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.You will always be my son.+ :iconkintanga:Kintanga 250 135 JungleBook2016-Wolves :icongiuseppedirosso:GiuseppeDiRosso 41 3 JungleBook2016-Wolves 1 :icongiuseppedirosso:GiuseppeDiRosso 47 4 Junglebook2016-Grey :icongiuseppedirosso:GiuseppeDiRosso 37 3 JungleBook2016-Kaa 2 :icongiuseppedirosso:GiuseppeDiRosso 33 16 .:Bagheera:. :icongraciegra:graciegra 62 3 Junglebook2016-Wolves 2 :icongiuseppedirosso:GiuseppeDiRosso 28 1 Junglebook2016-Akela :icongiuseppedirosso:GiuseppeDiRosso 25 1 JungleBook2016-ShereKhan 1 :icongiuseppedirosso:GiuseppeDiRosso 27 12 JungleBook2016-Bagheera 1 :icongiuseppedirosso:GiuseppeDiRosso 23 5 Shere Khan and Akela :icongiuseppedirosso:GiuseppeDiRosso 26 2 Shere Khan and Akela 1 :icongiuseppedirosso:GiuseppeDiRosso 22 2 Raksha and Her Pups :icongiuseppedirosso:GiuseppeDiRosso 31 2 The Jungle Book 2016: Wallpaper 1920x1080 :iconsachso74:sachso74 33 5 Zootopia - The Jungle Book :iconmetroxlr:MetroXLR 43 54 Courage The Cowardly Dog :iconmexican64:mexican64 143 32 2016 Shere Khan - Scar Comparison :iconmetroxlr:MetroXLR 38 55 JungleBook2016-Bagheera 2 :icongiuseppedirosso:GiuseppeDiRosso 17 3 JungleBook2016-ShereKhan 3 :icongiuseppedirosso:GiuseppeDiRosso 19 2 The Jungle Book :iconlillidan86:Lillidan86 51 3 missing scene TJB 2016 :iconpchickling:PCHickling 29 8 Trust in me :iconbaka77:Baka77 67 5
Mari Meets Kaa (The Jungle Book 2016 Tribute)
     Mari coughed up water as she scrambled to pull herself up onto the log in front of her.  The current was carrying her further down to who knows where.  With one final push, the girl hoisted herself up onto the log and collapsed in relief.  She was alive. She made it.  
     Bagheera and her were on their way to the man-village.  After seeing Shere Khan and vowing to kill her, the wolf pack believed she had to go, back to the humans.  Bagheera volunteered to take her and so the next morning, the two started on their journey.  Both had been walking through a field until it happened: Bagheera calmly told her to duck and out of nowhere Shere Khan attacked from behind her.  Bagheera fought the tiger and shouted for her to run and without second thought she did.  Mari wanted to stay behind and help but fear had overcome her senses and she sprinted to the river and jumped.  She landed hard in th
:iconsyfynut:SYFYNUT 20 20
Zootopia Bagheera :iconritwell:ritwell 75 4 Elephant Encounters :iconrvbphoenix:RvBPhoenix 38 46 Trust in me, man cub :iconoswaldojimenez11:oswaldojimenez11 21 5 You Will Always Be My Son :iconcherryblossomusagi:CherryBlossomUsagi 54 16 Rudyard Kipling's the Jungle Book :iconthezackburg:TheZackBurg 28 12 The Jungle book - Scarlett Johansson's Kaa :icontyrannuss555:Tyrannuss555 27 16 The jungle book :iconsilverzzz:Silverzzz 62 12 JungleBook2016-ShereKhan 2 :icongiuseppedirosso:GiuseppeDiRosso 21 1
Nukid101's Top 10 Disappointments of 2016: 10 - 6
2016 was a shit year.
We all know it. It's practically became a meme to talk about how awful it's been this year has been. How tempting it was to just put 'Humanity in general' at my number 1 spot for all the stupid shit that's gone on this year. It's been a miserable year for multiple different.
However to keep with tradition I am just gonna keep this to disappointing releases of games, films and TV Shows, which at the end of the day are the far less important letdowns of 2016. Let's use this countdown at a chance to make light of some of this years disappointing releases and poke fun of them. Either that or if you disagree me then call me a shithead or something, I suppose.
For those unfamiliar with how this works, this is NOT a 'Worst' list. Some of the things on this list aren't even 'bad' overall and at least one entry many people regarded as being great. These are however 10 entries that I personally got enthusiastic for to some degree, and the film failed to live up to those exp
:iconnukid101:Nukid101 6 44
Bagheera and Mowgli :iconritwell:ritwell 29 4 :The jungle book : Characters [ ver. Human] :iconeuraysia:Euraysia 37 8 Zootopia Bagheera 2 :iconritwell:ritwell 60 4 The King of the Bandar-Log :iconzoracatone:ZoraCatone 22 17 The Jungle Book Sketches :iconcaptmeirin:captMeirin 16 3 Mowgli(2016) :iconveronica-draws:Veronica-Draws 31 8 Weird Creature Doodle :iconmexican64:mexican64 40 17 Kaa and Mowgli :iconpurpleskales:PurpleSkales 30 11 Kaa and Mowgi :iconpinkypaws3:pinkypaws3 26 7 Bagheera Sketches :iconritwell:ritwell 37 0 Bagheera /The Jungle book :iconcegchoegi:CEGchoegi 18 1 Bagheera :iconritwell:ritwell 23 1 Trust In Me 2.0 :iconellbeh:ellbeh 23 7 JungleBook2016-Wolves 3 :icongiuseppedirosso:GiuseppeDiRosso 17 0 Mowgli and Raksha /The Jungle book :iconcegchoegi:CEGchoegi 20 3 You will always be my son... :iconjose1106:Jose1106 21 6