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Small glass bottle PNG by raduluchian Small glass bottle PNG :iconraduluchian:raduluchian 1,330 121 Tequila Gaia by LonesomeFaery Tequila Gaia :iconlonesomefaery:LonesomeFaery 773 222 merquila by Lhianne merquila :iconlhianne:Lhianne 487 267 Deadlight by ABELOroz Deadlight :iconabeloroz:ABELOroz 1,394 98 Salud by screwbald Salud :iconscrewbald:screwbald 1,238 76 In the bar by onesummerago In the bar :icononesummerago:onesummerago 1,306 86 Under New Command | Aliens/AVP by Urbanator Under New Command | Aliens/AVP :iconurbanator:Urbanator 2,054 224 Metro Station by cesarsampedro Metro Station :iconcesarsampedro:cesarsampedro 162 5 Tequila book cover by DanielGrzeszkiewicz Tequila book cover :icondanielgrzeszkiewicz:DanielGrzeszkiewicz 1,347 63 Teela Tequila by vashperado Teela Tequila :iconvashperado:vashperado 528 28 Nico Robin -  Tequila Wolf escape by Law67 Nico Robin - Tequila Wolf escape :iconlaw67:Law67 833 66 Petrol Station by cesarsampedro Petrol Station :iconcesarsampedro:cesarsampedro 236 16 Tequila - Carbon by zoltan Tequila - Carbon :iconzoltan:zoltan 637 107
The Drug Opera
As dusk dripped thick through a coffee filter brume, the edges of the sky blistered and curled in on themselves like a photograph aflame. The orphaned troupe Alamort marched - no, limped, dragged their fractured marionette legs over the macadamized road towards a sizzling neon sign, the vista bathed in its bright red panicked heartbeat. A plaque of hoary grout plugged the fossil veins of crack-toothed cobblestone, whispered salty scandal to their tattered shoes. Rainwater crept through seams in the jigsaw stone, trilling toward Canaan in days-long fingers of living mercury.
And they followed it, the five pairs of abandoned feet, walking the dew lines like liquid tight rope toward their aqueous juncture, to where the melted clouds converged in pulsating chrome puddles; at the grand and pompous feet of The Drug Opera.
Relic, Whimsy, Fustian, Antic, Sorry; kith ranging in years from seventeen to twenty-eight. They dissolved into a line, hand melding into hand like the grimy pearls
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