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The Crackiest USUK Fanfic Ever Written
 America stared blankly ahead with a confused and slightly disturbed look on his face.  England had gone into one of his magical gay trances again.
   "Good day, Sir Teletubby, would you like some tea?  What's that, Flying Mint bunny? Would you like some too?  Oh stop, you!  It's my pleasure!"
 Not only was he carrying a conversation with his imaginary friends, but he was also wearing a tiara…a pink miniskirt… and Tights.  Surprisingly, America found it looked kind of… attractive on him…  'Wait a minute, what the hell was I just thinking?' America shook the thought out of his head abruptly, mumbling to himself.
   "Anyways, just what are you doing, England?" He pondered.
   "I'm having a tea party, you git."  England glared, "Would you care to join us?"
   "Erm… I think I'll pass…"  America said, as he stared at the empty chairs.  Clearly, England was out of his mind.  He paused.  "
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