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A Guide To Good-Looking Fire Breathers

Our Top 5 On-Screen Dragons: A Guide to
Fire Breathers

:iconeawood: eawood
:iconr-valle: R-Valle
The dragon is a staple of so many fantasy stories that it can be difficult to keep up with them all.
Dragons in different universes abide by different rules; some are friendly, some are clever, some are pure evil, and some are trainable. What all dragons have in common is that in the realm of TV and movies, they need to look good to properly play their part in the story. There are hundreds of dragons that have shown up on
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Legolas x reader
   “(y/n)!” The Elven Kings voice startled you. You were in the garden, making sure the plants had water. You worked for the royal family, and you knew the Kings wife. She was sweet, had such a playful side. She made the King such a sweet heart, but ever since she died, he locked himself up. The Elven King’s heart was stained with pain.
   “Yes” you bowed slightly. You were a maid in other words. You didn’t have those stupid maid dresses; you had a nice dress that stopped at your knees. It was (f/c) and had little furls at the bottom rim. Your hair was placed into a pony tail; your pointed elf ears poked out of lose hair that was sticking out. You smiled.
   “I need you to tend to the horse, they need water and food” Thranduil looked down at you, waiting for your answer.
   You bowed once more “Yes sir, I’ll be right on it” You put down your things, and began on your way towards th
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The Hobbit: Thranduil's Crown :iconkaetiegaard:kaetiegaard 716 43 the beginning of another adventure :iconyouyanwuzhu:youyanwuzhu 1,748 476 DoS questions: Pugs in Middle-Earth? :iconphobs:Phobs 5,011 195
Golden Heart (ThranduilXDragon Shifter!Reader)
People who saw you and how you acted would not have guessed you were an elf. You were bubbly, chirpy and easily excited. It wasn't until they saw your ears they realized you were a hyper active elf. But what people didn't know was you weren't just an elf. You were also a dragon shifter, meaning you were half elf half dragon shifter. The elves of Mirkwood eventually got used to your chirpyness and positive attitude but the only person who couldn't wrap his head around how you were constantly happy was King Thranduil. He kept a close eye on you ever since he found out about your dragon shifter side and discovered you were close with his son Legolas and Tauriel. At first he thought about using your dragon side to his advantage encase a war ever broke out but in the end he was unable to go through with that plan. When the battle at Erebor came Thranduil ordered you to stay at Mirkwood while he took his arm and left to get the jewels that were
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Thranduil x Reader
   It was a lovely day. The sun was out shining on your (h/c) hair. You were out practicing shooting. You loved shooting arrows, and you must say you were quite good. You enjoyed the feeling of letting go of the arrow, watching it hit the target, you smiled widely. You were beginning to set up another one before you heard a voice behind you.
   “I see your practicing” you turned your head around, looking directly into the prince’s eyes.
   “Oh I…uh yeah just practicing” you smiled weakly. You loved his voice. It was warm and silky, you love to hear more.
   He smiled back “Mind if I join you…my father is annoying me right now” he chuckled “I just want to let some steam out, act like an normal elf”
   You were lost of words “I-I guess, sure why not” you smiled boldly “I know your father is under a lot of stress…I would be to if I was a king of a
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Legolas x Dragon skin changer
   It was a nice day in Middle Earth. You were on a hunt in a shape of a small dragon. You were a skin changer. Your pack was a rare one, a pack of small dragons. You were small dragon, but you were strong. You were a (element you like) and your (f/c) scales shined in the sun. A lot of hunters would die for your scales, so your pack would have to be careful.
   You smiled. The air had become thick once the ring was awakened. Nothing was the same as it used to be. A Hobbit had the ring and was going to destroy it, you couldn’t wait! You wanted to have more trees around so hunting would be easy for you to hunt, and your pack.
   Your family was killed by a white wizard. You couldn’t remember his name, but you hated him. You wanted to kill him personally. You wished you could fine the Hobbit and help him, but you were stuck here with the rest of the pack. The rest of the dragon skin changers were too scared to leave one another, I mean you couldn&
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