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Fae 2.14 by faestock Fae 2.14 :iconfaestock:faestock 499 102 PRO DragonBall Movie by TechnoRanma PRO DragonBall Movie :icontechnoranma:TechnoRanma 2,085 513 DRAGONBALL Z REDUX by HughFreeman DRAGONBALL Z REDUX :iconhughfreeman:HughFreeman 1,918 183 Yoshitsune - The Tengu Knight by MizaelTengu Yoshitsune - The Tengu Knight :iconmizaeltengu:MizaelTengu 589 79 Schoolgirl by pacman23 Schoolgirl :iconpacman23:pacman23 1,457 26 Hebe Tien by alicexz Hebe Tien :iconalicexz:alicexz 975 110 Disneyfied - Dragon Ball Z by scaragh Disneyfied - Dragon Ball Z :iconscaragh:scaragh 1,339 341
Frieza Jokes 1-20
Frieza can lead a horse to water AND MAKE IT DRINK.
What was going through the minds of all Frieza's victims?..oh..Frieza's Deathbeam.
Frieza is the reason why Waldo is hiding.
Frieza CAN touch MC Hammer.
When you open a can of whoopass Frieza flies out.
Frieza doesn't use steroids, steroids use Frieza.
There are no such things as athletes using steriods, just athletes that Frieza has breathed on.
Frieza CAN believe its not butter
There is no such thing as global warming, Frieza just got cold and drew the sun closer.
Frieza CAN divide by zero.
Frieza counted to infinaty....TWICE.
Jesus may be able to walk on water, but Frieza can swim through whole planets.
Jesus turned water into wine, Frieza turned that wine into Dodoria.
Under Frieza's skin there is no flesh, there is only pure energy.
Frieza doesn't sleep, he waits.
Frieza is the only being to beat a brick wall in a game of tennis, shortly after the match he deathbeamed the wall to avoid a rematch.
If you have five-dollars and Frie
:iconrubber-band-of-doom:Rubber-Band-Of-Doom 47 58
Dragon Ball Fan Art ! by GenghisKwan Dragon Ball Fan Art ! :icongenghiskwan:GenghisKwan 1,026 60 Fae2.19 by faestock Fae2.19 :iconfaestock:faestock 311 53 AOH: Tien Fong Xen by ForbiddenImmortality AOH: Tien Fong Xen :iconforbiddenimmortality:ForbiddenImmortality 615 264 Son of frieza....IZE by ruga-rell Son of frieza....IZE :iconruga-rell:ruga-rell 553 190 Fae 2.23 by faestock Fae 2.23 :iconfaestock:faestock 244 49 DBZ vs. All by daveshan DBZ vs. All :icondaveshan:daveshan 737 332 Blue Shawl by DrMistyTang Blue Shawl :icondrmistytang:DrMistyTang 247 65 Blue Waves by DrMistyTang Blue Waves :icondrmistytang:DrMistyTang 269 58 AOH: Pput me down by ForbiddenImmortality AOH: Pput me down :iconforbiddenimmortality:ForbiddenImmortality 275 113 Fae 2.9 by faestock Fae 2.9 :iconfaestock:faestock 214 40 SSJ 5 Trinity by ruga-rell SSJ 5 Trinity :iconruga-rell:ruga-rell 456 184 jovenes saiyans by salvamakoto jovenes saiyans :iconsalvamakoto:salvamakoto 366 31 Open by DrMistyTang Open :icondrmistytang:DrMistyTang 164 20 Good Old Zephyr by DrMistyTang Good Old Zephyr :icondrmistytang:DrMistyTang 198 29 AOH: Piggyback by ForbiddenImmortality AOH: Piggyback :iconforbiddenimmortality:ForbiddenImmortality 451 172 Dragon Ball 30 by Accelerator16 Dragon Ball 30 :iconaccelerator16:Accelerator16 235 11 ssj5 Goku vs Xicor colored by ruga-rell ssj5 Goku vs Xicor colored :iconruga-rell:ruga-rell 535 176 Tien by DrMistyTang Tien :icondrmistytang:DrMistyTang 107 30 His Majesty's Dragons 2 by AbelPhee His Majesty's Dragons 2 :iconabelphee:AbelPhee 776 37 Lung Tien Lien by Raironu Lung Tien Lien :iconraironu:Raironu 438 48 Clara by DrMistyTang Clara :icondrmistytang:DrMistyTang 307 32 The Master Broih by DrMistyTang The Master Broih :icondrmistytang:DrMistyTang 242 68 You Hardly Saw Me by DrMistyTang You Hardly Saw Me :icondrmistytang:DrMistyTang 176 39 With all the Grace of the River by DrMistyTang With all the Grace of the River :icondrmistytang:DrMistyTang 143 38 Not a Dancer by DrMistyTang Not a Dancer :icondrmistytang:DrMistyTang 183 16 Ynoizmno by DrMistyTang Ynoizmno :icondrmistytang:DrMistyTang 232 77 Free by DrMistyTang Free :icondrmistytang:DrMistyTang 194 24 Krillin redesign, Dragonball GYRE by JustinPosada Krillin redesign, Dragonball GYRE :iconjustinposada:JustinPosada 262 31 Waiting for my Queen by DrMistyTang Waiting for my Queen :icondrmistytang:DrMistyTang 191 45 I Will Make You Hurt by DrMistyTang I Will Make You Hurt :icondrmistytang:DrMistyTang 347 51 Vegeta Facebook by HoneyDove Vegeta Facebook :iconhoneydove:HoneyDove 514 191 Purr by DrMistyTang Purr :icondrmistytang:DrMistyTang 300 44 goku y milk by salvamakoto goku y milk :iconsalvamakoto:salvamakoto 270 26 Z Fighters - Kanzenban 34 Color by Accelerator16 Z Fighters - Kanzenban 34 Color :iconaccelerator16:Accelerator16 255 6 Everything You Want by DrMistyTang Everything You Want :icondrmistytang:DrMistyTang 184 41 Dance with Cast'Avan by DrMistyTang Dance with Cast'Avan :icondrmistytang:DrMistyTang 204 33 Yellow is Her Favorite Color by DrMistyTang Yellow is Her Favorite Color :icondrmistytang:DrMistyTang 133 22 vegeta SSj4 Vs. Iceberg 3 by ruga-rell vegeta SSj4 Vs. Iceberg 3 :iconruga-rell:ruga-rell 343 132 Raditz Af by ruga-rell Raditz Af :iconruga-rell:ruga-rell 336 109 Rise and Shine by DrMistyTang Rise and Shine :icondrmistytang:DrMistyTang 132 36