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Protect Your Work
For many artists, art theft is a frustrating reality. No matter how we watermark, logo, or constrain the resolution of our work, there are instances where artwork will be reposted, ripped, or used for commercial gain without credit or compensation. For some, this can be almost flattering, to know that there are those that like your work enough to steal it. But, the fact still remains, that your work has been used without permission, and for no gain of your own.

My Experience
I have been a photographer for four years now, and throughout that time I am always learning. Part of that education is around copyright, and how to protect my work. The collage above is a brief representation of some of the ways my photography has been stolen. Some were edited without permission, event advertisements, included in a calendar, manipulated to advertise jewelry, sold on canvas, for promoting a cosmetic brand, or even for music videos.
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During my career as the „Perverted Art Thief Hunter” I have encountered various plagiarists. I don’t consider myself to be an uber N00B killer (Hell, it takes more than just one person to get the scum banned! So, teamwork, teamwork, teamwork!), but I’m no newbie. And I’d like to share my experience with you.
Why? Some of you may find this essay simply amusing. Some may want to use it as a tutorial. Or just to compare my stories with their own. But let’s not focus on the introduction, and cut to the chase, shall we?
TYPICAL ART THIEF LINES (and what do I think about them)
“You’re just jealous!”
Yes, I am… Of the original artist’s talent, not some low wannabe, who doesn’t even try to lift up a pencil.
“It’s not mine! My brother/sister/cousin/friend/whatever made it!”
In that case I suggest your brother/sister/cousin/friend/whatever get their own account.
:icontheairie:theAirie 372 360
Thievery by 1oshuart Thievery :icon1oshuart:1oshuart 220 13 Slight of Hand by Pechschwinge Slight of Hand :iconpechschwinge:Pechschwinge 172 13 Mama's Back by cobaltplasma Mama's Back :iconcobaltplasma:cobaltplasma 198 15
Striking design
Stunning, the message
Outrageous to the knowing
Uniquely coloured
Superb, the technique
Hilarious to the informed
Wisely composed
Skilfully arranged
Master of his Art
:iconthemaideninblack:TheMaidenInBlack 64 98
A thief in the night by QuintusCassius A thief in the night :iconquintuscassius:QuintusCassius 216 92 COM: Daydreaming on Duty by Valsalia COM: Daydreaming on Duty :iconvalsalia:Valsalia 32 29 Verbrecherbanden - Tobrier by Pechschwinge Verbrecherbanden - Tobrier :iconpechschwinge:Pechschwinge 57 0 Made to Love by FlyingCarpets Made to Love :iconflyingcarpets:FlyingCarpets 77 21
The leaves fall like embers and I am seared.
Gas-choked rivers glow from everburning flames.
The air of sulfur and hydrocarbon cocktail
Lead in the food, lead in the water
All is gray and black and fiery oranges, yellows, and reds of blood and flame alike.
Pacifists pushing for change
                 for rights
                 for medicine
                 for anything
Sawed to pieces by automatic weapons
Or strung over a bar by a rope
Native creatures and plants rotting in piles of soiled compost and char and settled smoke.
Where plants till can grow foreign noxious plants thrive and animals infest.
A stench of death and smoke and gas and pain and gas and blood and gas as it chokes.
The leaves fall like embers and I am
:icontails-155:Tails-155 13 13
Art Thievery by LaTaupinette Art Thievery :iconlataupinette:LaTaupinette 97 36 Verbrecherbanden - Alte Gilde by Pechschwinge Verbrecherbanden - Alte Gilde :iconpechschwinge:Pechschwinge 53 4 Verbrecherbanden - Almadaner by Pechschwinge Verbrecherbanden - Almadaner :iconpechschwinge:Pechschwinge 43 1 Oblivion Meme by quidditch Oblivion Meme :iconquidditch:quidditch 61 25 Thieves Bad Day by Werwal Thieves Bad Day :iconwerwal:Werwal 123 22 opium shuffle by kistoc opium shuffle :iconkistoc:kistoc 137 21 Mugged by a Sewer Rat by Wedgie-Fox Mugged by a Sewer Rat :iconwedgie-fox:Wedgie-Fox 70 24 Blind Bowman Ally: The Cobalt Cobra by mr-redx Blind Bowman Ally: The Cobalt Cobra :iconmr-redx:mr-redx 31 25 Twilight Thievery by ekster Twilight Thievery :iconekster:ekster 56 62 Perceive by human-bean Perceive :iconhuman-bean:human-bean 88 6 Orchidee by MoLinneSmith Orchidee :iconmolinnesmith:MoLinneSmith 181 161 Thievery Attempt by renekotte Thievery Attempt :iconrenekotte:renekotte 72 35 He stole deh cookiee by InsomniaticDreamer He stole deh cookiee :iconinsomniaticdreamer:InsomniaticDreamer 477 136 Gemsona - The Stash by PinkCapPanda Gemsona - The Stash :iconpinkcappanda:PinkCapPanda 150 135 Bank Heist by Alenonimo Bank Heist :iconalenonimo:Alenonimo 68 12 :pickpocket: by LeoLeonardo :pickpocket: :iconleoleonardo:LeoLeonardo 926 194
show me how to taste the sugar cube truths
and swallow the falsehoods that make my tongue
so swollen. share with me this bitter mocha,
it's our last date: dark chocolate with
whipped cream and cinnamon on top.
the elixir lends color to your
pallid face and worthless eyes.
humans, we are low and vulgar, you say,
because we kiss with our eyes open.
my tongue remains swollen
from all the lies i told you,
that quiver shawlless and ebbing
in the yellow air like tagged machetes:
the feverish promise i gave you,
failed to see through, then rebuked.
but these waters were always salted, pirated
by angels, contaminated by the tears they cried
when we pulled apart. out on the pier
i think i see your face dissolved into the ocean.
i think i see the rag doll savages gasping herb
breaths, bestowing you with medicinal apologies.
they shouldn't be here; i could've fixed your
churning shoulders. the low pressure system passes
and the ocean swells, ending our vow to hold eternity.
:iconignitioninstars:IgnitionInStars 8 6
Jewel Thievery Page 3 by wbd Jewel Thievery Page 3 :iconwbd:wbd 42 2 Voleur Villain: HighTech by mr-redx Voleur Villain: HighTech :iconmr-redx:mr-redx 26 19 It's too fun to give up by deathdesu It's too fun to give up :icondeathdesu:deathdesu 89 3 Double Doggy In a Manger (Master Q Parody) by meiyeezhu Double Doggy In a Manger (Master Q Parody) :iconmeiyeezhu:meiyeezhu 45 52 Art of the Purse Strings (Master Q Parody) by meiyeezhu Art of the Purse Strings (Master Q Parody) :iconmeiyeezhu:meiyeezhu 55 23 Run [Gravity Falls] by shipoji Run [Gravity Falls] :iconshipoji:shipoji 13 0 A Dagger in the Night by sstarkm A Dagger in the Night :iconsstarkm:sstarkm 23 0 Garrett - Master Thief by CatapultedCarcass Garrett - Master Thief :iconcatapultedcarcass:CatapultedCarcass 57 2 Shadows Of Ourselves by aaamber Shadows Of Ourselves :iconaaamber:aaamber 57 9 How deluded one can be? by stampitystampstamp How deluded one can be? :iconstampitystampstamp:stampitystampstamp 28 18 Of Silence and Thievery II by SukaiJeiku Of Silence and Thievery II :iconsukaijeiku:SukaiJeiku 49 17 The DAvengers Initiative by FallenAngelGM The DAvengers Initiative :iconfallenangelgm:FallenAngelGM 21 0 Jewel Thievery Cover by wbd Jewel Thievery Cover :iconwbd:wbd 59 27 Jewel Thievery Page 6 of 6 by wbd Jewel Thievery Page 6 of 6 :iconwbd:wbd 56 37 Caught in the Crosshairs (Master Q Parody) by meiyeezhu Caught in the Crosshairs (Master Q Parody) :iconmeiyeezhu:meiyeezhu 28 34 WIP: Bitterblue by winter-monsoon WIP: Bitterblue :iconwinter-monsoon:winter-monsoon 58 11 Timid Aggressor (Master Q Parody) by meiyeezhu Timid Aggressor (Master Q Parody) :iconmeiyeezhu:meiyeezhu 25 9 nobody here remembers freedom. by aaamber nobody here remembers freedom. :iconaaamber:aaamber 47 10 Sleep until the morning comes by RunningThroughUrVein Sleep until the morning comes :iconrunningthroughurvein:RunningThroughUrVein 88 7 AT: Kaitou Kid by Enthriex AT: Kaitou Kid :iconenthriex:Enthriex 24 10
Of Thievery and Dragons (USUK)
Arthur raced along the roofs of Dras-Leona, the sound of his pursuers slowly fading away. The blond elf was still breathing normally, but he'd been leading the guards on a merry chase around the city for over an hour, and even his exceptional stamina would start to give out. Plus there was the small matter of the wound in his side, but he ignored it for now. Quickly glancing around, he spotted a good hiding place and changed direction towards it.
Slipping into the alleyway, he stilled and waited. The sounds of pursuit grew in volume again and moments later the score or so of city guards that were on his tail passed over him. When they were gone Arthur let out a breath and checked the bandages around his middle. They were dirty with blood and a small amount of sweat. He'd have to change them soon, if he managed to get out of this blasted city. But he had his prize, he thought triumphantly as he touched the sack on his belt.
There was a rustle behind him and he whirled around, drawing hi
:iconprotokol-rose:Protokol-Rose 29 94