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Playing the Innocent (a tickle story)
Please Note: This is my first story on dA, and it also contains tickling and bondage so if you don't like that sort of thing, please don't read it. Thank you!
Playing the Innocent
Her muffled, melodic laughter could just be heard as I stepped through the doorway.
Before me I saw a gorgeous blonde lying on the bed at the far end of the room, thrashing her head, pulling at her wrist restraints at the headboard and trying to kick her legs to break free of her ankle restraints.
I saw my colleague, Jamie, tickling her upper body quite frantically, and I saw him flitting his fingers around the girl's belly button, then he glided up her stomach and then he parted his hands to tickle both of her sides, and she was writhing ferociously.
I smiled and walked towards her, and she briefly turned her head as she heard my footsteps on the cold, concrete floor, but she quickly turned away again to resume her struggle.
I walked over to her bedside by her head and l
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Slave Market
        Jennifer Portman was an attractive woman. She had long shiny red hair, green eyes,
and a great figure. She was a good person. She was always there for her friends and family.
Helped anyone she could. Her life was going great, until one afternoon. She heard a cry
coming from an allyway. "No, please, don't hurt me!" Jennifer had a sense of justice.
Whoever was torminting that poor girl was going to pay for it. She was going to give them a
piece of her 1st degree black belt in Shotokahn. When she arrived in the alleyway she saw a
muscular guy grabbing at a small woman. "Please, I'll do anything you ask just don't hurt
me!" She cried out. "Hey you!" Jennifer exclaimed. "Leave her alone! If you want to mess
with someone, mess with me!" The guy turned and looked at her. "Well what have we here?"
he asked mockingly. "You do look better than she does. I'll kidnap you instead." He said
and darted towards Jennifer. "Like hell you will!" She shouted
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Slave market 2
         A curtian started to rise near her. Jennifer squirmed and bucked against her
restraints. "Mmummph!" She tried to shout but the gag was too effective. She started to
hear voices. A light was shining on her. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is the next item up
for bid." She couldn't believe what she heard. Her, up for bid? "She has a temper as firey
as her red hair. You'll want to keep this girl tied down. We'll start the bidding at 2k."
She started to struggle even more. As the price went up, she started to envision many
possible outcomes of her situation. "I hear 30k from the gentlemen in the front row." She
thought' "This can't be happening to me." The bids kept getting higher.
         It was up to 100,000. all she could do was await the outcome. She stopped
struggling. She gave up. She accepted that she wasn't getting out of this. "I hear 120k, do
I hear 130k?" The auctioneer went on. Sudde
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