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You gave me bread on a rainy day
Such goodness took my breath away.
You told the world how you felt.
Through shallow confusion my heart melt.
We grew close and drifted apart.
I still love you with all my heart.
I found you hurt and to a cave we fled.
I could only kiss your lips but I watched as you bled.
I had to go to save your life.
I broke a promise that ended your strife.
You found some berries and ended a life.
We heard a cannon; a dog was near.
We ran for the Cornucopia and fled our fear.
Climbing the metal, making it safe.
Cato appeared but I had faith.
He grabbed you up, said it was over.
I had more luck than a four-leaf clover.
He fell to the dogs and they chewed him up.
The Capitol said, "YO MAN, WASSUP?"
"Only one victor can win in the end!"
I told him I wouldn't go without him.
So we grabbed our berries, sorry Prim.
The Capitol wailed, "NO STOP!"
"The winners are Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark!"
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The CON-vention
Story by Yomero
Edition by Ishy
Dear Diary
Today is Friday, I took the afternoon off for a special reason.  Erica and Melanie are coming over so that we can get ready to go to a Comic Convention.  This is going to be my first one, I am so excited.  The three of us are going to part take in a contest, where we have to dress up like the heroes, or villains of the comics.  I am nervous about this, as I don’t know what to really do, or have a costume.  I guess they have mine as they where talking and rather excited about me going with them.
Darn! They are half hour late already.
it was  tteribl!   rats  too  dficultt typiung  wit penccil in mout.
Testing 1 2 3 Okay. It was terrible. Those two misfits are going to pay for this!  Last Friday, they came to the apartment to talk about that stupid contest. Mel was wearing some pu
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Queen's Dress part 1
A foggy evening at London International Airport, the gate opens after announcing the arrival of the international flight coming from America. The passengers enter the crowded Terminal meeting their relatives and friends. All of the sudden, a pair of towering high heel boots, walks through the new arriving multitude.
It was like time had stopped. Everyone turned around and observed in silence the tall woman wearing a tight dress and with a sculptural figure. The woman dragged a wheeled case behind her while half the room looked at her with gapped jaws and the rest with envy looks.
Calmly, the woman exits the room and continues her way outside the building as she was used to those reactions. The woman caresses her black hair combed in an expensive do and fixes her round glasses as she tries reading a sign a man in a tuxedo is holding over his head fifty feet away.
The woman approaches the man walking like a true model. As she comes closer, the letters are easier to read. She stops upfron
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The noon shift had ended at the Chainman’s Institute. It was the last day of the month and a very special day for Erica and Melanie. At Tasha’s lab, the pair rushed in with a gym bag. As Melanie closed the door, Erica jumped excited.
“Nya! We going to trick or treat for the first time in 3 years!” Erica exclaimed grasping her paws.
“Those two days of double shifts are worth it.” Melanie proclaimed. “Now, the costumes and we can go.”
Melanie pulled out her costume out of the bag. She extended it and it was a Harley Quinn zentai costume. Melanie then raised an eyebrow and then grabbed the hood where the painted smile goes.
“You ripped it?” Melanie exclaimed while her hand went halfway in.
“I just fix it. There was no hole for the mouth so I made one.” Erica replied closing her eyes while talking.
“It’s a zentai costume! That’s the way it should be. My whole fist can go through
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