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-Dinosaur Exodus- by arvalis -Dinosaur Exodus- :iconarvalis:arvalis 2,254 134 #0916 by Ravietta #0916 :iconravietta:Ravietta 2,145 35
No Harm - Charles x Child!Reader
The house was quiet, desolate. Their shoes creaked against the floorboards as they entered the home. Charles Xavier, who was leading the small group, tells them to remain downstairs while he investigates the upstairs. Erik is close to warning him about the dangers of what could be up there but stops when he realises that his friend is gone and settles to wandering into the dust covered living room.
Charles makes his way up the stairs, the floorboards creaking underneath his feet. Each room that he checks is empty, apart from the last one at the end of the hall. It a room, small and filled with toys for a child. A girl, he assumes, as stuffed bears line one of the walls.
Are you here to kill me too? A delicate voice asks in his mind.
He turns his head to find a young girl, she must have been around six or seven, scrunched into a corner with her knees pulled closely to her chest. Her (h/c) is frassled and her eyes are red and puffy.
"No, I'm not." Charles replies, stepping a littl
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 258 36
The old ways by Ravietta The old ways :iconravietta:Ravietta 1,635 61 Gardevoir Pokedoll Sculpture by caffwin Gardevoir Pokedoll Sculpture :iconcaffwin:caffwin 544 45 Liliana's Caress by SteveArgyle Liliana's Caress :iconsteveargyle:SteveArgyle 1,074 110
Here Be Dragons: Chapter I

Story by Kulkum
“Keep your eyes open, Judith,”
    The fox said, his voice holding a low tone of authority. In this instance, it was an authority that she had handed over to him as they drew closer to their destination. Violet eyes were forced open again, meeting his in such a way that he could see the reflection of his own face. Eyes that had only just begun to glow a faint ghostly yellow were unblinking, holding her still as they sat in the quiet space between three large maple trees. “Do not look away again. You have seen my true self, stood in my fire. This should be nothing to you.”
“I had almost forgotten,” came her murmured reply, which at the very least was not trembling. Her nose twitched, however, and her ears had fallen to lay flat against her back as she straightened herself. “I am ready this time.”
Taking her at her word that she was prepare
:iconthewyvernsweaver:TheWyvernsWeaver 87 23
Vainglory by Ravietta Vainglory :iconravietta:Ravietta 3,334 123 Reverse Pines by Aktheneroth Reverse Pines :iconaktheneroth:Aktheneroth 869 28 Psylocke in Training by Miracole Psylocke in Training :iconmiracole:Miracole 309 13 TH - Fabric of the Universe by IntroducingEmy TH - Fabric of the Universe :iconintroducingemy:IntroducingEmy 185 5 Hot head by Davesrightmind Hot head :icondavesrightmind:Davesrightmind 231 27 Delta Guardians, Super Group by ladyofdragons Delta Guardians, Super Group :iconladyofdragons:ladyofdragons 178 42 90s Jean Grey by BenjaminAng 90s Jean Grey :iconbenjaminang:BenjaminAng 374 17 There is no spoon by cfryant There is no spoon :iconcfryant:cfryant 9,332 787
It lifted its head. The sky was black, and the forest floor was covered by a thin blanket of mist. A few insects dared to chirp in the presence of the predator that towered over them before falling back into hushed silence. Chirp, chirp. Silence. Chirp.
A low growl rumbled out of its throat and was followed by the sound of thick gobs of saliva splattering against the ground. Step by step it quietly lurked through the forest, disengaged from its surroundings and focused only on one thing: the weighty, throbbing sensation that was settled at the back of its smooth, carapace like head.
The Queen.
It could sense her not far off in the distance. Several hundred meters at best.
Tilting its head, it took note of everything else it sensed in the area. The trees, thick with thin, black little leaves that rustled every so slightly against the wind’s whisper, the insects that chirped in annoyance at being stepped over, the animals that shied away from it, and most of all
:iconsilantwanderer:SilantWanderer 66 14
  We laughed as cheap wine spilled on the floor.
  We covered the scent with milk.
  I was safe covered in my black hoodie,
  And you were safe covered in the words you'd weave
  Making up for what I wasn't saying.
Did we know then through some kind of telepathy
That we were broken in the same way?
Just running in different directions.
I was anger you were sadness;
But we were both fear.
Fear of being alone, you draw me to you.
Voices and stories and more words.
Fear of being close, I kept you at a distance.
Silence, clipped sentences, stuck in my head.
Still we end up in the same motionless dance.
Time passes and a silent agreement is made:
I will think for you and you will feel for me.
I know you can't handle the touch of thought,
Pulling you into darkness.
And I can't stand the touch of fingers,
Burning my skin.
You learned to sew and I play music.
We both ended up with our hands
Tied together in string.
You sewed them
:iconnijil-xnv:nijil-xnv 30 9
Psylocke in Training 2 by Miracole Psylocke in Training 2 :iconmiracole:Miracole 136 9 TH - Butterfly by IntroducingEmy TH - Butterfly :iconintroducingemy:IntroducingEmy 262 4
Fragmented Thoughts - Chapter 5 (Reader)
"Okay, now try to read my mind again," Banner says to you, his hand holding a pen to a paper notepad he set in front of him. You concentrate, trying to read his mind.
"...A blue cat?" you say, confused. Banner shakes his head, scribbling down on his notepad. "Not even close...Something is preventing you from using your telepathy willingly."
"You mean besides a headache?" you throw in. Banner doesn't say anything, just smiles. You both are in the lab, Banner trying to help you 'develop' your new mind-reading talent. You still felt awkward and rude, invading the minds of others, but Banner assured you he was alright with you reading his mind. "Nothing can undo what I've already done," he told you, "you're not going to be seeing anything you can't already find on YouTube." It still made you a little edgy, but to know he trusts you comforts you slightly.
"Alright," Banner says after a long scribble of words,"I've seen no progress, but I think I know why."
"Does something have to happen in
:iconamericanangel117:AmericanAngel117 75 14
Unstable Telepathy by ChaosFissure Unstable Telepathy :iconchaosfissure:ChaosFissure 172 11
Chaos Theory
"Oh, you are beautiful!"
The title "Time Lord" implies a certain noble solemnity; on Earth, it would suggest fancy wine, musty libraries, marble statuary and long, echoing hallways. The being who would, later in his personal timeline, come to be known as the Doctor danced around the antique console with all the dignity and gravitas of a small child at Christmas.
"You like her?" asked his companion, stepping out of the way with a wary expression; when the not-yet-Doctor gets excited, he has a tendency to forget about everything but the object of his fixation, including anything that might get in his way. "I never cared for the Type 40 myself. Clumsy controls, outdated technology, and, well—just ancient."
"Like her?" exclaimed the not-yet-Doctor. "I love her! How old must she be now? Two millennia at least—"
"Two thousand, four hundred and thirty-two years, if you'd bothered to read the panel before charging in here," interjected his friend.
"Yes, yes," sai
:iconkaitoaozora:KaitoAozora 45 46
TH - Rain by IntroducingEmy TH - Rain :iconintroducingemy:IntroducingEmy 548 53 Telepathist - Astronaut series No.2 by ajcaparo Telepathist - Astronaut series No.2 :iconajcaparo:ajcaparo 60 4 Miss Braddock, If You're Nasty.. by Miracole Miss Braddock, If You're Nasty.. :iconmiracole:Miracole 193 5 walliepaper by Ravietta walliepaper :iconravietta:Ravietta 868 58
"Allons-y!" The Doctor yelled, pulling down the accelerator and launching them into the vortex. He smiled widely and leaned over to the beautiful woman beside him who was now his wife. He still could not quite believe that it was actually true.
Rose smiled back up at him and in a moment they were sharing a kiss, lost in the euphoric knowledge that they were truly together at last. The Doctor still donned his fancy black suit and Rose was still wrapped in her beautiful white wedding dress. Only moments ago, or perhaps it was hours, they had been wed. The reception seemed all at once a blur and a time that they both knew they would never forget. The TARDIS now carried them away to a honeymoon like no other through the mysteries of time and space.
"Where are we off too?" Rose asked with a laugh. The Doctor had allowed her to plan their entire wedding without his getting in the way on the sole condition he got to plan their honeymoon, and he had chosen to keep their final destination a sec
:iconkelenloth:Kelenloth 37 11
Psylocke by Candra Psylocke :iconcandra:Candra 825 28 Chess by ClayPita Chess :iconclaypita:ClayPita 537 114 .:Student-Teacher Trouble:. by One-Sky-One-Destiny .:Student-Teacher Trouble:. :iconone-sky-one-destiny:One-Sky-One-Destiny 264 89 The Oracle by CelestialDreams22 The Oracle :iconcelestialdreams22:CelestialDreams22 116 114
You there, yes you
There's something I want you to know
Something you need to hear
And something I want to tell you
You are beautiful
I want to be telepathic
I want to walk by and
Whisper into your mind
Like a whisper in your ear
You are beautiful
I want to perform inception
I want the notion to take root
I want you to believe it because it's true
Tall, short, skinny, thick, light, dark
And everything in between
Whether you be a man or woman
The undefined, indefinable, and defying
You are beautiful
Don't doubt it
Don't listen to the demons in your head,
The disses spat by the ones who doubt themselves
You are beautiful
While I'm here I want to tell you something else -
When you are upset and feeling alone
Remember you are one of my six billion siblings
And you are special, unique, and important -
I love you
:iconlapoetry-n-photo:LAPoetry-n-Photo 79 51
Seeing In Silver by JuleeMClark Seeing In Silver :iconjuleemclark:JuleeMClark 158 13 Black Queen Jean Grey - aug6th2014 by SpiderGuile Black Queen Jean Grey - aug6th2014 :iconspiderguile:SpiderGuile 325 22 Priest by Rodrigo-Vega Priest :iconrodrigo-vega:Rodrigo-Vega 474 30 W20 Shattered Dreams: The Drachid by WillOBrien W20 Shattered Dreams: The Drachid :iconwillobrien:WillOBrien 161 17 Psi Sphinx by AxelMedellin Psi Sphinx :iconaxelmedellin:AxelMedellin 109 52 AYOR: Psylocke by skillustrate AYOR: Psylocke :iconskillustrate:skillustrate 183 19 Comedia del arte by JoshuaDunlop Comedia del arte :iconjoshuadunlop:JoshuaDunlop 196 87 Krystal Strike by scificat Krystal Strike :iconscificat:scificat 232 22 Tantomile and Coricopat by Candra Tantomile and Coricopat :iconcandra:Candra 548 30 Psylocke colors by FantasticMystery Psylocke colors :iconfantasticmystery:FantasticMystery 74 8 Miss Martian by maze-d Miss Martian :iconmaze-d:maze-d 281 24 Moonheart - Butterfly Eater by autumnsmuse Moonheart - Butterfly Eater :iconautumnsmuse:autumnsmuse 186 32 -Our Version of 'Txt Mssgs'- by auenchante -Our Version of 'Txt Mssgs'- :iconauenchante:auenchante 111 77 IshinDenshin 2 - Telepathy by KisaragiChiyo IshinDenshin 2 - Telepathy :iconkisaragichiyo:KisaragiChiyo 57 7