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Third Born|KyoyaxReader
Third Born
"(y/n)~!!" Groaning, you hurried down the red carpeted steps of your family's newest estate. "You look gorgeous, young mistress." one of the maids greeted you.
"Thank you, Ayumi." you murmured, hoping she heard. To be honest, you weren't happy with what your parents insisted you wore to the dinner party. It was a dark red dress, cinched and the waist, and down to your knees.
You struggled to run in your black flats, the heels of it clicking on the marble floor of the mansion. "Hurry up, (y/n)!" your older sister, Reika, hollered from the limo.
"I'm trying!" you shot back, your curled (h/c) hair fluttering behind you as you stepped into the limo. You sat in the back row with your two older sisters, Reika and Violet.
They glared at you through layers of make up. You simple smiled mockingly at them with your foundation-free face. "Please try to hurry it up next time, (y/n)." your father said monotonously from the front seat.
You slumped in your seat,
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Hitler's Lullaby
Hush, little baby,
Don't say a word.
Mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird.
And if that mockingbird won't sing,
Mama's gonna buy you a diamond ring.
Even though the skies are black,
And filled with smoke from the burning racks.
The lingering air here reeks of gas,
No, little girl,
We're not coming back.
But if you close your eyes real tight,
You can pretend everything's alright.
And maybe it won't seem so bad,
If you remember all the love we've had.
Hush, little baby,
Close your eyes.
And dream of yellow butterflies.
When you wake,
We'll be gone,
From this world where we don't belong.
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