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TF AOE Optimus Prime: Autumn Colors by MessyArtwok TF AOE Optimus Prime: Autumn Colors :iconmessyartwok:MessyArtwok 362 64 Transformers movie - Ironhide by GoddessMechanic Transformers movie - Ironhide :icongoddessmechanic:GoddessMechanic 5,920 525 Optimus and chibis 3 by GoreChick Optimus and chibis 3 :icongorechick:GoreChick 1,771 552 TFA - Blitzwing Mugshot by TheMinttu TFA - Blitzwing Mugshot :icontheminttu:TheMinttu 2,389 337 Meet the Engineer by Prospass Meet the Engineer :iconprospass:Prospass 1,017 70
Barricade Bumblebee slash
During the night, the wind and the heavy snow had scared off every living creature on the streets and everything seemed so silent. Bumblebee was on duty after driving Sam home from a Christmas party, but he was allowed to return to base since the weather was very bad.
He couldn’t really keep himself in vehicle mode because the streets were covered in a very thick layer of snow and he didn’t have the right tires for slippery streets at the moment, so he was walking on the deserted streets in the suburbs, leading out of town. He had to protect his face from the snow since it was very irritating and annoyed his optics.
As he fumbled his way through the snow, he heard something in the distance but wasn’t sure what it was. He stopped and looked around. All he could see was the poor lamp posts covered in icecicles, shining very poorly down on the streets, covering most of the neighbourhood in complete darkness and the wind howling gently once in a while, creating a very scary
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Operation walk babies by GoreChick Operation walk babies :icongorechick:GoreChick 1,370 364 Meet the Soldier by Prospass Meet the Soldier :iconprospass:Prospass 1,378 90 TF AOE Optimus Prime: The Run and Go by MessyArtwok TF AOE Optimus Prime: The Run and Go :iconmessyartwok:MessyArtwok 221 47 TFA - Snowball by TheMinttu TFA - Snowball :icontheminttu:TheMinttu 1,387 143 Optimus Prime by suzuran Optimus Prime :iconsuzuran:suzuran 2,543 543 TF:Bumblebee Human by arcadear TF:Bumblebee Human :iconarcadear:arcadear 892 107
Vixen Costume Prototype Test
The first week of my summer break was… interesting, to put it mildly. All right, I’ll admit, that was the understatement of the month. My parent’s work for an electronics corporation, and they were both scheduled to attend an exposition set to take place in California just after school let out. That would mean I would be left alone at home, with absolutely nothing to do outside eating, sleeping, and playing video games. That wouldn’t be all that bad, but my parents didn’t like that idea. So after some pleading on the part of my mother, the company decided to send me along with them. Thus, two days after school let out, my parents and I were shipped out to California in Business Class on a Delta Airlines flight.
This was a chance of a lifetime for me. While my parents sat in conference I got to scour the expo floor for the coolest new gadgets, hardware, basically the latest in technological innovations. Unhindered.
The non-business part of the expo, open t
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Arcee - Transformers Prime by Raikoh-illust Arcee - Transformers Prime :iconraikoh-illust:Raikoh-illust 1,406 125 Heavy Thoughts - 1 by On-The-Bandwagon Heavy Thoughts - 1 :iconon-the-bandwagon:On-The-Bandwagon 1,219 98 Transform and...cuddle? by Cafcow Transform and...cuddle? :iconcafcow:Cafcow 1,077 433 300 In the Snow by BlastedKing 300 In the Snow :iconblastedking:BlastedKing 1,522 103 Forgive Me... by RebeccaHudgens Forgive Me... :iconrebeccahudgens:RebeccaHudgens 124 61
Alien: Infection
Alien: Infection
My story isn’t a happy one.  If you’re looking for a joyful tale full of magic and wonder, then please search for another story somewhere else on this site.  This story is one of horror and ill fate, and how I lost everything that I held dear.  However, if you are looking for a story that seems too unreal to be true, then you’ve found the right one.  However, I can assure you that this story just might make you look over your shoulder every now and then in the city of Toronto, because chances are that I’ll be watching you.
I am, err…I guess I should say that I was a Canadian boy whose life had gone pretty well.  I lived with my mother and step-father in Baby Point (one of the nicer parts of Toronto, you could say) and had my fair share of friends.  It was approaching my 16th birthday and I was obsessed with cars.  Porches, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, they were the stuff of my dre
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TF RotF-style Grimlock Concept by JasonCardy TF RotF-style Grimlock Concept :iconjasoncardy:JasonCardy 1,533 384 Optimus and chibis by GoreChick Optimus and chibis :icongorechick:GoreChick 1,200 326
Dragon Hat
It was near the end of July. As a reward for finishing his first year of school,  six year old Jason and his family went to the San Diego Comic Con. Little Jason was amazed at how big the convention was. He had never seen so many people in one place. The convetion itself was a very easy place to get lost in so Jason had to make sure he was with his family at all times.
Jason was dressed like a half-dragon. His parents had always told him that many fans of comics like Iron Man and Batman who went there. As much as he loved superheroes, Jason loved dragons more. He had always enjoyed dragon type movies, no matter how cheesy.
Jason's costume was a pair of homemade wings that barely stuck out of his shirt and a tail his mom sowed for him. Jason looked around, excited. Jason noticed many people dressed up as his favorite fictional characters. He noticed a girl dressed up like Naruto. Another was a storm trooper.
"Mommy, why are these people wearing costumes?" Jason asked.
"It's a
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Double wave. by Tojosaka666 Double wave. :icontojosaka666:Tojosaka666 1,358 188 Blurr movie style concept by zgul-osr1113 Blurr movie style concept :iconzgul-osr1113:zgul-osr1113 1,572 202 265 Boom Headshot by BlastedKing 265 Boom Headshot :iconblastedking:BlastedKing 983 51 behind the scene 2_TF Movie by BloodyChaser behind the scene 2_TF Movie :iconbloodychaser:BloodyChaser 1,090 150
TF High 5
TF High Chapter 5: Anyone Care for a Hot Hog?
"Well…" Brandi Hound asks, as she taps her paw-foot impatiently. Brandi Hound had once been human, but like a growing number of student at Travis Fortmasion High School she had been changed into an animal hybrid.
Now half bloodhound Brandi had found a possible connection to the mysterious transformations; that being, all the students involved as well as the Principle had all taken a drink of water shortly before they had changed. Adding the fact that the genetics company GeneCorp had dumped an unknown substance nearby shortly before, Brandi had deduced that a microscopic inspection of the water from the school would prove her theory.
"Well," Peggy; the school's science club President began. "I have looked over this sample and I didn't find anything out of the ordinary." "HOOooooOOOOwWWw?..." Brandi tried to ask with a little difficulty controlling herself. "Sorry," She said when she finally stopped howling. "But how can that be? I mean
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Fun with Static Electricity by treez123 Fun with Static Electricity :icontreez123:treez123 2,219 392 Meet the Scout by Prospass Meet the Scout :iconprospass:Prospass 1,240 82
The Suit
   A few months ago I thought I was safe. Now look at me running through the forest from my own creation. My name is Cory I was the only female scientist working at a company called, "Transforming Beauty." I was in charge of a new project called The Black Suit.
   I was at work in my lab coat studying our progress from the observation room that was separated by a one-way glass mirror. I had my black hair in a braid going down to my shoulder I was 21 and to most guys I walked by they thought I was the hot body not so smart brain but that was a mistake. I got both by some chance. We were running tests on a new product we called the black suit for the simple fact it molded the wearers body to by more beautiful. We started off with a simple microscope slide of the suit to see its reaction to contact, what we saw was unlike anything ever imagined. The second the test subject came within a foot of the slide the suit leaped onto their skin and did like we predict
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A Dragon's Beginning
At the Green Dragon Inn, there were no less than five or so people. The Bartender, his wife, a married couple, and an old man.
In the darkness walked a man in dragon boots. He was wearing a tunic, also made of dragon. It was said that if you wore a dragon's armor, you'd be protected from dragon attacks. This man, who many called Iiyumi.
Iiyumi walked into the Green Dragon Inn. He walked towards the bar. "Two tall ones." He asked for.
"Coming right up!" The bartender exclaimed.
Iiyumi shifted his attention over to a wanted poster. This poster appeared to have a dragon on it. The bounty for this dragon was 1,220,000 gold. Iiyumi smiled to himself.
"That's Atarica." The bartender explained. "A real devil of a dragon. It's said that those who went off to find her never came back. They say that if you walk outside at night, you'll hear her voice. Then she'll appear in front of you."
"And then what?" Asked Iiyumi.
"She'll drag you to your doom!" The bartender finished.
"You'd be wise not to
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Legends (+Speedpaint) by ProphetofPrimes Legends (+Speedpaint) :iconprophetofprimes:ProphetofPrimes 141 48 Brotherly, Indeed by Shy-Light Brotherly, Indeed :iconshy-light:Shy-Light 1,257 266
A Wolf's Love
A Wolf’s Love
(two teens to wolves)
It was sometime after midnight and Blake heard the phone ring. Quickly picking up the phone, he answered with a very tired and groggy hello. “Hi Blake, this is Brenna ... you know, from school.” “Yeah I know, what’s up?” “Oh nothing I was just wondering if you had plans tomorrow night. There’s supposed to be a great band playing in the park. Maybe you want to go see them with me?” “Sure I would love to Brenna.” “Great call you later with the details.” “Ok, bye”. With that Blake hung up the phone and collapsed on his bed. He got under the covers and drifted off to sleep. The next morning he got up and went downstairs to eat breakfast. He got out a bowl and guzzled down the milk and then devoured the toasted bread. He was excited about the evening to come. He has had an eye for Brenna for some time now. She seemed so mysterious and like such a fun person to be around. He couldn&
:iconkillerpen:killerpen 174 60
Xenomorph Costume 2 of 2
Costume TF continued..
Days past, days turned to weeks and I hadn't moved from that spot since I was changed, I don't know why but I was starting to be at ease with being a Xenomorph, I didn't know if it was the costumes comforts or if it was just messing with my head, I couldn't sit here any longer though....getting hungry....after I raid the fridge.....I'll try to figure this shit out.
The house was a complete mess, it could've reminded you of 'No man's land' from world war one. A large pile of post was gathering at the door, tables and chairs were slung to the floor, a huge packing box was on its side, packing peanuts all over the floor, paper and other household nick nacks were littered everywhere, lamps were on their sides and the TV on top of a wooden case in the corner was smashed in….even the wall mirror was broken, a deep splintered crack in the middle of it as if som
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listen... by morgenty listen... :iconmorgenty:morgenty 1,185 63
My cousin the genius
My cousin the genius
By The Shadow Demon
(Woman into dog)
Note: This is a sequel to the story 'My brother the genius'.
It's been a long time since I've seen my Aunt Kate and my two cousins Max and Jaime and me coming up under these circumstances made me feel even worse. You see two years ago, my genius of a cousin Max came up this way change the genetic code via using nanites. Boy when I got told he was successful I was wrapped for him but when I heard that it was that his subject was his own sister made me a little worried and when I got told that somehow it backfired made me feel bad for Max but most of all for Jamie as Jamie and I are at the same age, in fact we were more like sisters then anything else so I really felt that I had to do something for at least both for them, I mean after all… Max is not the only genius in the family. Travelling up the long driveway to Aunt Kate's farm, I notice all the cows in the paddocks as I drive up to the main house. Turning off the engine,
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COM - One of Us by ScissorsRunner COM - One of Us :iconscissorsrunner:ScissorsRunner 724 63 Coatzin - transformer OC by Raikoh-illust Coatzin - transformer OC :iconraikoh-illust:Raikoh-illust 431 47 Field Study: Wildlife Observation by ebonydragon Field Study: Wildlife Observation :iconebonydragon:ebonydragon 826 29
Petformers 8
Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers. I make no profit from this. Petformers created by peanutchan.
A/N: Most pairings are Optimus/Megatron.
Title: Kitten Melee
Rating: G
Warnings: MPREG, slash
Pairings: mentioned Prowl/Lockdown and Ratchet/Ironhide
Ears folded back, bobbed tail twitching, Megatron lowered his head and scowled as a mass of hyperactive kittens swarmed him in the backyard behind Sari's house. The kittens, consisting of Prowl's and Lockdown's litter and Ratchet's and Ironhide's one kitten First Aid, were normally contained inside the house, and heavily guarded by their parents, but Sari had left the door open due to warm weather, so the kittens took the opportunity to escape. Naturally curious, they immediately ran up to him, drawn by his different scent and odd appearance. They nipped and tugged on his ears, burrowed into the tuft of fur on his chest, climbed all over his massive body, and batted at his short tail. He let out an agitated hiss when several of the kittens
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Transformers Grimlock by KlausScherwinski Transformers Grimlock :iconklausscherwinski:KlausScherwinski 544 33 Into Werewolf RETURNS by AbyssWolf Into Werewolf RETURNS :iconabysswolf:AbyssWolf 35,305 3,288 COM - Werewolf Curse by ScissorsRunner COM - Werewolf Curse :iconscissorsrunner:ScissorsRunner 504 27
Ahsoka Tano TG TF
        Character Bio's:  Dave: Age: 15, Height: 6ft, Brown hair. Johnny: Age: 12, Height: 5ft, 5in, Brown hair.   Laura: Age: 43, Height: 5ft 8in, Blonde dyed hair.
    Anakin Skywalker: Age: 25, Height: 6ft 1in, Brown, shaggy hair, Blue eyes.  Ashoka Tano: Age: 17, Height: 5ft 5in, No hair, Blue eyes, BB-cup.  Captain Rex: Age: 25, Height: 6ft 1in, Bald, Brown eyes.
        Dave walked around his house looking for his younger brother Johnny, it was his turn to do the dishes and he was nowhere to be found! Dave's mom, Laura, said that if the dishwasher wasnt done soon, both of them would be grounded. "Johnny! Where are you!? Mom wants the dishwasher done!" Dave yelled as he walked to Johnny's room. Dave opened the door to see Johnny, on his bed, watching a DVD of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. A cute looking alien girl was on the screen, but it didnt matter.
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Dog TF
My eyes fluttered open, the light burning my eyes.  I was on a operation table.  I saw that I was in a white room, all alone.  My vision was beginning to correct itself, then I realized that I was being stared at by four or five tall men in pure white costumes.  I tried to get up, but my arms and legs were strapped down.
“Where am I?”  I asked, nervously.
They all looked at me, behind black visors.  I couldn’t see their eyes.
“Where am I?”  I asked again, more anger showing in my voice.
They pulled out a syringe.  My eyes grew wide.  “What is that?!”  I yelled.  They said nothing to me.  One of them leaned over, seemingly to whisper something to the other.  Most of it was inaudible.  I did make out the words, “Change and Dog.”
Sweat poured down my forehead.  “What are you going to do to me
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Optimus and chibis 2 by GoreChick Optimus and chibis 2 :icongorechick:GoreChick 1,286 355