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How Jagger Stole Woodstock
Everyone in the 60's liked Woodstock a lot,
But The Rolling Stones, who were uninvited, did not.
Mick was so pissed off that his band didn't go,
Especially when The Who was invited to do their show.
They were almost the same, their clothes and their shoes.
But something made Mick keep on hating The Who.
Their music was similar, the rhythms and tones.
Why, then, were the Stones not invited to go?
He turned to Keith Richards with a horrible sneer.
"Their show is tomorrow, it's practically here!"
He pondered as Charlie Watts continued his drumming.
"I MUST find a way to stop Woodstock from coming!"
For when they performed, Mick thought with a scowl,
The crowd would go crazy, he thought it was fowl.
Roger would pick up the mic and begin the show
And what happened next was impossible to know.
But Mick knew in the end that Moon's cymbals would crash,
And Townshend's guitar would end up getting smashed.
And the more that Mick thought of their glamorous fame,
The more he wanted to put the Who
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This T-Shirt
I'm a boy, I'm a boy
But my ma won't admit it
I'm a boy, I'm a boy
If I say I am I get it.

I am a person, shoved in a gender box
Stuffed into an orientation cage
Packed into a one-zero-one-zero-one-zero binary of sex
I was born as a girl, but I feel like a boy
Just imagine being born in the wrong body.
Once you hit puberty, you feel like everyone else
got the instruction manual,
and you got a blank piece of paper.
This is what my life is like.
Ok, so transgender. Lemme explain.
A transgender person is someone who feels like
the opposite of their biological sex.
Acting and looking like their biological gender
feels a bit to them like wearing their
pants on backwards or their shoes on the wrong feet.
It just feels weird and wrong.
I explained transgender,
but the questions I always get asked are
"What's the difference between transgender and transsexual?"
"What's a transvestite?"
"Does that make you gay?"
Well, transgender people feel the oppposite
of their biological sex, and
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Pete Townshend by kenmeyerjr Pete Townshend :iconkenmeyerjr:kenmeyerjr 138 116 TheLibertinesDoAWhoPromoShot by Baby-Shambles TheLibertinesDoAWhoPromoShot :iconbaby-shambles:Baby-Shambles 24 21
The Who's TOOMY
The Who's TOOMY!
     a Rock Opera by Pete Townshend
additional music by John Entwistle and Keith Moon
1. Because Even Rock Operas Need Opening Music (P. Townshend)
2. LAWLZ, Your Husband is Dead (P. Townshend)
3. Well, it's not a Girl (P. Townshend)
4. Did We Lose? (P. Townshend)
5. No, 1921 is NOT Going to be a Good Year (P. Townshend)
6. Not-So-Amazing Quest (P. Townshend)
7. *Insert Musical Break Here*
8. Marilyn Monroe Can Cure EVERYTHING (P. Townshend)
9. Kwanza (P. Townshend)
10. I'm Cousin Kevin and I Beat Up Blind Kids. (J. Entwistle)
11. Sex and A Whole Lotta Drugs (P. Townshend)
12. Yet Another Musical Break (P. Townshend)
13. "Gee, should I leave my severely disabled son with his drunk Uncle?" "Sure! Just give Ernie a few minutes, he'll pass out..." (P. Townshend)
14. Raep Tiem (J. Entwistle)
15. Pac Man Warlock (P. Townshend)
16. There's Some Guy Who Wants to do Bizarre Medical Tests on our Kid (P. Townshend)
17. Toomy's Faking it. Go to the Mirror
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