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The Incredible Hulk Nightmare (Updated 18/02/2014)
The Incredible Hulk Nightmare.
My name is Chris Harvey, I'm 13 years old.  I live in Peterborough with my single father Christian, and I am diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome.  As with many children like me, I had my dreams.  Most of my dreams were good, but of course, there were the occasional bad ones too...particularly in the night.  You know that feeling when your mortal body falls asleep, but your mind is still wide awake?  Doesn't everybody sometimes wish that they could enter their own little dream world and never come back?  I suppose though, it depends on what kind of world you are thinking of.  In this case however, the dream world I was going to imagine, wasn't to be a good one.
~ ~ ~
Anyway.  There I was, snuggled up under the covers one Saturday at midnight.  The sky was pitch black, the moon was high, and there were no clouds.  I was dressed in my night garments under the covers, which consisted of a cotton red long-s
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DBX: The Strongest, Born from Science!

The autumn wind blew around piles of leaves, which little squirrels would hop and play in. The air wasn't too cold, yet not too warm. It seemed like any other peaceful day in the forest.....
Alas, if only one knew what exactly was about to go down here.
In this forest, a cave lay dormant, untouched by nature or any wild animals. This was actually the home to a creature, a Pokemon, named Mewtwo. In the cave's darkness, however, one would struggle to even see him.
Rumors of what Mewtwo was had spread throughout the Marvel Universe, and, eventually, was brought to the attention of the Avengers. After a month's worth of research, they had learned that Mewtwo had grown a deep distrust of humans after a series of, what could only be described as, horrific gene-altering experiments had been performed, going as far as to obliterate the entire facility, filled with the people that experiment
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Avengers - Sick Day
The unfortunate affair with the alien invasion had been the beginning of a steep learning curve for the Avengers.
And for one of them in particular . . .
"Alright . . ." Captain America sighed, rubbing his forehead. "What next?"
Stark and Banner had taken it upon themselves to educate the Spandex Wonder – as Tony insisted on calling him – as to what happened in the world during his time encased in ice. The two science geniuses both had a flare for lecturing as it turned out and Steve was learning impressively fast. He had sat there for hours diligently taking notes as they had informed him about all the weird and wonderful things that he had missed.
He had two full notebooks full of key historical and political events such as the Civil Rights Movements, the Moon landing and the fall of the Soviet Union. Another three notebooks contained notes on military events in the past half century – He had snapped his pen in two during their sessions on Vietnam.
As a result, the oth
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