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[Tutorial] How to create/improve your species
How to create or improve your species – An Unconventional Tutorial
Disclaimer: If you are a seasoned species owner, some sections of this tutorial may be ‘blatantly obvious’ to you. However, to make sure that new species owners understand these principles they have been included in this tutorial.
I'm not going to outline 'How to pick a unique species name' or 'How to modify a real animal into a species', or other topics that most popular species creation tutorials cover. Those very tutorials were the ones I read when I first started creating species. However with some insight and a lot more experience, I realised they no longer explained the best way to create, or define a closed species. I could even argue that their existence helped to create some of the issues that closed species communities face now, such as an extreme focus on traits and selling value as opposed to lore and species interactivity.
In today's species community and ma
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