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Jimmy Neutron: Teen Genius by Acaciathorn Jimmy Neutron: Teen Genius :iconacaciathorn:Acaciathorn 3,061 607 Spirited Away by janey-jane Spirited Away :iconjaney-jane:janey-jane 3,454 265 My Teenage Pony: Very Nice by kilalaaa My Teenage Pony: Very Nice :iconkilalaaa:kilalaaa 2,642 196 :SD: Main Cast by Dyemelikeasunset :SD: Main Cast :icondyemelikeasunset:Dyemelikeasunset 3,115 530 We Have to Save Sweetie Belle by johnjoseco We Have to Save Sweetie Belle :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 3,751 451 MANGA to REALISTIC: PART SEVEN by FOERVRAENGD MANGA to REALISTIC: PART SEVEN :iconfoervraengd:FOERVRAENGD 5,231 205 Society's motivation in a nutshell.  by Little-rolling-bean Society's motivation in a nutshell. :iconlittle-rolling-bean:Little-rolling-bean 375 420 Agrafka i Tomek by Fukari Agrafka i Tomek :iconfukari:Fukari 1,722 20 Boy Love II by Rosary0fSighs Boy Love II :iconrosary0fsighs:Rosary0fSighs 1,000 349 prussia and germany- teenagers by miimiiakatsuki prussia and germany- teenagers :iconmiimiiakatsuki:miimiiakatsuki 1,940 145 Razzle Dazzle by celesse Razzle Dazzle :iconcelesse:celesse 4,675 782
When you crash your sister's slumber party...
It was an evening much like any other evening. School was out since it was the summer holidays and I spent most of my time at home doing whatever I felt like doing.
"Man, I was going to have one hell of a time during the summer holidays", I thought to myself... except I wasn't.
I really had nothing interesting to do. Most of my friends had traveled somewhere on holiday. My video games were getting boring and I couldn't afford any new ones. I was too lazy to go out and have fun by myself so I just stayed at home, bored out of my mind.
So, like I said earlier, an evening like any other evening, until I heard my older sister Catherine (17)(I was 12 at that time by the way) say something in the lines off: "Great, I can't wait to see you".
I peeked into her room where I got a glimpse of my sister hanging up the phone. I casually walked in.
"You going out sis", I said. I was a nosy and bratty little brother, always pestering my older sister, even though I secretly admired her.
I think she kn
:iconalksndr202:alksndr202 121 19
First time making love
Trembling lips gently graze
while soft hands explore
stimulating me,
for whats in store
A trail of kisses
Down the small of my back
Enticing me,
My body reacts.
A brush of fingertips
Gently trace every outline
Melting me,
With love undefined
Heartbeats accelerate together
Racing at new speeds
Hypnotizing me,
Desire succeeds
Bodies embracing one another
A sharing of heart and soul
Filling me,
Making me whole
Sensuality ignited by every touch
Bonding through love and lust
Giving me
An exchange of trust
Minds losing innocence
Trusting and loving the best we can
Accepting me,
For who I am.
Embraces of more than flesh
in our romantic pantomime
this is to me
Making love for the first time
:iconsinginchic7:Singinchic7 289 232
Teenage Zoo Animals
"Hey Jill, would you please hurry up? I want to go see the monkey house", shouted Sophia from across the bridge. "Yeah Jill, what are you looking at anyway?", added Hannah. The three girls from Huntington University were on a weekend getaway from their studies. They decided that today was a perfect day to go on a trip to the local zoo. Jill was looking over the metal bars into the lion den. The creatures walking in this den was majestic and Jill could feel herself getting goose bumps just by being next to such an animal. Her eyes were glued to the creature and for some reason she wanted to be inside with her. This female lion was staring up at Jill and in her mind, Jill thought she heard the lion calling out her name.
"Hey! Let's go girl. What's with the intense stare towards that lion?", Hannah stated. "You know, it is weird, for a second there I thought this lion was actually trying to communicate with me." Jill, answered. Hannah beamed a smile towards Jill and turned back to Sophia,
:iconkillerpen:killerpen 196 12
The girl and her dragon by janey-jane The girl and her dragon :iconjaney-jane:janey-jane 7,303 619 Secretly Judging YOU by Demachic Secretly Judging YOU :icondemachic:Demachic 1,441 183 Mr. Sniff by 0xo Mr. Sniff :icon0xo:0xo 1,409 405 Pure Love by ruuca Pure Love :iconruuca:ruuca 519 14 Just kidding! by Doria-Plume Just kidding! :icondoria-plume:Doria-Plume 849 87 Old Arrangements by Ziegelzeig Old Arrangements :iconziegelzeig:Ziegelzeig 383 128 Jimmy Neutron: Teen Genius Designs Part 2 by Acaciathorn Jimmy Neutron: Teen Genius Designs Part 2 :iconacaciathorn:Acaciathorn 808 135 Self Harm - Part Six by maryana01 Self Harm - Part Six :iconmaryana01:maryana01 1,305 240 Remus + Sirius :: Mauraders by m-ichiko Remus + Sirius :: Mauraders :iconm-ichiko:m-ichiko 267 33 Shhh ... by Zippora Shhh ... :iconzippora:Zippora 680 57
One Size Fits All
WARNING: Version 7 has been known to cause damage to PC's from frustrated uploaders.
One Size Fits All
Desmond Fallout
"What do you think of this one?"
"Too tacky."
"This would probably clash with our cuff links."
"Dude, you're not even looking at it!"
"Hm?" JT looked up from his PSP at his fellow teenager. Boredom was plastered over his face, showing no interest in the suit under discussion. "I'm still saying this is a waste of time and money, Kent."
The blond haired boy sighed, draping the suit across JTs arms before video games could reclaim priority. "Come on, man, its prom. Don't you want to graduate saying you at least tried?"
"I'd rather play that Halo:ODST tournament." Shutting off his game, JT stared at the garment forced upon him. A pretty standard button up suit, given that he did not care about its distinct looks from the rest of the hanging samples. Still, it would make a good blend in with the crowd. JT considered his options for a second before giving Ke
:icondesmondfallout:Desmondfallout 128 36
Backyard Fun
    James and Alex ran around the yard, laughing and shrieking. Alex had the hose and was chasing James, who darted around, evading the spray. Alex was trying to run and keep his thumb over the end to get a good, strong spray, which was made all the more difficult by James's dodging and weaving. By this time, both boys were equally wet.
    The sun shone brightly into the yard as the two boys chased each other around. It was summer, and the weather was perfect for swim trunks and hose tag.
    James shrieked again as Alex managed to land a jet of water squarely on his back. He dodged around the swing set, then cut across the middle of the yard to get behind the old oak, with Alex in hot pursuit. The hose slithered across the grass, following the boys' twisted path.
    As Alex followed James, the hose reached the end of its length. It caught on a sprinkler head and bent around the leg of the swing set, jerking Alex backwards. As the hose was yank
:iconinflateyou:inflateyou 208 36
COMMISSION - Summertime Cheer by CuprumRus COMMISSION - Summertime Cheer :iconcuprumrus:CuprumRus 801 33 Spirited Away: swimmingly by janey-jane Spirited Away: swimmingly :iconjaney-jane:janey-jane 2,902 222 Dreamer OC Meme Remix by comic-chic Dreamer OC Meme Remix :iconcomic-chic:comic-chic 341 242 let's be friends by Fukari let's be friends :iconfukari:Fukari 2,099 36
Friend Zone 2
The darkness didn’t abate for very long. The next days and weeks went by in a blur, as she began healing and learning to walk again. The lightning strike had wrecked her motor skills. The time also pasted mostly in silence for her, since she couldn’t really speak. She worked with several different therapists in regaining her ability to walk, write, and even speak.
It was very slow going but she was making progress. What never went away for her though, were the thoughts of everyone in the room with her, and sometimes even down the hall. She didn’t understand it. She wasn’t even sure if it was real. She couldn’t really tell anyone about it so she just worked day after day trying to get to where she could function again as a normal human being.
Her parents were always around, some of her classmates came by every once in a while. Justin though came by every day and sat with her. She enjoyed his visits the most because thanks to her new ability she could unders
:iconpettyexpo:Pettyexpo 78 8
PowerPuff Girls by Brontinox PowerPuff Girls :iconbrontinox:Brontinox 771 54 Couple's embrace by golean Couple's embrace :icongolean:golean 828 72 She won't follow you by PlastikStars She won't follow you :iconplastikstars:PlastikStars 923 105 after dark iii by Pretty-As-A-Picture after dark iii :iconpretty-as-a-picture:Pretty-As-A-Picture 1,241 98 gypsied youth II by nerdynotdirty gypsied youth II :iconnerdynotdirty:nerdynotdirty 622 26 PnF - Hi Phineas... by sam-ely-ember PnF - Hi Phineas... :iconsam-ely-ember:sam-ely-ember 1,112 97 Fact Of Life 04: Teen Angst by Wasted-Stalker Fact Of Life 04: Teen Angst :iconwasted-stalker:Wasted-Stalker 398 119 High School by TamberElla High School :icontamberella:TamberElla 3,224 145 PnF2 - .:Tearing up my heart:. by sam-ely-ember PnF2 - .:Tearing up my heart:. :iconsam-ely-ember:sam-ely-ember 1,202 89 Turtle power by PriscillaTR Turtle power :iconpriscillatr:PriscillaTR 2,186 372 PnF2 -.:Innocence:. resubmited by sam-ely-ember PnF2 -.:Innocence:. resubmited :iconsam-ely-ember:sam-ely-ember 1,085 137
A Mother's Devious Mothers Day Plan
Forty-two year old Alicia was currently combing her long blond hair in front of a mirror dressed in a light blue shirt with jeans and white socks on. Today was mother’s day, a day where a mother such as herself with two daughters would be happily celebrated if it weren’t for the fact that her daughters were adolescent teenagers who only cared about boys, music and their inseparable cell phones.
Alicia sighed as she set down her comb, she knew her daughters wouldn’t do a thing for today and all she wanted to do was spend some time with them no matter how. Her sadden look turn devious as she had come up with a plan, it was a bit extreme but everything was set and all her kids had to do was come home.
As she got up to check something a gloved hand suddenly wrapped around her mouth as another hand grabbed her left wrist.
“Mmprhrm?!” She grunted through the hand as a gruff voice spoke.
“Don’t struggle and you won’t be hurt.” The voice sp
:iconed3765:ED3765 82 14
Friends Stock 1 by BirdsistersStock Friends Stock 1 :iconbirdsistersstock:BirdsistersStock 275 27 PnF - Love notes by sam-ely-ember PnF - Love notes :iconsam-ely-ember:sam-ely-ember 837 100 TMNT: Toys for big boys by NamiAngel TMNT: Toys for big boys :iconnamiangel:NamiAngel 1,177 150 Sibling Swap by ONATaRT Sibling Swap :icononatart:ONATaRT 715 28 Cyclops by spidermanfan2099 Cyclops :iconspidermanfan2099:spidermanfan2099 681 82
Big vs Skinny
You say that big is beautiful
That it's the new 'in thing'
You talk about how nice I'd look
If only I weren't thin
But will you come to realise
That it really isn't right
To say that we're not big enough
And take our name in spite?
You may have gotten insults
From some idiotic men
But when you call us skin and bones
You're just as bad as them
To say that big is beautiful
Is fine and true to say
To say that big is better
Is to think a hateful way
Nothing's better, nothing's 'right'
We're built to look unique
To say we're pretty, big and skinny
That's the peace I seek
It's easier to get along
When we're not starting fights
To see the wars of big vs skinny
Aren't such pretty sights
So lets find a happy medium
To stop this pointless hate
Let's have respect for everyone
No matter what their weight
And when we all abide by this
We'll see what happens then
A world full of less hate and fear
And more friendship again
:iconlady---vengeance:Lady---Vengeance 76 74
Scooby Doo: Four Kids and a Dog by BleedingHeartworks Scooby Doo: Four Kids and a Dog :iconbleedingheartworks:BleedingHeartworks 352 39