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Proportions Guide by FOERVRAENGD Proportions Guide :iconfoervraengd:FOERVRAENGD 7,377 166 Werewolf - 9 Stages of Life by KeksWolf Werewolf - 9 Stages of Life :iconkekswolf:KeksWolf 1,478 174
Rumour Has It - [AU] Punk!Teen!Levi x Teen!Reader
Being here was going to ruin his reputation, he was sure of it.
Levi had always been the “thug” of the school, as it were. He might’ve been short, but he was damn strong and damn intimidating. No one really wanted to mess with him, which he greatly appreciated. The last thing he wanted was to be approached by a bunch of assholes he wanted nothing to do with.
But… the bad part about repelling so many people was that you were among them. You too were too frightened of him to want to talk to him – even when you needed to you’d simply walk up to him, see him notice you, then run away. It was disheartening, especially considering you were the one person he actually wanted to approach him.
Despite that, Levi was always distant from others, he never went to parties or did anything with anyone outside of school – it gave him that mysterious sort of aura that people were intimidated by.
But that just had to fucking change, didn’t it? He just had t
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Violin Stock 2 by BirdsistersStock Violin Stock 2 :iconbirdsistersstock:BirdsistersStock 672 53
Teamwork(MotherNatashaXTeenReader) OneShot

Homework. The downfall of society. Appalling, wreathed, inhumane, formidable, redoubtable. All of these words could accurately describe homework in a teenagers eyes. In fact cringing at the very mention of it is a common side-affect. Many call it the "You know what" or "The thing". But no matter what you call it, somehow it has to be done. Some teenagers have began to defy the rules of nature by finding ways to concur homework. (F/N) Romanoff happened to be one of these teenagers. And what was even better, she had hidden it from her mother.


(F/N) made her way over to a blue haired girl standing against a group of lockers. The school halls were barren with no one in site, perfect place to do business.
"You got the package," she asked never making eye contact. The two looked like drug dealers to say the least and the fact that the girl against the lockers
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Teenager Sherlock- John Watson by DrSlug Teenager Sherlock- John Watson :icondrslug:DrSlug 1,222 235 Prom Night by Valentina-Remenar Prom Night :iconvalentina-remenar:Valentina-Remenar 1,090 163 Link and Tetra: Adolescence by BeagleTsuin Link and Tetra: Adolescence :iconbeagletsuin:BeagleTsuin 1,458 254 -Jayfeather's Angst- by Spottedfire-cat -Jayfeather's Angst- :iconspottedfire-cat:Spottedfire-cat 1,152 424 My Teenage Pony by kilalaaa My Teenage Pony :iconkilalaaa:kilalaaa 2,468 191 Ed Edd n Eddy getting married by VampireMeerkat Ed Edd n Eddy getting married :iconvampiremeerkat:VampireMeerkat 1,064 234 Male Stock 228 by BirdsistersStock Male Stock 228 :iconbirdsistersstock:BirdsistersStock 844 104 Edd doesn't have long hair by VampireMeerkat Edd doesn't have long hair :iconvampiremeerkat:VampireMeerkat 1,262 163 Hey Teenager Arnold by Garabatoz Hey Teenager Arnold :icongarabatoz:Garabatoz 2,208 549 Male Stock 283 by BirdsistersStock Male Stock 283 :iconbirdsistersstock:BirdsistersStock 560 30
LittleReaderxNordics- The Talk
~13 Years Old~
Emil gulped; he couldn't believe he was seriously the unlucky one to be chanced into doing this. You see, all of the Nordics had understood that one day they would have to give (Name) the talk, so they agreed when she turned thirteen they would give it to her. Today was the day after (Name)'s thirteenth birthday and the five of them had sat down, huge blushes on each of their faces, and drawn straws for the person who was to tell her.
Well Emil got the only small straw, forcing him to trudge up the stairs with the others closely behind him for support. His face turned red all over again as Lukas, Berwald, and Tino gave him small thumbs up before he entered her room. Mathias didn't give any encouragement, for his hands were filled with his video camera.
"Hey, (Name)," she looked up from her book as Emil left the door wide open, allowing her a view of the others watching. Emil decided right then and there that it would be best to take the direct approach.
"You know what se
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Dear Daddy's Girl
Dear Naive 15,  
You're ignorant as Hell.
You dress in baggy blue jeans, wear an oversized hoodie every day, and never let your hair down. Students at school, and even your mom, think you're gay… and you don't even know.
All of your classmates blame you for a burn book that circulated after that Mean Girls movie. Everyone thinks you're a jealous bitch and secretly they mock you. How can you not see that?
Your teachers are all positive that you cut yourself and that you're always on drugs. Even now you have no idea why they ask you to take your jacket off during class. Could it be that you always wear long sleeves?
It's okay, sweetheart. I had to find out the hard way, too.
Right now you're probably wishing your dad was home. He's the only one that will read your stories and tell you how creative you are. You don't have to beg him to watch movies with you, and he'll listen to your favorite songs without calling you suicidal. Right now, living wi
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