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The Rise Of The Artist, You Are The Future
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February 27, 2013/by techgnotic
Watch depthRADIUS
You Are The Future
Forward by techgnotic
Picasso seeing a seven as an upside down nose?
Right brain warriors in the new age will be the coveted candidates ordained to lead and guide us; lifting the torch to light the way forward into a brave new beautiful world.
Artists have always feared that they are unappreciated and that the march of progress comes only from business, science and their machines. 1984 was imagined by an artist projecting these exact fears. Our guest essayist suggests the computer will never be our master, but only the super high speed counting machine it was meant to be leaving humans with only one pure task— being creative.
The Right Brain
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Halcyon Days by Julian-Faylona Halcyon Days :iconjulian-faylona:Julian-Faylona 836 74 Gotham Gears: The Joker by ChasingArtwork Gotham Gears: The Joker :iconchasingartwork:ChasingArtwork 6,526 233 Oceanic Research Installation by Julian-Faylona Oceanic Research Installation :iconjulian-faylona:Julian-Faylona 1,201 79 Gotham Gears: Batman by ChasingArtwork Gotham Gears: Batman :iconchasingartwork:ChasingArtwork 7,872 308 Homeworld Ordalla by z-design Homeworld Ordalla :iconz-design:z-design 5,112 279 Search Team by AlexJJessup Search Team :iconalexjjessup:AlexJJessup 1,359 108 Bioweapons by TheMichaelMacRae Bioweapons :iconthemichaelmacrae:TheMichaelMacRae 879 36 Journey of the Atreidae by fmacmanus Journey of the Atreidae :iconfmacmanus:fmacmanus 2,298 482 Coldfire by ChasingArtwork Coldfire :iconchasingartwork:ChasingArtwork 3,986 322 Steam Horse by Vermin-Star Steam Horse :iconvermin-star:Vermin-Star 2,688 235 Wallpaper Retro of Tomorrow by Brosa Wallpaper Retro of Tomorrow :iconbrosa:Brosa 7,201 129 Apophys by DmitryEp18 Apophys :icondmitryep18:DmitryEp18 462 14 DUNE stillsuit concept by NikolayAsparuhov DUNE stillsuit concept :iconnikolayasparuhov:NikolayAsparuhov 587 35 Steampunk iPod by otas32 Steampunk iPod :iconotas32:otas32 6,894 1,152 Just the Light Matters by ghostfire Just the Light Matters :iconghostfire:ghostfire 5,050 249 Space Weaponary W-303 by Siamon89 Space Weaponary W-303 :iconsiamon89:Siamon89 626 57 StupidFox - 161 by SilentReaper StupidFox - 161 :iconsilentreaper:SilentReaper 2,185 133 Samus by ChasingArtwork Samus :iconchasingartwork:ChasingArtwork 3,941 309 Black Rise - The Low Streets by SoldatNordsken Black Rise - The Low Streets :iconsoldatnordsken:SoldatNordsken 877 80 Explorer by Viccolatte Explorer :iconviccolatte:Viccolatte 5,641 513 Witch Hunters by Tabnir Witch Hunters :icontabnir:Tabnir 2,498 125 Red Rose Command Ship by PeterPrime Red Rose Command Ship :iconpeterprime:PeterPrime 484 28
Message Undeliverable
I am the goddess of the Sticky Note.
I long thrived on all of the words humanity would generously pour into me. I feasted on their cursive, their block letters, their chicken scratch. Penmanship came in many flavors – each one a fresh treat, each one an act of devotion. Each message as unique as the human hand that scrawled it in their haste.
People never seemed to feel that they had enough time. But I had all of time to enjoy their scribblings.
Messages to themselves. Messages to each other. Messages meant for the void. So many fleeting moments I enjoyed along with my loyal followers – soaking in their ink and their graphite and their adorably-named permanent markers.
Then the laptops came. The cellphones. The tablets.
My source of worship dried up. Why bother with paper? Digital would not crumple. It would not be destroyed in the wash, forgotten in some back pocket. It would not end up at the bottom of some messenger bag, smeared and torn.
One by one I lost them. Oh, the
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Coldfire Vs Karnage. by ChasingArtwork Coldfire Vs Karnage. :iconchasingartwork:ChasingArtwork 2,917 381 Database by Julian-Faylona Database :iconjulian-faylona:Julian-Faylona 304 21 Cryochamber Environment by beere Cryochamber Environment :iconbeere:beere 1,106 39 Primus Ecumenicum by Julian-Faylona Primus Ecumenicum :iconjulian-faylona:Julian-Faylona 2,683 251 Containment by Julian-Faylona Containment :iconjulian-faylona:Julian-Faylona 330 12 StupidFox - 101 by SilentReaper StupidFox - 101 :iconsilentreaper:SilentReaper 4,446 203 Cybernetic Arm by Ragaru Cybernetic Arm :iconragaru:Ragaru 966 204 The Great Yonder by Julian-Faylona The Great Yonder :iconjulian-faylona:Julian-Faylona 2,216 206 Break Free by Van-Syl-Production Break Free :iconvan-syl-production:Van-Syl-Production 385 56 Samus Deconstructed by Christopher-Stoll Samus Deconstructed :iconchristopher-stoll:Christopher-Stoll 497 18 Coldfire Hound by ChasingArtwork Coldfire Hound :iconchasingartwork:ChasingArtwork 3,236 560 I Am the Cosmos by SRudy I Am the Cosmos :iconsrudy:SRudy 1,439 241 The Passing of Knowlege by TheMichaelMacRae The Passing of Knowlege :iconthemichaelmacrae:TheMichaelMacRae 1,983 70 R.A.T. by Xidon R.A.T. :iconxidon:Xidon 3,299 411 HEALTH_STATUS by z-design HEALTH_STATUS :iconz-design:z-design 366 83 Alien Concept serra9zit by CGPTTeam Alien Concept serra9zit :iconcgptteam:CGPTTeam 503 39