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Wild, Wild Girl: Request for cinderella123456 :iconclydejac:clydejac 224 5 COM - One of Us :iconscissorsrunner:ScissorsRunner 609 57 TG Sequence - A Little bit Hot - Comission :iconthemightfenek:TheMightFenek 660 13 TG Sequence - Punk - Comission :iconthemightfenek:TheMightFenek 1,170 40

''To imagine me...a normal guy being invited to the kings royal ball...''
its almost not to believe i told to myself as i laid down on my bed and looked at the letter again and read it out to myself
''Dear John, I, King Alexander the third invites you hereby to our royal ball the upcoming friday, we would be delighted to have you come''
Signed King Alexander the third
''i still cannot believe it...''
''it must be like...they give it out randomly but i feel lucky'' i smiled to myself and put the letter carefully on night table next time and closed my eyes
it was Wednesday so only two more days i thought as i drifted into sleep
i woke up early the next morning to the sound of my alarm 
i slowly got out of bed and stretched and pulled up the curtains, a gentle ray of sunshine shone into my bedroom and the white snow almost glittered in the early morning sun
i yawned and stretched once again and went on do to my buisness in the bathroom
:iconaleanne:Aleanne 27 4
Follow Your Rhythm - TG/RC
Cameron took a deep breath as he stood in front of the Western-looking house in the middle of a Japanese suburb. He still had second thoughts on this whole situation. It had all started several months back, when he sent a gift to a friend of his, Carlos. He was a big Japanophile, so it made sense for Cam to give him a gift related to that for his birthday. After all, it's not like Carlos could get something like that himself. So, he went for something simple to test the waters: a music CD by a popular J-Pop group. After all, Carlos like Japanese music, so why not? He received it, he liked it, everyone was happy.
But then Carlos suddenly went quiet. He stopped showing up to chat, didn't reply to any comment or message on his account. He was just...gone. Cameron was worried sick, not sure if something terrible had happened to his friend...until a few weeks ago. Without warning, he received a letter, containing both an invitation and a ticket to Japan. Both most importantly, the letter wa
:iconkaiza-tg:KAIZA-TG 136 30
COM - Insistent Terminology :iconscissorsrunner:ScissorsRunner 291 17
BunnyWatch: Choose Your Fate TG Caption
You finally arrive at the Overwatch tournament at GamerCon 2016. You can't wait to try out the new update to the game, which adds free "bunny suit" skins to most of the female characters. The people enter "pods" to play the game. But when you go into the character selection pod, you see there is only 7 options:
So, who will you choose?
:iconclydejac:clydejac 84 13
Mercy TF TG AP (Overwatch)
       Above image by Liang-Xing on Deviantart

    The heart monitor beeped again, it's dull sound briefly echoing off the walls before fading completely, just in time for another beep. Jacob squirmed in his hospital bed, trying to get into a more comfortable position. Doing so proved difficult, since he was used to laying on his right side, but he was inhibited from doing that due to the IV in his right arm keeping him alive.
    Jacob looked at the clock. 10:30, it read. That meant the next nurse should be in to check on him in around 25 minutes. He closed his eyes, trying to get a bit of sleep before the next nurse came in as he heard the single door in his room open. He opened his eyes, a bit confused on why a nurse was in his room at that moment. The nurse walked towards his bed and set a clipboard down on a nearby table.
    "So, how are you feel
:icondwarfon:Dwarfon 39 1
From scrawny boy to fashionable woman :iconbrojoe2015:BroJoe2015 119 3 Dipper TG/Gender Bender GIF :iconthemightfenek:TheMightFenek 1,624 151 Supernatural PUUUURRR-ssession :iconvoidstrata:VoidStrata 296 16
Hail New Korea!: Out of Her Shell
Cameron had been noticing that since Lance had hired Soon-hee as his assistant, a lot more Korean girls were moving to their small town of Milton. Not to mention a lot of his own friends seemed to be leaving, as their houses were filled with all-female Korean families almost instantaneously. He didn't exactly mind, as all the new arrivals were exceptionally nice. So when the school announced they'd be having a dance to welcome all the new transfer students, he began looking for someone to go with. Much to his surprise, a young, timid girl named Hyun-kyung asked him to take her to the dance. Not wanting to let her down, he agreed and the two planned to have her come over the night of the dance for dinner with his family.
"So this is the feeling okay? You look like you're shivering."
"I-I-It's fine C-C-Cameron..." Hyun-kyung replied, "I've j-j-just never done something like this b-b-before."
Cameron took off his coat and wrapped it around her shoulders. "Don't worry. I'll st
:iconclydejac:clydejac 55 4
Story 6: Breaking Free (Ariana Grande TG AR) (T)
Jeff wasn’t doing too well.
The middle aged man was recently involved in an ugly divorce, which already was a bad thing. However, the fact that his ex-wife was an attorney and that he wasn’t exactly the most knowledgeable in lawyer lingo led to him losing 95% of what he had owned previously. All he kept was a couch, a TV, a bed, while everything else went straight to her. However, in at least some sort of decency, she did let him keep the house, though that was most likely due to the fact that she was getting intimate with some hot shot music agent.
Jeff has had to get two jobs so far just to keep the water running, with only enough money to spare to buy newspaper every once in a while. But if that’s not enough, his ex-wife left him stuck with the kids on Halloween while she helped her new boyfriend with some stupid shit, meaning that he had to use one of his precious sick days to take his 5 year old daughter Nancy and 6 year old son Frank all around the block for som
:iconxellows1:Xellows1 159 17
Exploring gone wrong
Exploring gone wrong
Shino liked exploring. He loved it so much that he spent every holiday and free day out somewhere, wandering through a forest or a more or less hidden valley.
Today he had driven to a small village, called ‘Riverwood’, near a deep forest. He had rented a room in the village inn. Then he had packed a backpack and went out into the fields on his way to the forest.
As always he had taken no map or other orientating item with him. His friends called him ‘mad’ and ‘crazy’, because he did that, but he thought it just made things more exiting.
Over the years he had gathered a lot of experience in the field and he was able to navigate almost any territory, without a map or other help. Because of that, he wasn’t worried a bit about finding his way back home into the village. Until now he had always been lucky.
If only he had known that his luck would fail him today…
He walked through the forest, taking smaller paths and not sticking t
:icongobbokilla:GobboKilla 239 572
Toon Skin
One bright sunny day, you find a curious glowing pencil laying on the side of the road. You are immediately compelled to walk over and pick it up, and as you do, you notice a thin line being drawn from its lead into the air. Gasping in surprise, you give another flick, drawing a circle in mid air, which falls to the ground. You look around to see if anyone is watching - no one seems to be around. You decide to try something a little more complicated, and draw your name in big outlines. Once you’re finished, you grab and pull at them, and they resist your strength as if they were made out of cast iron. You laugh in amazement, and try the eraser on the letters, and see them scrub out of existence as quickly as they were make. You suddenly get a very exciting idea, once that will test the limits of your artistic abilities.
You’ve always been a doodler, and have spent many hours drawing cartoon girls with big flowing hairstyles, huge breasts, tiny waists, and a generous display
:iconstickysteph:StickySteph 348 57
Special: Top Ten TG Stories of 2014
Hello, ladies and gentlemen!! My name’s Xellows1, and it seems that my writing schedule has been a little, well, shitty recently. I’ve only gotten about one thing written in the past MONTH, and progress hasn’t really been moving along since my last update. While I’ve thankfully now in my Christmas Break, I’ve been spending my time mostly playing ORAS, as I’ve not really had the motivation or time to do so in the past, so TGs have really taken a backseat, though I do hope to fix that with my belated Christmas Story. But, that’s not why I’m here. As you probably are aware, we only have a few more days left in 2014. It’s been a good year for me, as I’ve been both doing better and school and, more significantly, have started to write TGs for the first time, and for some reason decided to post them for the world to see. Which, I must say, was a really good idea. However, as much as reflection is good and all, there’s two thin
:iconxellows1:Xellows1 36 15
Bodysuit 23 #225 (not canon) :iconmegazone23pt2:Megazone23pt2 138 48
Mystery of the Bronze Statue Park

In the town, there laid a park fittingly known as the "Bronze Statue Park". As the name would imply, it was lined with bronze statues strewn about here and there.

The truly peculiar thing about said park, however, was that no one had the faintest idea who was installing these statues. On top of it all, their numbers would only increase; it was only one or two at a time, but the statues steadily multiplied nevertheless.

There was actually a rumor among the townspeople that the park itself was cursed—that all the bronze statues placed in the park were actually at one point ordinary people who had been afflicted by said curse and themselves turned into statues.

The idea sprang from the curious observation that every single time a new statue made its appearance in the park, it was right around the point when some residen
:iconintoxiton:Intoxiton 18 0
TG Comic - Bill and Dipper :iconthemightfenek:TheMightFenek 1,175 42 Tiger and Bunny: Blue Rose :iconiannedreamer:ianneDREAMER 188 58
The New World: Rebirth (TF, TG) (Part One)
The dream started almost as soon as I closed my eyes. The first thing I saw was a white void. I looked around, hoping to see... something. I didn't know what. Everything felt weird—my body was all tingly. I knew instantly that this wasn't a normal dream.
"...Hello?" I called out. I stepped forward, looking down. My footsteps seemed to create a kind of ripple effect on the ground below, which was this kind of Translucent light platform. I blinked-- I heard voices echoing throughout the white landscape. "...You're early~". It was a feminine voice-- unfamiliar. I tilted my head, and turned around. "W-Who are you?" I said, worried.
"My dear... I'll be seeing you very soon. And you'll be seeing me. I can feel it. The wheels of fate are turning." The voice said. I was about to call out a response-- but the dream quickly faded to black.
I jerked awake in my bed, panting a little. Okay, I say bed; it was really a sleeping bag, on the floor. I rolled over, checking the time on the clock th
:iconadaminator1:adaminator1 119 19
Famous on the Internet :icontg-king:TG-King 108 6 COM - Good Girl :iconscissorsrunner:ScissorsRunner 324 26
Mermaid - TG Story

"How could you want to break up after our long relationship!" Amanda shouted at Carl, her ex-boyfriend.
"Because of my studies, it's either you or the studies and frankly I need to do this to live!" Carl shouted in reply.
Being a first year medicine student the hours required of Carl caused him to spend less and less time with Amanda, his girlfriend of three years. But there was something else that caused the break up - something that Amanda was too scared to tell him.
Over the past few months there had been many arguments similar to this all ending the same way, all leading the eventual decline of a breakup. But this argument was going to be the last.
"Carl! Do you really want to know my secret." Amanda said.
"Yes! Why are you keeping it away from me!" Carl replied.
"Because I wasn't ready yet..." Amanda said, "Carl... I'm a witch."
Carl cracked up laughing, "I can't believe that I was in a relationship with a psycho!" Carl said through his laughin
:iconpekachews:Pekachews 83 4
Bimbosis - TG
There's metal around my neck. It hurts, and it scares me; but I can't remember why I'm scared. I don't want to be scared, but I am scared, and I don't want to be scared. God, why do I have to be so scared?
I have to do something. I have to… I have to remove it? That doesn't make sense. I have to open my eyes? I don't want to. There's cold rock when I reach out; rough textures and cool metals, and horrid pain. The constant fear of being stabbed.
I don't want to open my eyes.
But I can't remember why.
It's hard to think about it; I don't want to think about it. There's a memory beneath the surface, but it scares me. I don't want to reach for it. I want to run away. I don't know where to run to. I have to get away.
It feels so hard to think.
There are things around me. These… these things. These things I can't seem to name. They're sharp and pretty, but they hurt soooo bad. I have to name them. If  I can't name them, I might not be able to avoid them; they might hurt m
:icondragon8writer:dragon8writer 240 24
Shay the Succubi :iconshay24:shay24 921 43 Dexter TG/Gender Bender - Gif :iconthemightfenek:TheMightFenek 1,252 95 Schoolgirl tg trade :iconyago1977:Yago1977 125 1
Artistic Bra - TG
Gar stretched across the bed, feeling the sunlight splay across the contours of his face. It was a masculine face, which he didn't often like to be reminded of. He muttered this fact into the fabric of his pillow without apparent effect, half motioning at the blinds as if it would do something.
"Wakey wakey sleepyhead." There was a voice in his ear. No voice had a right being in his ear that early in the morning. He muttered that into the pillow as well, hoping it would care enough to make the noise go away.
"Shush you," whispered the voice he didn't want to be there. "I happen to have a birthday gift for you."
Gar managed to move his head  a few centimeters, enough to whisper, "my birthday was two weeks ago," before collapsing back down.
"Which is why you're getting up," the illogical voice insisted. It tugged at him, which he thought was rather unfair for a voice to be able to do. He felt himself slipping with another tug, and lazily gripped the edge of the bed. The next tu
:icondragon8writer:dragon8writer 181 19
Gloves TG
"That must be my new gloves," smiled Andrew hearing the letterbox clatter as letters were pushed through it followed by a knock at the door.  When he opened the door, there was no-one there – just a small brown box with his name and address on it.  Usually the postman handed parcels over personally, so it was strange that this time he had just left it there, but Andrew just shrugged it off, thinking that the guy must have been in a rush or something.  Absentmindedly, he gathered up the letters and dumped them on the kitchen counter after a quick flick through to check there were none for him.  He immediately dashed upstairs to his study and started to open the box.
It was bound tightly in cellotape and he had a hard time getting into it with his short, bite-blunted nails, but eventually he managed to break through and open the lid flaps, spilling polystyrene peanuts all over his desk.  Mildly annoyed he brushed them into the bin an
:icondinadan-ermorfea:Dinadan-Ermorfea 195 27
Cultural Enrichment: A Traditional Chinese TG Tale
"How the hell did things end up like this?" Jackson thought to himself as he sat waiting for the man who would soon be his, or rather her husband. He was dressed in a formal qipao, his long black hair tied back into a neat bun, and his face was daintily decorated with makeup. If someone had told you such a beautiful Chinese woman had once been a man, you would've probably laughed at them. But this wasn't a laughing matter for Jackson. His entire life had been changed, all because of one girl's stupid mistake...
-------------------------------------TWO DAYS EARLIER-------------------------------------
When Jackson first arrived in China, he completely lacked the dread he'd feel very soon. The country may have been an oppressive Communist dictatorship, but for some reason it still had an innate beauty. The delicate flower gardens, the ornate buildings, and the beautiful people just drew him to the nation. He wasn't in the highly-polluted cities of the country, he was in it's luscious cou
:iconclydejac:clydejac 47 3
A brand new feeling-Quick Caption
“Ugh this is embarrassing.” Steven said walking the red floors of the Lampton hotel.
He and his buddy, Cole,  were on their way to the private hut tub they had rented out for the weekend. But they weren't in normal male swimming attire. They were wearing bikinis that hugged their bodies and outlined their male instruments in abnormal proportions. Steven wore a red bikini and Cole wore a green one.
“You didn't have to agree with this pal. No one forced you.” Cole explained.
Steven sighed. “Why do you guys do this again?”  
“Because if'll see. Did you spray the stuff on you?” Cole asked.
“Yeah I did.”
“You sure?”
Steven threw his head up in the air. “Yes Cole I did. I sprayed down every inch of my body yeesh.”
“Alright alright just wanted to make sure. It's the only way this works.”
“Yeah, yeah.”  
The boys approached the outside exit and walked onto the
:icongobbie2:Gobbie2 227 11
Love at Last? (Cyan + Retoree TF TG) :iconpotpourrimars:potpourrimars 150 13
Dont mess with sis

Steven looked over at his sister Elisa 
she stood there in her white ballerina outfit ready to leave for training
''you look ridiculous Elisa'' Steven said in a teasing voice
She looked at him and rolled with her eyes
''This again ? you say that all the time get some new insults''
Steven just shrugged and poked her head
''cheer up, so anyway, just practice today or what?''
''yeah, practice only''
''But you should join me sometime''
''Join you ? yes, i would love to join your ballerina squad'' Steven said in a sarcastic voice
''Really ? thats great'' she giggled and walked over to steven and pokes his nose 
''let's go then but i guess you need to change first ? but i can help you!'' Elisa grinned and looked at him
the two of them stood in the living room as Elisa started to perform a dance for Steven
''what are you doing ?'' he asked looking at her
She said nothing back but kept on dancing
the more she danced the more transfixed
:iconaleanne:Aleanne 167 10
TG Comic - Sleepover Part 1 - Comission :iconthemightfenek:TheMightFenek 919 25
The Witch's Daughter - TG/AR
Sean had followed the voice all the way to this clearing. He had gone on a walk to enjoy the last of his summer evenings, picking the country park just down the road from his parents’ home where he’d been staying. It was quiet and secluded, the perfect place for him to be alone with his thoughts. It was there that he heard the voice of a beautiful woman. The voice sounded so sweet…and yet so sad. Sean cut through the brush and blackberries, following the voice until it was all he could hear. And then he saw her.
The woman had long, black hair, flowing down to her hips. She wore a flowing green top and a long skirt the color of autumn leaves that fell gracefully around her bare feet. She looked the part of a mature woman – perhaps near forty years old – and yet Sean thought her to appear as young as the girls from his college campus. The woman sang her song as she picked the purple flowers that grew in abundance throughout the grove.
Slowly, Sean approache
:iconjacobthetgfan:JacobtheTGfan 299 12
Reincarnation (A SAO TG)
It's amazing how fast a small blade can completely take someone's life. He was so close. He had done everything to earn his happy ending. He fell in love, he beat the game, he found his lost love, he saved her, and all he had to do was make it to the hospital. And yet, it was the same psycho who had tried to rape his girlfriend little more than an hour ago that took him in.
One stab was all it took. Hell, the psycho had even missed the first time going for the fatal blow! And yet, he missed his second chance. Kazuto Kirigaya's story was over. All that remained for him was darkness and the numbness that came with it, along with the constant ringing of " close...Asuna...sorry..." in endless repetition. This seemed to be his ultimate fate, forever falling in nonexistence for eternity.
"Well, looks like you served your role perfectly!" a chirpy female voice echoed from beyond the darkness.
"Wh-what?" Kazuto asked to the darkness. "Is somebody there? Am I really dead?!
:icondancingspartan:DancingSpartan 132 55
Robotic - TG
Mike stared at the wall. It wasn't a particularly interesting wall. In fact, it could be claimed by some - many - to be a rather boring wall. But it was the only wall Mike had to stare at, and it was mildly less boring than the back of his eyelids. His head being fixed to the opposite wall by metal clamps, along with the rest of his body, he did not have much more choices.
"You couldn't you at least get a bloody picture?" he muttered, either to himself or to his capturer. The latter rarely answered, and the former - he hoped - would continue not to do so.
"Pictures interfere with work," Lexi responded. He could stare at her, actually, for short periods of time. She was at the very edge of his vision, and it gave him headaches to do it for too long, but the back of her head was still more interesting than the wall. At least the strands shifted, and there was the barest chance of seeing a lice or something else that he could nitpick on.
The hair itself was blonde and long, trailing the f
:icondragon8writer:dragon8writer 190 35
The Funhouse 2
Greg, Darren, and Jane had just heard about some sort of weird freakout happening at the Funhouse, and decided it would be foolish not to investigate what could be so horrifying. They joked and laughed to each other to settle their nerves as they walked in the front door and made their way down the long hallway.
“Man, look at all of these doors,” Darren remarked. Each one looked exactly the same, giving a sense of orderly creepiness to the place.
“Which one should we try? I bet most of them are locked,” Jane said as she tried one of the knobs. The door opened wide, revealing a solid brick wall. She snickered as she closed the door.
“I knew it. What a cheap set.”
As they headed down the hall, a distant hum suddenly got their attention. A rhythmic hum, almost like a generator, coming from somewhere within the Funhouse. The three looked at each other with surprise.
“Where is that coming from?” Darren said.
“Look!” Greg pointed at
:iconstickysteph:StickySteph 159 49
My Girlfriend's Notebook tg Full :iconthextra89:TheXtra89 1,504 80
A change of perspective

One thing i have always loved is the different cultures around the world
I have travelled around alot and seen alot but i still feel like i have so much to see and learn but i got time for that
Right now, i am not travelling around the world though
i am at home actually....or rather at the mall
They opened up a new store when i was on vacation a few weeks ago and i never really bothered to check it out before now
I walked over to the store and a huge grin spread across my face
it was a sort of antique store but it sold stuff from all over the world
to kimono's to Lederhosen to Bunader 
just standing in a store like this made me feel like i was in the center of the world so i spent over an hour just checking out everything in the store
the problem when travelling is you cant really buy too much, you cant really take home anything you want so its nice having a place like this
it is atleast something
i looked around the store some more
:iconaleanne:Aleanne 92 8
Don't Heckle Magicians
"This blows," Jeremy muttered with a scowl, drawing several glares from the people around him.
He didn't see what they were getting mad at him for, though. It wasn't his fault they wasted their money coming to this charlatan's show; everyone knew magic was fake. Smoke and mirrors, wires, misdirection, that's all it ever was. He looked up at the performer, a woman calling herself "The Extraordinary Espella" as she prepared her next trick. She was pretty sexy, he had to admit, clad in a leotard designed to resemble a black and white tuxedo with a matching top hat, her long legs clad in shiny nylons from her hips down to her high heeled feet. A large colourful box was wheeled out, a hole for the volunteer's head to fit out of at the top while the rest was hidden from view. Jeremy scowled, recognising this as that lame stabbing-swords-in-the-box routine.
"Oh come on!" he finally yelled at the stage. "Everyone knows this trick!"
"SHH!" several audience members hissed at him, as Espella grow
:iconshinnokraiden:ShinnokRaiden 42 20
Are You A Boy or A Girl? (Dawn TG) (REQUEST)
Byron was your average guy. He lived on his own in a small little part of town. He was disconnected from most others, very antisocial. Needless to say when his birthday came around, there was no un attending, not receiving any calls or anything. Byron didn't mind though, he never was for making a big fuss out of celebrations. 
Byron was sitting on his couch, enjoying some television when he heard a knock at the door. "Who could that be?" he questioned, not knowing who would drop by. He could only assume it was his landlord. Byron opened the door and said "I'll have your money next-" cut off by the sight of a woman he had never seen before. "Having fun tonight?" she asked Byron, like she had known him for years. "No, just celebrating my birthday with some TV. Do I know you?" Byron asked, very curious at the identity of the woman. "Aw, you don't remember me, come on, how old are you?" the lady asked. "Just turned 19." Byron said, not sure why he was answering. "Stop sidestepping, wh
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 165 3
Cameron had just graduated from school. After all that hard work for his finals he didn’t feel like going to university and having to start studying again. So he tried finding himself a job. He tried a lot of different jobs, but he never stuck to one. After a while they all got boring.
Cameron sighed ‘Why is it so difficult to find a nice job…’ He flipped to the next page in the newspaper. ‘All those jobs sound so incredibly boring… maybe I should really go to university…’
Just as he was thinking this, he spotted a small add in the bottom right corner of the page.
“Lab assistant wanted! No experience required! Basic knowledge of chemical and biological processes of advantage! - Aperture Industries”
‘Hey that sounds interesting.’ Cameron thought.
The next day Cameron got up early, breakfasted and took the bus to a flat near the city center, where he entered a small office. Beside him, three other people wanted to apply
:icongobbokilla:GobboKilla 234 160
Experimental machine :iconinfinitysign:InfinitySign 2,561 86
Stuck-TG Transformation-Quick Cap
I closed the door the burning sensation continuing in my groin and around my buttocks. “Oh man why the hell did I agree to wear this thing?”
I felt the thong actually tighten against my penis.
“What the fuck?”
It hugged my testicles as they actually elevated upward. They slowly sucked themselves into my body creating folds beneath me.
“What the fuck, what the fuck?” My penis lost its form withering away like a raisin in the sun. It disappeared adding to the slit that was forming in it’s place.
“What the hell!”
I pulled down my pants struggling to get them down my legs. My thighs were expanding gaining fat. When I finally got my  pants around my ankles, bent over,  I felt my ass cheeks swallow my thong string. I stood up immediately grabbing my buttocks, it was larger. Softer. I looked down at my genitals my breath shortening.  
“I’m, I’m turning into a-”
There was a knock at the door. “He
:icongobbie2:Gobbie2 170 12
Cursed Costume Party
"Hmm, what's this?" I said bending down to pick the letter up off the mat.  The envelope had a faint shimmer to it.  Cautiously, I opened it, and a blue card fell out.  Picking up the card, I read the gold writing in fancy script.  "A party?  Hmm, it's not really my thing, but might as well – not as if I've got anything better to do.  Besides, Keegan and Kelly are hosting it, so it should be fun."  Turning the card over, I read the details.  "A fancy dress party?  Huh, haven't got anything to wear to that.  Wonder where I could get a costume at such short notice?"  Setting the card down, I picked up the envelope to go throw it out, when a second card slipped out.  Picking it up, I read "Need a costume?  Then try AKEA's Brand New range of partywear."  I thought it over for a few seconds "Hmm, I really shouldn't, but it's not like I'
:icondinadan-ermorfea:Dinadan-Ermorfea 176 87