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Cyber Hound by SarahJaneArt Cyber Hound :iconsarahjaneart:SarahJaneArt 224 17 Octopus for Natalee by nEVEr-mor Octopus for Natalee :iconnever-mor:nEVEr-mor 127 30 BSdigitalQ Request by angelnablackrobe BSdigitalQ Request :iconangelnablackrobe:angelnablackrobe 537 78 Tentacruel used Bind by RadenWA Tentacruel used Bind :iconradenwa:RadenWA 318 253 Free tentical monster by Slushy-man Free tentical monster :iconslushy-man:Slushy-man 102 106 Octopus Suckers by enterfunnyusername Octopus Suckers :iconenterfunnyusername:enterfunnyusername 121 28 Slender by rabid-one Slender :iconrabid-one:rabid-one 51 4 Reading the Necronomicon by sorrowking Reading the Necronomicon :iconsorrowking:sorrowking 114 33 One Really Messed Up Dream by DivineError One Really Messed Up Dream :icondivineerror:DivineError 188 107 Shoggoth by sorrowking Shoggoth :iconsorrowking:sorrowking 82 36 Deep water danger by spazzbot Deep water danger :iconspazzbot:spazzbot 103 37 Undead - 05 - Corpse Weed by Paladin-Ciel Undead - 05 - Corpse Weed :iconpaladin-ciel:Paladin-Ciel 62 18 Love is curious by DarkHatDesign Love is curious :icondarkhatdesign:DarkHatDesign 71 34 Undead - Corpse Weed by Paladin-Ciel Undead - Corpse Weed :iconpaladin-ciel:Paladin-Ciel 115 13 The Slither Licker by ChaseConley The Slither Licker :iconchaseconley:ChaseConley 96 12 Octopus Invasion by SARDONlCUS Octopus Invasion :iconsardonlcus:SARDONlCUS 82 37 Undead - 07 - Parasite by Paladin-Ciel Undead - 07 - Parasite :iconpaladin-ciel:Paladin-Ciel 80 19 TentaSpy by spazzbot TentaSpy :iconspazzbot:spazzbot 47 44 freuds wet dream by Thecosmicgoose freuds wet dream :iconthecosmicgoose:Thecosmicgoose 21 0 My Head Is Someplace Else by Doe-Eyed-Monster My Head Is Someplace Else :icondoe-eyed-monster:Doe-Eyed-Monster 21 1 Hazard Girl by muetank Hazard Girl :iconmuetank:muetank 32 0 Audry Page 9 by Loganzo Audry Page 9 :iconloganzo:Loganzo 23 0 OH NOES TENTICLE RAPE D8 by Hattress-Of-Horror OH NOES TENTICLE RAPE D8 :iconhattress-of-horror:Hattress-Of-Horror 96 244 Splenderman by Willows-Photos Splenderman :iconwillows-photos:Willows-Photos 17 4 Creep by Eyes-Of-The-Dead Creep :iconeyes-of-the-dead:Eyes-Of-The-Dead 27 23 Rogue One 2 by Bigfootfantasies Rogue One 2 :iconbigfootfantasies:Bigfootfantasies 298 7 TT - Just Like my Japanese Animes by redblacktac TT - Just Like my Japanese Animes :iconredblacktac:redblacktac 559 56 NOT how to treat a lady by Rosusonikku-R NOT how to treat a lady :iconrosusonikku-r:Rosusonikku-R 271 40 Audry Page 11 by Loganzo Audry Page 11 :iconloganzo:Loganzo 49 5 Audry Page 10 by Loganzo Audry Page 10 :iconloganzo:Loganzo 31 0 Attempted Imitation by ABitMadInTheHead Attempted Imitation :iconabitmadinthehead:ABitMadInTheHead 24 21 Grape Flavored by muetank Grape Flavored :iconmuetank:muetank 25 2 Ghoulish bride by Thecosmicgoose Ghoulish bride :iconthecosmicgoose:Thecosmicgoose 39 5 Echo by Athenas-Sanctuary Echo :iconathenas-sanctuary:Athenas-Sanctuary 34 15 Path Of The Dead - Pencils by Paladin-Ciel Path Of The Dead - Pencils :iconpaladin-ciel:Paladin-Ciel 12 13 TTGo - Baby Got Legs by redblacktac TTGo - Baby Got Legs :iconredblacktac:redblacktac 151 17 Warhammer FB Slaanesh Cult costumes by BIGBUBBASSTUFF Warhammer FB Slaanesh Cult costumes :iconbigbubbasstuff:BIGBUBBASSTUFF 32 18 Monster Hotspring Sounds by Razvan-Sedekiah Monster Hotspring Sounds :iconrazvan-sedekiah:Razvan-Sedekiah 46 14 base no.3 by Darkbases-13 base no.3 :icondarkbases-13:Darkbases-13 70 5 Mr. BunnyTentacleFace by CootieInfestation Mr. BunnyTentacleFace :iconcootieinfestation:CootieInfestation 24 23 Serenely Me by Zeldablue Serenely Me :iconzeldablue:Zeldablue 28 27 Reflected Madness by Vixen11 Reflected Madness :iconvixen11:Vixen11 24 1
Cuts and Captivity chapter 2
Cuts and Captivity 2
~Tyki x Kanda~
"It appears you haven't quite finished your job." Tyki said with a smile. "Shall we continue, boy?" Tyki said as he stood removing his pants and walking over to stand in front of Kanda. Making a feeling of dread wash over Kanda.
"This isn't a job...and what the hell is wrong with you....there's no way that your still going...i had to have hit my head on the cement block during the last Climax and this is all a dream now." Kanda spoke as Tyki traced his hands over him once more.
Tyki pulled Kanda's pants off the rest of the way, leaving both men completely exposed now. "So you've had dream that go this way, well then, I wonder if you know what will happen next?" he said as he began to slide he finders along Kanda's arms tracing the muscles of his upper limb as Kanda still breathed heavy, trying to catch his breath.
"No i don't dream like that!  I said this HAS TO BE A's no much of a nightmare to be real." the Samurai shot squirmin
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