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Creamy by Ophelia-Overdose Creamy :iconophelia-overdose:Ophelia-Overdose 2,416 139 Rei/Yoko crossover Cosplay VI by Shiroiaisu Rei/Yoko crossover Cosplay VI :iconshiroiaisu:Shiroiaisu 351 63
Weekend wedgies: Friday
Ella Jacobs is a 17 year old girl with brown hair and blue eyes. She has a big butt and is a C cup with a thin waist. She also has a 13 year old brother named Kyle. 
It was a Friday and she had just gotten home from school. Her mom and dad were on a work trip for the weekend and Kyle should get home soon since he had to ride the bus. While she waited, she changed out of her school uniform and put on some tight jeans and a random band t-shirt.
As soon as she pulled the shirt over her head, she heard the door open and shut meaning that Kyle was home. Ella left her room without looking in the mirror to go see her brother and give him his chores for the next few days. After all, she was the oldest, so she was in charge while their parents were gone.
As always, there wasn't much talk between the two when they greeted each other. As they had gotten older, a small sibling rivalry had erupted and their was always some sort of torment or competition. It wasn't five minutes later, Kyle went
:iconhallo1wadgie:hallo1wadgie 53 3
Makoto Nanaya Cosplay I by Shiroiaisu Makoto Nanaya Cosplay I :iconshiroiaisu:Shiroiaisu 744 269 Ayanami Rei / Yoko Littner Crossover cosplay by Shiroiaisu Ayanami Rei / Yoko Littner Crossover cosplay :iconshiroiaisu:Shiroiaisu 1,153 237 Harley Quinn by fresco-child Harley Quinn :iconfresco-child:fresco-child 1,092 53 Ready to pounce by Zerodomon Ready to pounce :iconzerodomon:Zerodomon 591 393 serenity by pekthong serenity :iconpekthong:pekthong 5,005 560 I'm wearing one now by AkatsukiShiranui-Fox I'm wearing one now :iconakatsukishiranui-fox:AkatsukiShiranui-Fox 1,036 157 Wonderland 3C NYCC 2012 by JwichmanN Wonderland 3C NYCC 2012 :iconjwichmann:JwichmanN 1,375 98 CMSN - Sister Transformation by RisingFang CMSN - Sister Transformation :iconrisingfang:RisingFang 1,196 57 Summer Peach by SigurdHosenfeld Summer Peach :iconsigurdhosenfeld:SigurdHosenfeld 9,905 1,057 Summer Peach-Mario Tennis vers by SigurdHosenfeld Summer Peach-Mario Tennis vers :iconsigurdhosenfeld:SigurdHosenfeld 6,362 473 Maximum Inflation in tight red dress // 01 by MariaPhilia Maximum Inflation in tight red dress // 01 :iconmariaphilia:MariaPhilia 267 38 Shadaloo - Cammy White by tenleid Shadaloo - Cammy White :icontenleid:tenleid 1,210 146 G string Thong on the bed, Big ASS by andyhsu666666 G string Thong on the bed, Big ASS :iconandyhsu666666:andyhsu666666 1,023 25 Friends chillin on the beach! 2 by bikinichk Friends chillin on the beach! 2 :iconbikinichk:bikinichk 771 13 BLACK ON BLACK by krisjosef BLACK ON BLACK :iconkrisjosef:krisjosef 2,174 54 OLD SCHOOL by alan1828 OLD SCHOOL :iconalan1828:alan1828 1,406 85 Tender confession by MariaPhilia Tender confession :iconmariaphilia:MariaPhilia 297 16 Good morning Celestia by DANMAKUMAN Good morning Celestia :icondanmakuman:DANMAKUMAN 1,536 104 Naruto Comic: Hypno Crystal 3 by Jack-Inqu13 Naruto Comic: Hypno Crystal 3 :iconjack-inqu13:Jack-Inqu13 1,477 116 Duo 2 by Radamantis3d Duo 2 :iconradamantis3d:Radamantis3d 1,354 47 Dark Magic Booty by Axel-Rosered Dark Magic Booty :iconaxel-rosered:Axel-Rosered 1,629 31 Pink Party by Srefis Pink Party :iconsrefis:Srefis 2,040 173 Mom's Thong 3/6 by Ayami6 Mom's Thong 3/6 :iconayami6:Ayami6 701 47 Purple Hour Glass by Srefis Purple Hour Glass :iconsrefis:Srefis 1,753 105 From Behind 01 by TinyBlondi From Behind 01 :icontinyblondi:TinyBlondi 806 54 Harmony Tentacle Peril by Creativore Harmony Tentacle Peril :iconcreativore:Creativore 852 65 Cheeky Bottoms by Zedul Cheeky Bottoms :iconzedul:Zedul 1,276 32 Comission: Daisy and peach by mistahuchiha Comission: Daisy and peach :iconmistahuchiha:mistahuchiha 1,823 137 Summoning 2 by sonier103 Summoning 2 :iconsonier103:sonier103 1,369 25 Booty! by d2l2 Booty! :icond2l2:d2l2 906 29 Siera by DeHavenDigital Siera :icondehavendigital:DeHavenDigital 877 16 Anna by DeHavenDigital Anna :icondehavendigital:DeHavenDigital 1,819 46
The Red Eye Flight
“Excuse me, is anyone sitting next to you?”
Green eyes sparkling behind thick black frames, subtle pink lipstick and hair in a tall, blonde bun, impaled with a couple of chopsticks. It’s a Red Eye flight, no reserved seating, every seat is fair game as people just try and get some sleep or catch up on some last minute prep for whatever’s greeting them tomorrow.
“No, no they aren’t. Would you like the window or the aisle?”
I’ve sat in the middle seat for just such a reason, so I can hopefully deter folks from sitting next to me. It isn’t the nicest experience to have a few hours sat in close confines with someone who’s either neglected to shower or to take their hay fever medication.
“Window, please, if that’s okay.”
I flip up my tray table and shuffle my way out to the aisle to let her in. She’s smiling and she looks half awake, so this is already a good start. I’m thinking perhaps I should try an
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Naruto Comic: Hypno Crystal 2 by Jack-Inqu13 Naruto Comic: Hypno Crystal 2 :iconjack-inqu13:Jack-Inqu13 1,462 103 Mom's Thong 4/6 by Ayami6 Mom's Thong 4/6 :iconayami6:Ayami6 592 21 From Behind 02 by TinyBlondi From Behind 02 :icontinyblondi:TinyBlondi 537 20 Gym by andyhsu666666 Gym :iconandyhsu666666:andyhsu666666 600 6 -Commission- Vice Vores Four by AdjectiveNounCombo -Commission- Vice Vores Four :iconadjectivenouncombo:AdjectiveNounCombo 857 123 Caitlin out on the patio by tigerphotography Caitlin out on the patio :icontigerphotography:tigerphotography 1,039 19 Creative Tali'Zorah Title by Meiphon Creative Tali'Zorah Title :iconmeiphon:Meiphon 4,606 461 Mary Jane 'corner' time by Sgratt Mary Jane 'corner' time :iconsgratt:Sgratt 1,113 96 Wedgie Before Game by wedgies101 Wedgie Before Game :iconwedgies101:wedgies101 477 14 Beach Cows by SpeedyHimura Beach Cows :iconspeedyhimura:SpeedyHimura 1,667 70