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Warrior Cats: Regrets - Chap1
The forest that was once lush green was now hidden under a thick white coat. Newleaf was coming, but still the icy wind swept through the lifeless branches of the trees, hurling snow into Fireheart's eyes. Fireheart stopped to shake the snow off his deep ginger fur as a loud meow sounded in front of him "Not used to the cold, kittypet?"
A bulky dark brown tabby tom trotted across the snow, his massive paws lifting off snow as he padded forward. This warrior was known as Tigerclaw, Thunderclan's deputy. Following close behind was a pale tabby tom named Longtail, a follower of Tigerclaw, who couldn't hold a mrrow of laughter at Fireheart's pathetic look. The handsome ginger tom was soaked wet with spiky ice formed on the tip of his tail. Just moments earlier, Fireheart had fallen into the icy current of a river that was flowing around the border of Thunderclan's territory. But the true reason for his fall into the river was that, due to the floods happening around the forest lately, the
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Fire alone can save our clan
Fire alone can save our clan
A goose feather caught
Into blue fur scorching
Like fire and ice
As a shooting star blazing
A blackbird began its song
By sun a pelt sparked
Like flames of orange
The eager kittypet, stalked
With a fur of fire
Unknowing you came
Into the forest
Rusty was your name
Dream after dream
You chased a mouse
Yellow eyes watching you
Awoken yet inside the house
A touch of gray
Opened your eyes
A new path, a new life
An omen from the skies
Blue she was, a queen
Majestic and powerful
In search of fire
A sign so meaningful
Becoming a warrior
Starting as a paw
Days become months
Betrayal is what you saw
A murderer, a traitor
A tiger and his claws
Death of another and his own
Sweet honey from his jaws
Your journey forwards
Adventures you'll be chasing
From here to eternity
More fighting than dazing
When the tiger is caught
And the plot is near
One paw becomes Graystripe
Your names triple in a cheer
It is you ...
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Fire Alone Will Save Our Clan
Once upon a bloody night,
Two Clans fought over a sun-warmed site.
One retreated, the other crowed,
"The seeds of a new era we have just sowed!"
The leader who lost hung her head with shame,
Then a star blazed through the sky like a pure white flame.
"Fire alone will save our Clan,
"What does this mean?  Tell me if you can."
Alas her wise medicine cat did not yet know,
A cloud crossed the moon shielding its cold glow.
The leader rose and went to her den,
The count of her warriors still one less than ten.
By Twolegplace she saw a tom so fine,
The sun made his pelt flame; could this be a sign?
In the depths of the night she met him next,
Where she offered him the ultimate test.
He joined the Clan without hesitation,
Soon he was met with some confrontation.
Quickly he established his rightful place,
Giving his enemy an ugly scar upon his face.
Many moons passed before that waited day came,
Oh wonders, oh joy!  He received his warrior name.
By his best friend he sat thr
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Warriors Sketchdump :iconrhinne:Rhinne 1,272 167
Ashfur laid in the middle of ThunderClan camp with a plump rabbit at his paws, waiting patiently for Squirrelflight to return from patrol. He didn't mind waiting for her, he had gotten used to it a while ago. Squirrelflight was always busy, but she always found time for him too… The love-struck tom sighed, for once things were going right. He had been unsure if Squirrelflight still liked him after she had come back from her journey, she had seemed to have taken a liking to Brambleclaw, but now he knew that he was the only tom for her.
He watched with excited blue eyes as Squirrelflight made her way through the camp barrier, followed by Brambleclaw. He caught her eye and smiled, nodding to the prey at his paws, inviting her to come share with him. Confusion flickered in his eyes as she turned to talk to Brambleclaw. Squirrelflight didn't usually talk to Brambleclaw unless it was absolutely necessary… He was even more confused when she began walking to him, a sorry and
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Warrior Cats: Regrets - Chap2
"Can we really trust them?" asked Longtail, who was still on his guard despite the tension having died down.
"Of course not!" snapped Tigerclaw, his amber eyes glaring at the she-cat. Fireheart turned to face Tigerclaw. His deputy clearly seemed angered by his defeat and was determined to chase those two out of ThunderClan's territory. Fireheart cleared his throat before adressing his deputy.
"Tigerclaw, maybe we should consider her request. If she wishes to speak with Bluestar then perhaps you should-"
"Don't tell me what I should do kittypet!" spat Tigerclaw. Fireheart felt a flash of annoyance at his deputy's words. "I'm not going to let some rogue cats penetrate into camp. You're a mouse-brained idiot for even thinking of considering her request."
Fireheart lashed his tail in frustration, his fur bristling with anger at Tigerclaw, but he knew it was fear that made his deputy so furious. Fireheart remembered the time when he went on the journey for highstones, a journey that every a
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Tigerstar :icongolphee:Golphee 2,057 225
Firestar's Memories :iconcrowneprince:CrownePrince 490 241