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Ode to Souls
our society is built on the binary of proper lines.
spotless, picturesque, sanitary lives trailing cycle upon cycle of symmetry.
yet we function better without framed order.
we have wanderlust built into our core; we bleed out the seasons when it suits us.
our lives are made of tire treds feeding the clouded sunset, skies pouring violently over
ravenous hearts seeking catharsis.
the nyctophiliac, the heliophiliac.
the nemophilist, the pluviophile.
if we breathed in your blank normalcy, we'd crumble and die.
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The 20 Worst Movies of 2013 Part 4
Here we are folks, we're nearing the end of this list of the year's worst movies. I've covered boring thrillers, comedies that aren't funny, big-budget fare that feels bloated and franchise-ruining sequels with Bruce Willis. But we're near the final five of movies I NEVER EVER EVER want to even think about again, or will even acknowledge exist.
But before I do, I want you all to know why I get angry at movies.
I get angry because when I see a movie in the theater, I want to know that my money is going to something worthwhile. The price of tickets these days are outrageous. I mean, when I went to go see "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" I was forced to pay an entry fee with a free ticket I had to go see the movie in an RPX theater (the only showing that was available that day I might add before they opened up more screens) and, even though I had a reward card to get a free small drink, I found myself convinced to get an extra dollar off if I got a small bag of popcorn, which cost me
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La Purge Night (Polite Leader x Reader) Pt. 1
 So I gave The Purge a watch and even before I didn't see it...SERIOUSLY THERE'S NO READER INSERTS FOR HIM? I've seen some OCs which is fine and all but readers would like some love too! Plus, I mean, come on, he's attractive (in my view) and sort of hot. He needs love too from reader! Say what you want to say about the movie...but I'm sure it's got some perks...this shall be rated PG-13 for violence, mild language and some disturbance.
 If you guys want me to do a sequel or prepared that it won't be nice.
 (F/c)-favorite color
 (F/h)-favorite hairstyle
 (p/n)-Polite Leader's name
I yawned as I drove down the street to my house. I had another boring day at office as usual. Well, not really. All the talk about today was the usual thing: today was March 21st. The annual Purge was about to take place. Some people today said that they were going to go out purging, wanting to "cleanse" themselves before returning back to nor
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"Behold! The son of our maker!!"
Quorra opened her eyes slowly, taking in her surroundings. The only noise that was really there was the sound of the train near Sam's makeshift home, which she remembered was the first thing to absolutely terrify her when she tried to get comfortable in her new home. She had long since grown used to the noise at certain intervals during the night, but still hadn't quite figured out how to accurately turn her mind off to sufficiently recharge at the end of the day.
Memories played over and over for her; her life before The Purge, her friends and her mentor...Zuse. After The Purge, she vividly remembered Kevin Flynn rescuing her, and once Sam Flynn became a part of the equation, she remembered Zuse's face as he stared down at them in his club, laughing as Sam and Quorra were being cut down by Clu's men.
Every memory led back to him, and Quorra couldn't extinguish the feeling of definite confusion surrounding his actions. She would never forget look
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