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Sometimes it hurts instead :iconmeretekivioja:MereteKivioja 386 118
voice trips across heartbeat,
i want to anchor my spine inside your gravity.
your smiles have been thinning down to pencil lines. there are no words between them. keep it that way so you can be a charcoal smear around my ribcage, so my body can become gray but still have color in the dead spaces you inhabit. we are both quiet. we sometimes have nothing to say.
you cannot practice tragedy, but it came to you in the white noise between our words. we do not know what we want. we are not decisive. we are young and our dreams are too big. we try not to talk about it.
you can buy sex if you want it, you can buy stars if your life is dark. you can let your knees hit the dirt but physics will not care and it will hurt more every time. you can let my eyes blink like the letters on your alarm clock at 3 a.m, but the abyss of a dark bedroom will not care if your lips part and you have nothing to say.
if we become the horizon, there will always be enough time. it is the only thing i can trust, the only thing i know lasts forev
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LUST :iconinsanekaffeine:insaneKaffeine 238 44
I walk around with a fake smile on my face.
Hoping that someone will notice that the smile i show is'nt true.
My friends don't seem to notice the hopelessness in eyes,
and i put up a wall so my family doesn't notice the dried tears and the strained sound in my voice as i speak to them.
But there's one person who does notice.
She's the one i turn too when i'm in need of help.
She's the one who listens.
She's the one that knows the real me.
She's the one that makes me feel like everything does'nt matter as long as I'm with her.
She help's me remember how great it is to live.
She make's the happiness show on my face again.
She the one i care for the most out of everthing else in the world.
The fake smile that used to show on my face is gone.
Maybe i love this girl.
Maybe i don't.
But she's the one who make's me smile, and that's all i need to know.
Where ever this girl goes, I will follow.
Her smile is my smile.
My smile is her smile.
The smile for the one who I care dearly for.
I think i
:iconletspaintheworld:letspaintheworld 24 11
I take pills to help me feel
Alright just for another night
As my life starts to fade
Into a sickly gray
I take a knife and take a slice
So for that night the pain can hold me tight
I take a rope
Around my throat
Then as i take a leap of hope
Then slowly i begin to choke
But as you may know
Yeah i did choke
Cause right now im writing this
Living just like a bloke
Im here today and maybe the next
But others are gone so lets take a sec
To wonder if we can help them yet
Lets all go out and help the rest
So lets all not stand aside
While all our friends cry
Contemplating on suicide
:iconletspaintheworld:letspaintheworld 19 19
Stop thinking, just for a while.
Stop worrying, about what'll happen.
Don't look at the past, and don't strive for the future.
Live in the today.
Live in the now.
Dont worry about anything else except that you have a life.
You have your life.
You have to live that life.
Dance, draw, write, express yourself, cry, smile, love, live, eat, work, and play.
Why, care about anything else.
Why strive for the future when you cant even live in the present.
The world is for everyone, so make it yours.
No more regrets.
No more regrets.
No more regrets.
Live..........just enjoy it
:iconletspaintheworld:letspaintheworld 15 10
Can't stop loving you
I hear the word's spewing out your mouth.
But I don't understand what it's all about.
You say you love me.
But I know the word's you said to me aren't actually true.
But even then I say it back, just like a damn fool.
Life went on and time passed by.
Then on that day I began to cry.
Tears trickled down tear-stained eyes.
I saw you with him, you f@$%*& that guy!?!?
And that's the reason I'm asking why?
Do you love me?
Did you know it would hurt me?
Do you know that doing that just might break me?
I hate the way you talk.
I hate the way you walk.
I hate your smile.
I hate your style.
I hate myself, and do you want to know why?
I hate myself for loving you.
And I hate myself for saying it too.
But at the end of the day I'll still be your damn fool.
Telling you with a sound of hope in my voice that I still love you……..
:iconletspaintheworld:letspaintheworld 10 5
New Memories
I'm slowing down my pace, for walking towards the future.
I'm trying to stand my ground but life keeps moving on.
I can't stop time.
I can't stop life.
I can't stop walking, but I can try to make the walk last.
I'm walking hand and hand with you with a smile my on face.
I'm so close to you but I feel so far from you.
My hand is slowly slipping away.
My vision of you is fading into a gray haze.
I'm starting to forget you face.
I'm starting to forget your name.
I'm starting to move on.
Then suddenly I'm not holding on to your hand anymore.
I've turned one way, while you turned the other.
You're gone and I don't care.
I'm moving at my own pace trying to comprehend what's going on around me.
Then suddenly a new hand grabs mines, and we begin to walk hand and hand.
I have a new love.
I have the same feeling but for another.
My old memories fade.
While a new one replaces them.
I ask myself.
What the hell has happened?
What the hell is this?
Who is this person?
Why did I love you?
Was I blind
:iconletspaintheworld:letspaintheworld 13 4
Unicorn Sky :iconh3llogalaxy:H3lloGalaxy 50 3
Losing a friend
The clock ticks and I'm waiting just here for a while.
My heart is thumbing, and my sight is so clear I see miles and miles.
But still I'm in a hazy view; because all this stuff is happening too.
I'm a just a fool that never wanted to get away from you.
We got angry and some words were said.
"Bitch I hate you and I wish you were dead!"
Now our friendship is gone.
And we don't get along.
I'm sitting here writing poetry that sounds like a sound.
My heart is breaking.
It's yours for the taking.
Im yelling out to a God who I don't understand.
I sat and watched as it happened and I can't comprehend.
Those words hurt us both but I think it's time for amends.
I just want to hand your hand.
I just want a friend again......
:iconletspaintheworld:letspaintheworld 10 7
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Deadly Night - Chapter 2
*Warning: Mild BoyxBoy - Dun Shoot Me D;*
Chapter Two
The Devil in my View
Where did I go wrong?
Everything was going perfectly up until this very moment. I have to admit that I was actually happy for once, though things are taking a turn for the worse.
My eyes grow wide in disbelief as I gaze into the eyes of an enraged classmate of mine that is in the dead moment of throwing a powerful punch directly to my face. His free hand is tightly clenched around my throat as he holds me up against an alley wall. His hand tightens dangerously, I blink furiously, trying to hold back stinging tears as I struggle to breathe. While clawing at his hand was found to be ineffective, I was left defenseless.
There are other kids close behind him, cheering him on; I can only watch as his clenched fist inches closer.
Suddenly, there's interference, causing everything to appear as a blur.
I let out a painfully muffled gasp once I came to realize Jack had stopped the kid from harming me any further, it was
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[Animation] Walking Fykirro Cycle :iconcoykat:Coykat 63 50 Zellie Chibi :iconmidnightaxyll:MidnightAxyll 54 10 Beasts Within the Warrior :iconkjdragon:Kjdragon 62 690 :Must.Be.Dreaming: :icondemyboilover:Demyboilover 357 25 Ranger Girl :iconedbourg:EdBourg 26 7 { more to find than can ever be found } :iconthoushallnotfall:ThouShallNotFall 21 2 Mikasa Ackerman - Attack on Titan :iconsaucebox16:SauceBox16 204 13 Ayano Tateyama :iconpurplef:PurpleF 30 10 The Painted Truth 03 :icontatehemlock:tatehemlock 9 0 Nobody said it was easy :iconshehy:Shehy 41 81 The Painted Truth 02 :icontatehemlock:tatehemlock 24 3 The Painted Truth 06 :icontatehemlock:tatehemlock 18 12 The Painted Truth 04 :icontatehemlock:tatehemlock 20 4 Nui Harime - Kill la Kill :iconsaucebox16:SauceBox16 205 7 Ragyo Kiryuin :iconsaucebox16:SauceBox16 150 7 The Curtains of Love :iconxbxg32000:Xbxg32000 24 132 sitting wolf WIP 2 :iconnagowteena101:nagowteena101 22 3 Sneak peek :iconguilt-trap:Guilt-Trap 23 3
Chapter 1 - Reflection of the Heart
Reflection of the Heart
Chapter 1
Secrets and Flaws; Losing You
Today appeared to be normal just like every other passing day…
I was running late to work again this morning, it's been the 2nd time this week and already the 5th time this month. Each time was due to my alarm clock not going off like it's suppose to, resulting in me nearly over sleeping a half hour past the time I should have arrived at work. Normally, I would most likely sleep in till 9 or 10 in the morning and possibly lose my job if this continues, yet I suppose that doesn't really matter anymore…
Luckily, I received a text from a close friend that had woke me up, making sure that I wouldn't be horribly late in case I were to oversleep again. Sadly, it was one of those days, and I hate being in a rush when off schedule, though I knew it was the only way for me to get to the school as soon as possible.
I had been working at a nearby high school as an intern for some time now, because of the lack of teachers th
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