "MON" for Monday. He then put on a pair of comfortable pair of jeans, followed by a black Pac-Man t-shirt and a blue button-up. Finally he put on his glasses and went to the kitchen for breakfast.
After eating a quick breakfast and gathering his supplies for school, he headed out toward his bus stop. Although he was a Junior in high school, he still did not have his own car t
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Nerds DO Get Wedgies! Part 1
“I guess it’s true after all; nerds DO get wedgies!” she shouted emphatically as she dug her cold fingers down his tight khaki capris, grabbing his underwear and giving it such a powerful jerk that the sound of ripping fabric could be heard. “Wow, you still wear whitey tighties?” she giggled deviously. His squealing was music to her ears and his frantic begging only encouraged her. Several students in the hallway turned their heads to see what was happening. She smiled maliciously and pulled harder, causing his cheap cotton tighty whities to chaf his hips and suffocate his sensitive area. “Did you seriously think you had any chance with me?” she taunted. This was the punishment she thought suitable for an absolute loser trying to steal a kiss from a gorgeous girl like herself.
Celina was aware that Ned had a crush on her well before the incident. He frequently made eye contact with her during and after class, complimented all the expensive outf
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Tk gets Pantsed by Kari :icontsupy:Tsupy 140 163
The Legend of Zelda: The Wedgie Temple
The Temple of the Gerudo... one of the most heavily fortified places in the land, and one that the Hero of Time had committed himself to exploring. It wasn't dangerous due to the monsters therein - they were nothing Link hadn't faced before - but rather, the malevolent architecture of the place. Traps and pits were strewn about the castle; stepping on the wrong crack could be a literally fatal error.
Link handled it all with consummate skill, of course. A true hero relied on wit and prowess as much as raw strength - though that couldn't be neglected. But as he drew deeper into the temple, the nature of the danger changed. The sophistication of the higher floors had given way to simple decay and the dangers that resulted: falling stones, unattended-to nests of venomous creatures, and malfunctioning doors.
And then the monsters returned. Link could take any of them in a straight up fight - but they weren't planning on that.
For instance, Link's sword could slay the mightiest of monsters
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Wedgie Duelist part 1
Life Points:
Amy: 4000   Servant: 4000
"I shall start things of, I draw!" Amy said as she drew a card from her deck so that she has 6 cards in her hand.
"Hmm, I think I will go easy on you for now by setting 1 monster in defence mode and setting 1 card face down to end my turn, your move servant" Amy said.
"Umm, uhh right. Let's see here. I will start things of by activating the spell card Foolish Burial. You see this card allows me to pick 1 monster from my deck and send it straight to my graveyard, and I pick my Blue Eyes White Dragon." the servant said.
"Why on earth would you throw away such a powerful monster?" Amy questioned her servants strategy.
"Oh you will see my highness. Next up I activate another spell called Trade In. This card requires me to discard 1 level 8 monsters so that I can draw 2 cards from my deck, and I choose to discard my other blue eyes" the servant continued his move.
"Hmmmmm, what sort of strategy can he be using?" the queen questioned still puz
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Holiday Hang-Up
    Christmas, 1993.  My parents and I were still living in Chicago.  My dad wanted to visit his brother, Mike, for the holidays.  So on Christmas Eve, we all got up early, packed our bags, and pounded through the three-plus hour drive from Chicago to his farm outside of Springfield.  Mom and I slept the whole way down there.  I swear my dad is built to wake up at obscene hours in the morning.  When we got there, we set our things down in the guest bedroom, then spent the day watching old Christmas TV specials.  At the time, I had discovered Mystery Science Theater, and had attempted to start my own riffing on "A Christmas Story" (something which has become sort of a Christmas tradition in my household).  This only lasted for about five minutes, until I was kicked out of the living room.  Sorry, aunt Linda, but I think that movie's a piece of shit.  Oh, well.  It meant I got to spend the next few hours playing on my
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DryBombers1996's Pants Fall Down :icontsupy:Tsupy 58 28 Toon Link Haunted :icontsupy:Tsupy 67 19 Sleigh Ride :iconpaulypants:paulypants 121 6
Max and Ethan 3: First April Fool's Day
                Ethan has always thought of the idea of April Fool’s Day to be a wonderful thing. He thought it would be a great way to be picked on by other guys. Especially raise the chances of his tighty whities being lodged up his butt. To his disappointment this was never really the outcome he got. People just weren’t as in the holiday spirt as he was; however, Max was someone that had triple the love he had for the day.
                It has been a few months since the duo had entered their unusual relationship, and the big day is just a few hours away. Ethan is relaxing in his room reading a text from Max:
                --- So you know what tomorrow is, right?
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Nerd Hunt part 12
Emma's Victory part 2
Emma was so exhausted but at least there was only three left but the leader is crazy powerful and he has only just joined the fight. "How can I win?" Emma asked herself. Both Ben and James appeared beside Max and got ready to attack "SHOCK SHOOTER!" Emma announced her attack and shot three balls of energy aiming at the three nerds. Ben used his speed to dodge and start charging at Emma, James summoned a shield of ice in front of him to block it and Max used his force field to negate it. But they didn't know that's how she wanted all three to react. She could see Ben running at her, she showed a smile on her face, this confused Ben but he continued his charge. She prepared for Ben's attack and just before Ben was about to punch her she grabbed his wrist and lifted him in the air and then struck him in the gut with the palm of her hand "SHOCK PULSE!" she announced her attack and then a charge of energy went through his body. He collapsed to the floor and tried to ge
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The Wedgie Sorcerer
Exshadous was up to his wedgieing ways as he wedgied countless people humiliating them until a certain someone appeared.
"Hahaha, this is so fun" Exshadous
"I see you have some talent" the Wedgie Queen said.
"Who the hell are you? Another victim of my power!" Exshadous said as he went to use his magic to wedgie the queen but she teleported behind him.
"What!?" Exshadous said in surprise and was then wedgied exposing his tighty whities.
"Ahhhhhh, I can't believe I've been defeated in a wedgie battle. Who are you?" Exshadous asked.
"I am the Wedgie Quenn, master of wedgies and in charge of humiliating citizens. I request for your assistance by joining the queens court along with many other strong warriors fighting for the same cause. Will you join me?" the queen asked as she reached her hand out towards Exshadous.
"Very well my queen, I shall join your cause" Exshadous accepted the queens offer and grabbed her hand allowing her to teleport them both back to the court room.
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Charles's worst day.
Charles was raiding with his bike the usual route to get home from school.
Now days were hot enough to be able to afford to dress lighter.That day was sunny, quiet streets with few cars, a true paradise. The sun illuminated the flowers sticking out from the gardens and courtyards of the houses. There was a nice breeze refreshing. Charles enjoyed Small things like the pleasure of a beautiful day, especially now that he had a date. He still could not believe it.
Just that day, during the hour of recreation he braced himself and had approached Barbara, her crush of the moment. At Ten years he beginning to feel grown up and wanted to confirm to himself behaving as such. The beautiful girl was just a few feet away from him, he swallowed and ...
" uhm, hello Barbara ... "
" Hey Charles, tell me everything ," he said .
" hum you know, sooo, what if we were to see this afternoon to your home to do what task to do in a couple of French ? know I think we'll talk by leaps and bounds in the more f
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Bart Simpson in : Hot Date Pag 4 :icontsupy:Tsupy 127 22 Hanging wedgie :iconthewedgieboy:thewedgieboy 230 12 DryBombers1996 Panda Humiliated :icontsupy:Tsupy 63 14 Feeling the Breeze :iconarghtime:arghtime 146 81 Stay Fresh! ~ Callie and Marie :iconlimbo-studios:Limbo-Studios 76 2 Christmas Morning :icontsupy:Tsupy 60 7 Bart Simpson in : Hot Date Pag 2 :icontsupy:Tsupy 80 18 Not ready yet? :icontsupy:Tsupy 73 40 Commission: Loser Bowl Tournament Round 1 :iconmrbragas:MrBragas 246 6 Hanging and pulled :iconthewedgieboy:thewedgieboy 185 16 Ciara's tighty whitites :iconblack-rayal:Black-Rayal 234 16 What did I forget... :iconkedori:Kedori 86 25 Wedgie :iconthewedgieboy:thewedgieboy 164 10 Let's test our new vacuum! :icontsupy:Tsupy 50 17
Nerd Hunt part 11
Emma's Victory
Emma realised the situation so she escaped and hid so she can sort herself, she pulled her pants up and took out her headband and got serious. She quickly went back to the nerds and took a stance "Get her!" Max ordered so Bob and Ben rushed in, Ben used his super speed to attack first but Emma could see where he was going to stop so she jumped up into the air and then drop kicked him in the back sending him flying off the roof. Next Bob flu at Emma while she was still on the floor so Emma made a bolt of lightning come crashing down from the sky which knocked him out. Emma quickly got back up to her feet to prepare for the next attack, Sean decided to shoot lightning at her so Emma decided to absorb it with her hands but that's what Sean was planning "Now James, Sarah!" yelled Sean. Emma then noticed Sarah and James both jump up from behind Sean, James created to ice slides that would direct the two to both sides of Emma Sarah went round the left and James went round righ
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Clothes, Where you are? :icontsupy:Tsupy 45 18 Tis The Season :iconarghtime:arghtime 119 70 Cat vs Mouse :icontsupy:Tsupy 45 45 Danny's Show :icontsupy:Tsupy 49 10 Bart Simpson in : Hot Date Pag 1 :icontsupy:Tsupy 64 5