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Cat Transformation
   Lucy quickly ran to her room leaving behind the echoes of her parents screaming at her. "LUCY! YOU'RE SUCH AN ANIMAL!!! MUCH CONSEQUENCES WILL BE MADE FOR THIS!!"
   She continued ignoring them, slamming her bedroom door shut; she slowly slid down against the wooden door and curled up in a ball. Hugging her knees she then felt a slight pain in her fingertips.
   Confused she glances at them. With widen eyes she saw small black claws ripping under her fingernails. "W-what happening to me!?" Her regular nails fell off as long black claws continue to grow out. Lucy turned her hand over to the palm to spot faint pink pads growing out.
   Quickly she hid her hand away from her. Maybe this was all just a dream. Yeah, that's it. All a dream, she pinched herself with her new black claws. But it didn't work do to her thumb getting smaller and climbing up to her wrist. Starring in horror, she couldn't move her fingers anymore.
   Slowly her ha
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Fish Transformation
   "I WANNA PET!!" Jonathan screamed to his Father from the back seat of the car as they drove past the same pet store. "I WANT ONE! I WANT ONE! I! WANT! ONE! NOW!!!" He continued kicking and screaming for the Dad to finally stop the car.
   His Father sighed deeply and soon turned around and parked in the parking lot of the pet store. His son cheered happily as he ran out of the car and into the pet store before his Dad could even tell him to wait.
   Jonathan looked at the exotic birds and cats in their cages and tapped on the tanks of mice and hamsters just to scare them. He would laugh as they would jump up and dash away to the corner of the cages. "Excuse me, can I help you with something?"
   The boy jumped by the voice and looked to see a tall man. "Um, I want a pet!"
   The man smiled. "Well I have the perfect one, follow me." The man lead Jonathan to a fish tank with no fish inside. the boy was confused.
   "So, where
:iconinsanelymaddisasters:InsanelyMadDisasters 33 9
It's Been a While :iconjetfreak-7:Jetfreak-7 140 6
RQ:. Squirrel Tail Transformation
   "Come here you Cutie Wootie! I only want to hug you to pieces!" Elmyra climbed up the tree to catch a squirrel. The small gray squirrel was climbing up the tree for his life. Just as he reached his home at the top the little girl grabbed him and hugged him tightly. The poor little squirrel felt like its eyes were gonna pop out of its skull.
   Elmyra was happy, she put down the squirrel and it quickly ran back up to its home. "Oh come back here, Cutie!" the girl started to climb up the tree higher. Then the gray squirrel ran back down with an acorn in its paws. He gave it to Elmyra to take. The acorn seemed weird though; it had a glowing look to it if someone looked at it long enough, but the girl didn't notice.
   "Aww, you're so sweet you wittle cutie! I love you!!" She gave the squirrel another hug tightly as she took the acorn and ate it without and second thought. The gray squirrel struggled to break free from the death hug and ran back into its ho
:iconinsanelymaddisasters:InsanelyMadDisasters 23 5
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