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(Thomas Sanders) Anxiety X Reader
A/N: Gonna be using gender neutral pronouns in this story and try to keep it as gender neutral as possible
I'm sitting I'm my room about to film a video when my phone buzzes. I look at the screen and see a text from Thomas.
Thomas: Hey! Want to collab? Im really bored, dont have a script or anything. Hoping we could just wing it.
I laugh and send a text back
Y/N: Lol weirdo, yeah sure. Be there soon.
I grab my shoes and start walking out to the car ready to drive to Thomas's
Thomas's POV
I set up all the filming equipment when i hear Princey and Anxiety walk in arguing. I say "Could you guys stop it for like two hours? Y/N is coming over." 
"WHAT!" I hear a yell from the kitchen and Dad runs in "Y/N Is coming!? Oh i missed them!"
Logan (Logic) Walks in "Y/N is coming? Brilliant, I will not have to be surrounded by inferior minds all day"
Princey smirks and says "I bet Anxiety is happy"
I raise my eyebrows as I look at Anxiety and he slowly looks at Prince. "Excuse me?"
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Prinxiety: That's How We All Are
   Thomas slept soundly in bed. He was at peace in unconsciousness.
   However, his alter mindsets were still very much active.
   “I wonder if he knows he hasn’t set his alarm for the next morning,” Anxiety decided to contemplate. “Should probably wake him up and check everything. Just to be sure.”
   “Now, no need for that,” another voice interrupted Anxiety. Prince was standing at the other side of the bed, staring at Anxiety. “He needs beauty sleep, and he very much deserves it.”
   “But does he?” Anxiety attempted to counter. “He hasn’t done the dishes, something he’ll have to worry about tomorrow. If he wakes up late, then he’ll have to do the dishes later in the day, when he would rather be trying to figure out his plans for next week without making anyone upset and being on time with everything.” Prince sighed.
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Prinxiety: Goodnight
   Anxiety couldn’t, for the life of him, get a night’s rest. Ever since all of Thomas’ insane scheduling got out of hand, he was on the clock, thinking about this and that and figuring out times and dates and everything in between.
   Of course, Prince was having a whale of a time, as usual. And he actually got to catch a break. He was working all day, and at the end of the work when Thomas went to bed, Prince was left to beauty rest while Anxiety had to plan out the schedule for the next day. Prince got all the fun and the games, and he kind of just got the bad end of the stick.
   So, in the end, he decided to confront this issue by interrupting Prince’s wondrous rest to cross his arms and stare him down.
   “Ah!” Prince exclaimed, clad in pyjamas that looked almost exactly like his normal clothes. He looked up at Anxiety, who was stood clad in his normal clothes and with a hint of even darker eye circles. O
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