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365 Things I Love About You
365 Things I Love About You
1. I love how you always make me smile
2. I love how you always make me laugh
3. I love the way you inspire me.
4. I love how cute and adorable you can be
5. I love the kindness that you show
6. I love how I can always be there for you
7. I love how you can always there for me.
8. I love how you stand up for the things you believe in
9. I love how open-minded you are
10. I love your gentleness with me
12. I love how you take my breath away.
13. I love thinking about you
14. I love how sweet you make my dreams
15. I love hearing your laughter
16. I love it when you smile
17. I love you still when your angry
18. I love you still when your sad
19. I love you still when you're a mess (though you'll always be beautiful to me)
20. I love the way you feel
21. I love the way you hold my hand
22. I love the way you smell
23. I love gazing into your eyes
24. I love the sound of your sweet voice
25. I love how much you've taught me about life and myself
26. I lo
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Such Precious Things
There's light in your eyes on the night you first said "I love you",
The same light in your smile after the first time I kissed you.
Sometimes my heart feels that light too when you touch me,
And it is one of the most beautiful feelings there could ever be.
Now I often see the light in your eyes whenever you look at me,
The smile in your eyes when you talk about me,
The tears in your eyes when you miss me,
The beauty in your eyes when you are with me.
I can think all day about you being with me,
All the time about the love you have for me,
All the things in the world I'd give to be your only one,
All the little reasons I love you.
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Hetalia: 100 Things I Cannot Do At World Meetings
100 Things I Cannot Do At World Meetings
1. I cannot run into the room yelling "Fire!"
2. Unless there really is a fire
3. I cannot discuss yaoi with Japan
4. Or Hungary
5. I cannot come in cosplay
6. Even if Japan says I look cute
7. France will get excited
8. I cannot flirt with America
9. No matter how hot I think he is
10. (Unless I do it after the meeting)
11. I cannot ask Italy to model in a maid dress for me
12. Hungary cannot help me convince him
13. Germany will hit me
14. (Even though he likes the thought of #11)
15. I cannot draw FrUK on my notes
16. Or England's notes
17. But France's are okay
18. Maybe not…
19. I cannot ask Germany if I can borrow his chains, whips, ropes, other various torture devices, etc.
20. I cannot write "I <3 America" all over my notes
21. Or England's
22. Or Japan's
23. Or Russia's
24. Especially not Russia's
25. I cannot talk about "That night with Prussia"
26. I cannot tie Austria up and hide him in the broom closet
27. I cannot yell "Ger
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A fairy tale without lies
When I used to think of you,
I'd look at that picture of you with that fairy tale smile,
The puffiness underneath your eyes,
A smoldering feature beneath the longing pain coloring the background of my mind.
So my first impression of you was maybe a bit off,
As are my denials,
Of our heart connection,
And that maybe someday I will find you the one to see in love.
People talk about all the things in life to go back to.
I only think of you to hold on to.
And every touch of your love sends warmth in a way,
Where I could almost smell a fairy tale without lies.
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