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A Very Skyrim Crossover by Sir-Douglas-of-Fir A Very Skyrim Crossover :iconsir-douglas-of-fir:Sir-Douglas-of-Fir 15 51 My Legs Are  Wobbley, Carry Me! by Wynnifredd My Legs Are Wobbley, Carry Me! :iconwynnifredd:Wynnifredd 4 14 Aren't You a Little Short for a Saint? by Wynnifredd Aren't You a Little Short for a Saint? :iconwynnifredd:Wynnifredd 4 4 Telki philosophy by Wynnifredd Telki philosophy :iconwynnifredd:Wynnifredd 3 13 Tender Moment by Wynnifredd Tender Moment :iconwynnifredd:Wynnifredd 3 6 Telki-tine Telki/Erandur by Wynnifredd Telki-tine Telki/Erandur :iconwynnifredd:Wynnifredd 3 7 For the Children by Wynnifredd For the Children :iconwynnifredd:Wynnifredd 2 11 Yet Another Telki by Wynnifredd Yet Another Telki :iconwynnifredd:Wynnifredd 2 11 Surprise! by Wynnifredd Surprise! :iconwynnifredd:Wynnifredd 2 5
Asylum'Verse: Rescue
Steel grey clouds clustered in the sky above the ancient city of Windhelm, their heavy bottoms weeping fluffy bits of themselves to coat the sooty dark stone framed in centuries’ worth of black dirt ground into their mortar. The new puffs of white helped add some contrast, covering the dingy, crusted snow already heaped in corners, against walls, and over the carefully stacked stone blocks piled here and there throughout the city. More grey stone rose up on either side of the street, creating a warren of unrelentingly dismal corridors beneath the black slate roofs.
Romulus Amulius, Hero of Kvatch and Daedric Prince of Madness, gazed up at the bottom of the clouds, the monochrome world around him making him long for the bright colors of Mania. Bored and depressed, he started a colony of bright yellow mold on the wall across from him, concentrating on the tiny world of fungi rather than the larger world of rot around him. It distracted him for a while, until a pair of guards crosse
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Asylum'Verse: Rescue ch. 2
“What is he doing here?” Ulfric’s hard gaze had settled on Rommy, and it was not a happy one. Still standing in the door to the war room, Rommy looked none too happy himself, matching the Nord glare for glare.
“Oh boy,” Telki talked fast. “He’s looking for information on Tyr. He’s the other reason I’m here.” Ulfric was closing in on Rommy, and she was pretty sure it wasn’t for a hug. Rommy being Rommy, he wasn’t backing away, either.
“Well, I’m pretty sure he’s half the reason Tyr isn’t here!” Ulfric swung; Rommy leaned back just enough that it didn’t connect. It didn’t faze Ulfric, who just adjusted his attack. He quickly jabbed a leg behind Rommy’s to overbalance him and attempted to catch him across his windpipe with his return swing. The Imperial grabbed his arm instead, using the larger man’s own momentum to bring them both crashing to the flo
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Asylum'Verse: Rescue ch. 3
Successful negotiations concluded with Brighthand and Gideon joins the Pit Crew
and Telki wonders if she can poison a Daedric Prince with Sam's supermead
there will be an image uploaded with the chapter, but I'll be out of pocket for a week for a family trip, and from here out, well, I don't presactly have the right sets for most of these chapters.
So i'll have to get sneaky, or some kind artists will have to help me out *big blinky eyes*
Chapter Text
“Well, all things considered, that went well? Yes? No?” Telki tried for a smile, but found her facial muscles too tired. She slumped against the wall in Hjerim, tired but triumphant. Once she explained the exact power a jarl had, and that they’d have a hand in picking the next High King, Llewellyn Brighthand was all for the idea. It meant suffering through a few decades with Ulfric, but Brighthand was young
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A Bit of a Fixer Upper by Wynnifredd A Bit of a Fixer Upper :iconwynnifredd:Wynnifredd 1 4
Asylum Rescue ch 12: All Hail the Mad Queen
Chapter 12
:: Erandur? There’s a dragon nearby! :: Telki cried, ears swiveling as she looked about, straining to catch the telltale roar of a dovah.
The girl rose to her feet, short hair swinging as she looked left and right, Telki still half dangling. Finally, she turned almost completely around and to her left, following a path through the overgrowth that by all rights shouldn’t exist in such a tangle. With every step the tug of the dragon got stronger.
The faint sound of voices echoed through the trees, the words eventually becoming clearer, though it was mostly instructions on moving something heavy. Blossom crouched down, still cuddling Telki to her chest as she moved through the brush like a cat herself. Finally, she reached the edge, reached out one hand, and parted the plants.
Even a Young One had a difficult time holding in a gasp at their first sight of a dragon.
The dovah was chained to a massive cart, wings staked and tied to the heavy wood, thick as tree
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AR ch 17 Dear Gods, There's Two of Him
Some people, like Telki, reacted very well to travel by butterfly. Other people reacted quite poorly, so Rommy stopped some distance away from the edifice their attackers were milling around, shielded them all from sight, and softly fitted their bodies back together.
Erandur quickly went to his knees, breathing heavily. His skin was nearly white. "I think I may have to forgo further butterfly rides, at least until this extra Mara attention passes."
Ulfric watched Erandur with faint concern, before schooling his features back to impassivity. "That was interesting."
Rommy was staring at him. "You loved that," he said, surprise clear in his voice.
"I would not be adverse to another such trip." Ulfric's tone and voice gave nothing away with difficulty. His spirit felt lighter; for all that they were in the dreariest place Oblivion could imagine, he was finally doing something about the men left behind, and it felt very freeing. The butterfly ride had only added to that feeling.
Smirking a
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Asylum ch. 7: Reckonings
“Y’know, they’ve been gone quite a while now. It’s not like she can’t take care of herself, but still.” Mercutio was absently running his hands up and down his thighs in a nervous gesture.
“I know. She’d have at least sent word.” Gideon, much recovered, was idly flipping his hammer, tossing it as easily as most men tossed a coin.
“So where might she be, that she couldn’t send word easily?” Erandur asked, rubbing his brow as the worry levels in the room rose exponentially.
Sam watched this with an amused quirk to his lips, sipping his own home brew that would probably kill a mortal after two swallows. These three were lucky they were entertaining, honestly, he’d been know to offer a few gulps to mortals that annoyed him.
The door burst open and a whirlwind came inside. A whirlwind almost as short as Telki, with bright blond hair that stood straight up, and an unusually round face for a Bosmer, suggesting that
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Asylum: Epilogue
The sun was shining overhead as if in apology for the four days of hard snow. Dawnstar shimmered under a white blanket rapidly melting to fill the harbor. On the road just outside town, a strange party  walked companionably for a few miles until out of sight of the tower that overlooked the harbor. There, in full, broad daylight, a seven-foot tall man in red and black armor danced and drank with four ordinary men--if one could overlook the fact that they were all standing around in the snow, drinking.
Rommy stopped and sighed, giving Telki’s hand a squeeze. “Reality calls,” he said with great irony.
“So, in about three weeks, I need to be at a meeting with the Reachmen’s new leader, and then I’m free as a bird to swaddle some madmen. Can we make that happen?”
“I’d like to see you before then,” Rommy interjected, gazing down at her.
“Honey, you are welcome whenever, however I can get you. Haven’t you gotten tha
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Asylum'Verse: Rescue ch 7
Chapter 7
Alinor was surprisingly beautiful for a country full of xenophobic, genocidal maniacs. The palm trees towered over the orange orchards, waving in the wind as if to greet them. The sand was as golden as the inhabitants, and the Spire that grew from the surrounding groves like a spike of Order crystal shown with every color there was, as delicate as a piece of coral and sporting ornate bridges to smaller, equally beautiful spires, each winking a different color in the sunlight. Telki wondered what sort of madness gripped these elves, that they could be given a paradise like this, and be so desperate to turn it into a hell on Nirn.
“We’ll be docking soon,” the captain called, sweating a little as he looked at the place. “Those of you that enlisted for duty, I recommend you be ready to depart the moment we dock. Be armored up and have all your stuff in hand.”
Telki grabbed her knapsack and bumped Mercutio, waking him. “Grab you
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Asylum Ch. 4
Erandur may have lived most of his life in the Pale, but he still felt the cold quicker than a native born Nord like Gideon. So it was no surprise he woke first to the cold, silent room. Well, silent except for the rattling snores he’d come to associate with Sam.
Stoking the fires back to life lit up the place enough to see the bench across from them was empty. Worried, he checked their bed first. Seeing Telki curled up and happily dreaming allowed the half-formed panic to subside. Never let it be said he couldn’t learn from his mistakes.
Waking Gideon to help him move Merc, they both poured the sleeping Imperial into bed next to Telki. It was somewhat adorable watching the two curl around each other without waking, the blankets swirling in a nest around them.
“Okay, what are you thinking and why aren’t we crawling into bed with them?” Gideon was not one to beat about the bush, but rather run right over it.
“I don’t think Romulus was as asleep
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Asylum'Verse Rescue Ch. 4 Surprise Discoveries
“Don’t move.”
“You really, really, don’t want to do that,” Gideon warned her calmly, freezing where he stood as the sharp prick of the dagger lay cold against his back, right over his kidney. A mental picture of the dead Imperial flashed across his mind, which was certainly not what he needed.
“What, stab you?” the Bosmer asked, voice full of mirth. “Of course not! You’re far too interesting. I will though, if I have to,” her voice darkened.
“I won’t attack you, if that’s what you’re thinking. I would still get you out of here, if I could find whatever’s tying you here. They can’t be that good to you, if you’re worried they’d...they’d...prostitute you like that. Precisely what loyalty do you owe these jackals?”
There was a long moment of silence before the giggles started. “Oh, you’re cute,” she said, pressing with the weapon just sli
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You've No Idea by Wynnifredd You've No Idea :iconwynnifredd:Wynnifredd 1 2
Asylum Rescue, ch 11: On Little Cat Feet
Chapter 11
The house was quiet. The hallways echoed with a thousand tiny noises she never would have noticed before, even with her sensitive ears. The cold stone of the Spire felt hard and lifeless beneath her paws, but Telki didn’t mind as much as she might. She was a huntress, she was stalking, and walking on all fours wasn’t nearly as hard as it had first felt.
Dawn had been an hour ago, but most of the activity this time of day was in the lower levels. Up here, where the illustrious lords and ladies slept, the higher-ranked Thalmor and guests and upper servants, all was still quiet. It was the perfect time of day to go through, looking for the focus. If only there weren’t so many interesting things to chase, pounce on, or rub her face on. She briefly wondered if the impulses came from being Alfiq, or from who set the transformation.
Bands of sunlight were filtering through the windows now. There was a mountain range to the east that prevented the first rays from r
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Telkitine2 by Wynnifredd Telkitine2 :iconwynnifredd:Wynnifredd 3 4
What Mara Can Do
“What were you remembering?” he inquired softly.
“A husband and wife we found dead on the road. Bandits had happened. I was so mad.
I had found the woman’s journal." 
“They were so in love, and if Mara was so great, why did she let that happen?
And it was Erandur that helped me deal with it. He said ‘Mara cannot change what people
decide to do, she can just help us find the people willing to make it easier along the way.
She gives us each other to lean on.’
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AsylumRescue Ch. 9: Family and Tempest Tantrums
Screencap of Strun, care of Evil-is-Relative. Posted on Deviantart.
Chapter Text
Ilmiyon barely had time to process she’d moved before he went flying off the dock and over the water, green eyes wide and blank with shock. He hit the edge of his own ice barrier and skid across it for a few yards before tumbling into the water. Around Telki, everyone jumped back, staring at her in various degrees of shock. She had no time for them, going off the dock after the girl. Molag Bal could have the lot of them for all of her.
Talon regarded her passively, then returned his gaze to the water as a light boiled out from beneath the ice, racing right passed the Dragonborn. The black soul gem he held was surrounded by it, then lit from within. He examined it momentarily before placing it in his belt pouch. Telki’s shriek of grief and anger made the whole pier shake, whipping the water into real su
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