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Amy's Little Date
"Come on Tails! You HAVE to have something that can bring me and my darling Sonic together!"
A young woman shouted this at one of her close friends. This young woman was Amy Rose; A pink Mobian who was love struck at the hero who saved the world almost daily, Sonic the Hedgehog.
Being a Mobian, one might mistake her for an average human being; However, being a Mobian meant that, whilst they were near identical to humans, their hair colour could be nearly any spectrum of the rainbow, and they featured body parts akin to animals. In Amy's case, she was a pink Hedgehog; Meaning her hair was as spikes as it was pink, and she featured small ears protruding from her hair. In addition, a small, pointed pink tail emerged from her behind.
She was in a heated yet one sided argument with one of her close friends, boy genius and Sonic's side kick, Miles Prower. Everyone referred to him as Tails, and for good reason; The fox Mobian featured not one, but two fluffy, yellow tails.&
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