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Voyager concept :iconjonathanp45:JonathanP45 506 20 Teleportation :iconbosniak:bosniak 553 127 Tesla Teleporting Station :iconhideyoshi:Hideyoshi 1,726 47 Core Of The Portal Planet :iconadoreluna:adoreluna 296 97 Pendant of Peculiarities :iconglimmeringstarshine:GlimmeringStarshine 914 110
(Art-trade) A Fairy Tail TG: Cana Alberona
This is a bad idea, Stan thought as he stared at the mug in front of him. He’d been on his way home from the gym, when he saw the poster. It was posted on the wall of an old tavern that was apparently open this early in the afternoon. Some sort of drinking competition was advertised, one with a $500 cash prize. Stan had never been much of a drinker, maybe a beer here and there. He’d always preferred staying fit and in-shape. Getting drunk seemed like a waste of time and an abundance of bad calories. But he could really use that money, and out-drinking someone couldn't possibly require any effort, right? With that thought he reluctantly entered the bar.
  About an hour later, and Stan was six glasses in. They’d all been beers of different colors and names; he didn't really know the difference. A few people had dropped out already, and while Stan wasn't quite there yet, he was starting to feel a little unsure about his chances. He su
:iconjanusdadefender:JanusDaDefender 125 8
Teleportation :iconhalcyon83:Halcyon83 770 420 Blink! :iconrayhyuuga:rayhyuuga 163 15 Construction Drone :iconnatehallinanart:NateHallinanArt 97 1 Jasmine Sylph :iconlol-pretzel:Lol-Pretzel 281 60 Ash :iconjoseochoaart:JoseOchoaArt 187 17 Curazy Twilight :icondeathpwny:DeathPwny 259 47 PonyKart - Twilight (flash drawn) :iconblue-paint-sea:Blue-Paint-Sea 399 22 Traveler 2013 :iconelisanth:Elisanth 188 44 Cargo Trade Ship :iconnatehallinanart:NateHallinanArt 88 1 Cargo Trade Ship Colors :iconnatehallinanart:NateHallinanArt 81 2 S01E02 :iconyoka-the-changeling:Yoka-the-Changeling 237 10 CE: Going to Abyss :iconsakon04:Sakon04 528 44 Between Worlds :iconneotheta:Neotheta 306 11 Cargo Trade Ship Thumbs :iconnatehallinanart:NateHallinanArt 69 2 Scorpion- Mortal Kombat X :iconoblivionhunter1:OBLIVIONHUNTER1 193 10 You are a mean one big bro :iconayaluna:Ayaluna 333 80 Toa Krikitt :iconlol-pretzel:Lol-Pretzel 129 14 A Complex Mind... :iconjoshuadunlop:JoshuaDunlop 338 124 X-Men First Class: Blixt :iconyukihyo:YukiHyo 584 29 Construction Drone Colors :iconnatehallinanart:NateHallinanArt 56 5 PonyKart - Artwork Style Attempt 3 :iconblue-paint-sea:Blue-Paint-Sea 365 19 Teleportation :iconladyjudina:ladyjudina 93 24 FT 438: Mest :iconalexanj:AlexanJ 176 56 Phobos :iconultracold:ultracold 72 9 Ziggy Teleportation Win? :iconpyrodarkfire:PyroDarkfire 87 11 Tranfere :iconmarion-volant:Marion-Volant 107 11 Beam Me Up :iconzmastah94:ZMastah94 58 17 [CK] Ayoko :iconhen-tie:hen-tie 392 84 K is for Kurt :iconperishing-twinkie:perishing-twinkie 605 52 Teleportation :iconbobthedalek:bobthedalek 362 93
Fire's Story Chapter 7 'The Other Side'
Fire’s Story
Part 7
The Other Side
Fire recoiled in shock. “A dragon… Did this?” He asked, looking at the human. The human nodded, looking up at the dragon nervously. “I can assure you, we won’t harm you.” Fire said, hoping to calm the weary human, who just looked at Fire nervously. “If it helps you to calm, we have a human friend.” Fire said, turning to his side and lowering his wing to expose Jack and Ruvi.
The human seemed surprised. “Why do you have a child?!” The scared person blurted out accidentally.
Fire looked at him. “ Jack came with us… He didn’t exactly have a home…”
The human relaxed a bit. “Okay… Um, are you here to go through the portal too?” He asked.
Fire looked down at him, surprised. “A portal? Is that what this is?” The dragon asked, looking at the giant metallic ring.
“Yes… To our…” He stopped, looking around at
:iconkatzefalke-sergal:KatzeFalke-Sergal 19 30
Blue Blaze Bio
Blue Blaze Bio
Name: Tara Hart
Age: 26
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 130
Teleportation – currently over short distances only.  The farthest distance she has teleported so far is about 20 meters.
Force fields – She can generate a plasma field around herself or a nearby object and hold it in place for several minutes, less time if under constant attack.  The force field is resistant to most normal projectiles (bullets, lasers, arrows, etc.) and glows blue at close range.
Energy attacks – The same electromagnetic/plasma energy that she uses to create a force field can be projected out as an offensive weapon, causing moderate damage to whatever it strikes – not life threatening.  A concentrated attack at close enough range could render an opponent unconscious briefly.
Other than her powers, she has the attributes of a normal female.  The use of her powers requires both focus and energy – if her concentration
:iconcuria-dd:Curia-DD 26 43
Blue Blaze in Queen City: Part 1
Tara finished packing the last of her things in her tiny, beat-up, blue Volkswagen Bug.  For the past few months she had been living a rather meager existence in one of the seedier parts of Noble City; it was past time for her to be moving on.
Six months ago – that’s when her life abruptly changed.  She was working at Mamoru Industries; her education in quantum physics making her so sought after that she was hired before she could even finish her doctorate.  It was while she was there that she uncovered corruption that went all the way up to Mr. Momaru himself; unfortunately Momaru didn’t take her discovery well and tried to kill her.  The resulting explosion in the teleportation chamber, didn’t quite kill her, but it did imbue her with extraordinary powers…she could teleport short distances, create force fields, and project energy as an offensive weapon.  
She used her newfound abilities against her former employer, and in the pro
:iconcuria-dd:Curia-DD 20 35
Construction Drone Thumbs :iconnatehallinanart:NateHallinanArt 43 4 PonyKart Mane 6 Wallpaper :iconblue-paint-sea:Blue-Paint-Sea 258 8 All about Elysa's legs again! :iconazure-arts:Azure-Arts 120 14 C-Beams at Tannhauser Gate :iconbaproductions:BAproductions 69 50 Deadpool - Japan Expo 2008 :iconspiderguile:SpiderGuile 237 146 Commission: Jennifer :iconeleth89:eleth89 142 14 Falling Enderman Baby :iconbluenonamerunt:bluenonamerunt 125 105 Nightcrawler - Alonso Espinoza Colors :iconspiderguile:SpiderGuile 161 5